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Dragon Quest Treasures previews roll out

We haven’t heard a whole lot about Dragon Quest Treasures lately, even though we are very close to the game’s release date which is this Friday. A number of previews have appeared from some media outlets and the general consensus is it is looking like a fun and charming adventure from Square Enix. The Dragon Quest Treasures previewers only got to play around with the game for a couple of hours, so as always it is best to wait for the reviews to arrive before pre-ordering. Here’s a sample of some of the previews which are now available to read:

“Dragon Quest Treasures is this entirely new sort of spin-off for the Dragon Quest series. Tapping into Dragon Quest XI, it pulls younger versions of the thief Erik and his sister Mia as they go off on a search for, well, treasure. Early promotional materials suggested an action-RPG with exploration on various islands. However, in my first few hours with the game, I also was delighted by how often it reminded me of the Dragon Quest Monsters series.”

“Dragon Quest Treasures feels like it is doing its own thing early on, but still reminds me of the Monsters spin-off series. There’s still more I need to see and do, of course. But what it’s accomplishing so far is encouraging.”


“I wasn’t quite sure how I’d feel about the experience when actively playing it. But as the beginning hours passed, Dragon Quest Treasures began to feel like the wonders of childhood personified; a seemingly infinite expanse of literal treasure to discover at one’s leisure.”

“After only a few hours, Dragon Quest Treasures’ general ambitions are clearly portrayed, with a vast world seeming quite thrilling to explore alongside constant discovery. I’m looking forward to sharing more detailed thoughts regarding the game as we publish our review closer to the title’s release. On an offhanded note, our site’s founder, Azario Lopez, thought this was initially a match-three game. I don’t know how; ask him if you’re curious.”

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These initial hours of the game provide a great look at everything DQ Treasures has to offer. There are enough elements from the Dragon Quest Monsters series still on display here that DQM fans should be pleased, and it’s great to see a beloved character like Erik from DQ 11 taking the center stage with his sister Mia. For anyone looking for a cozy monster-recruiting game, Dragon Quest Treasures is off to a promising start.


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  1. I had hoped for Dragon Quest Builders 3, but im stll excited for the Dragon Quest Treasures spin off title. The Monster tamer and combat mechanics look about like what i’d expect from the series. I like the chibi character models from Dragon Quest Treasures similar to Dragon Quest Builders.

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