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Nintendo has allegedly removed Did You Know Gaming’s “Heroes of Hyrule” video

The team at the Did You Know Gaming? YouTube channel aren’t best pleased this morning as they have posted on their Twitter account that Nintendo has suddenly issued a takedown notice for their The Legend of Zelda: Heroes of Hyrule video for copyright violation. The Legend of Zelda: Heroes of Hyrule was a game supposedly pitched to Nintendo by Retro Studios roughly twenty years ago for the Nintendo DS handheld system. In a message the Did You Know Gaming? team say that they “are exploring all available options to restore the video.”

16 thoughts on “Nintendo has allegedly removed Did You Know Gaming’s “Heroes of Hyrule” video”

  1. i had someone post an inflammatory video about myself and even Googled how to get a video removed and made numerous alternate accounts and spammed grief reports yet YouTube moderation didn’t remove the video. Actually i messaged the YouTuber and they Just removed the audio, but the video still exist. YouTube moderation removed the video temporarily until the YouTuber posted it again, if YouTube moderation removed a video and it gets uploaded again there suppose to perma ban the YouTube channel.

  2. I don’t know, can’t say for certain but based off my personal experience it’s probably safe to assume the Heroes of Hyrule video could possibly resurface anytime, maybe not directly from the Did You Know Gaming’s YouTube channel but from an alternate account.

  3. 1- Is “Did You Know Gaming” a certified journalistic company? No.
    2- Are they Zelda owners? No.
    3- Did they have any right to publish content regarding either a pitch or a cancelled game? No.

    Then shut the fuck up.

    1. Last time I checked, you don’t have to have copyright rights to post trivia on the internet like this, otherwise there’s a lot of people out there breaking the law, most likely you and me included.

  4. And where exactly did the footage and details come from? Because having picks up Destiny 2 again recently only to have things ruined to to hackers, data miners, and cheesers I’m outright done giving that selection of scum any consideration or compassion.

  5. Does explaining the history behind a piece of lost media not fall under fair use? I’m pretty sure it does. This is just Nintendo, regardless of faction, having a stick up its ass again.

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