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IGN: Fire Emblem Engage final preview

characters in Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch

The release of Fire Emblem Engage is drawing ever closer and IGN has published their final preview of the game giving prospective players an indication of what to expect from the colourful anime influenced new game. IGN previewer, Kalani Newman, says that the visuals and the game’s presentation looks nice, clean and crisp with an even greater attention to detail compared to previous games in the series. Newman also says that there are some much appreciated quality of life improvements in Engage such as the stats for each character visible on the bottom of the screen, meaning you don’t have to keep going into menus to check and there are more things along those lines which he didn’t elaborate on. The new Emblem Rings mechanic is also described as a “welcome change to the core gameplay”. He concludes by saying that he has played up until Chapter 5 and if the rest of the gameplay as is good as the demo then it could be one of the best playing modern Fire Emblem games. You can watch the final preview of Fire Emblem Engage right here.

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