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Digital Foundry examines Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on Switch

The latest video game the tech-focussed team at Digital Foundry have been examining is the recently released remaster/remake of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. In this case we are looking at the Nintendo Switch version which runs at a relatively stable 30fps in both docked and handheld mode. When the game is played in docked mode the resolution flits between dynamic 540p -720p and in handheld mode the resolution is dynamic between 432p-720p, though it generally hovers around 504p. As you would expect, the Nintendo Switch version of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion has seen sacrifices in some areas to get the game running well on the system, but Switch owners should rest assured that it is a decent port from Square Enix.

  • Nintendo Switch version:
    • gamma is off compared to other systems
    • most features are retained
    • the expected pairing down is here
      • reduced foliage draw
      • lower res post processing
      • SSR is noisy
      • real time shadow maps have mixed removal of real time shadow maps in exterior settings
      • seems to use capsule shadows 
    • 576p-720p/30 in docked
    • 432p-720p/30 in handheld, usually 504p
    • has frame pacing issues
    • few drops below 30
    • no motion blur


2 thoughts on “Digital Foundry examines Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on Switch”

  1. So after 25 years theres finally some form of Final Fantasy 7 on a Nintendo console , still not the mainline game though (remake). Maby one day we will relive Nintendo’s golden age of the Nes and the Snes and get back the real games that should be on every Nintendo console like the mainline Final Fantasy Franchise among others.

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