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Official Fire Emblem account confirms amiibo support for Engage

characters in Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch

If you have some amiibo figures hanging around and you are planning to purchase the forthcoming Fire Emblem Engage then you are in luck as Nintendo has confirmed that you can use them in-game to obtain some goodies. Players can use their amino figures to get different costumes for some of the summoned emblems who appear from past games such as Marth, Celica, and others. Fire Emblem Engage launches for Nintendo Switch on Friday, 20th January.

“Fire Emblem Engage is compatible with amiibo. All amiibo can be used to obtain items useful for adventures. Also, by holding up an amiibo from the Fire Emblem series, players can obtain costumes for the emblem characters and music from past titles in which the emblem characters appear.”

6 thoughts on “Official Fire Emblem account confirms amiibo support for Engage”

    1. +martkart8
      I’m not gonna promise this so keep your expectations in check but in the past whenever a new game comes out that is compatable with amiibos already out, Nintendo do tend to re-release them alongside the game. For example, when Splatoon 3 came out, I actually saw a bunch of the older Splatoon amiibos get a restock so maybe, just maybe, the same will happen with Fire Emblem.
      I mean, for what it’s worth, it would make sense for Nintendo to do it as they are gonna want to make money off of the amiibo-content so if they don’t restock them, they’d have wasted time developing that content.

    2. It’s possible they will re-release them. When Metroid Dread came out, the Smash Metroid amiibo were also restocked, when Kirby and the Forgotten Land came out, the Smash and Kirby series amiibo were restocked, and when Splatoon 3 came out, all the previous Splatoon amiibo were restocked. So its possible at the least that the Smash Fire Emblem amiibo will be restocked, not so sure about the Fire Emblem Series though(Tiki, Alm, etc.)

  1. I am just waiting for the last Smash-Amiibo. I understand the concept probably wasn’t that lucrative, and with all the challenges to logistics the last years it doesn’t make sense to keep pushing for more amiibo. But man if I can’t complete the Smash collection I will feel somewhat empty inside xD I struggled SO hard getting them all so far.

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