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Capcom issues end of the year survey for fan interest

Japanese gaming company Capcom's logo

Prominent video game studio Capcom has released an end of year survey asking fans about the company’s games to gauge consumer interest in several of their long-running franchises. Everyone who participates in the survey is set to receive an original Capcom digital wallpaper, which is displayed below, so it is well worth your time participating. Capcom has a number of big games scheduled for release in 2023 including the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 6, and Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and more.

9 thoughts on “Capcom issues end of the year survey for fan interest”

  1. Highly anticipating Dragons Dogma 2. Really hope they keep the pawn system, unlimited NG+ and changing class during the game without starting over. I hated the Dark Arisin expansion as far as doing speed runs, felt like i wasn’t enjoying the game. I completed a speed run on my 2nd attempt, doing a speed run was bad enough and worse if you die you end up starting from the beginning of the game. Hopefully they leave out speed runs in Dragons Dogma 2.

  2. Dragons Dogma 2 is Capcom’s last chance with me and if they ruin it with BS monetization, the same way they ruin MH Rise, I’m boycotting Capcom forever the same way I boycotted Ubisoft, EA and Activision for years now and haven’t bought a single game from them since.
    There are plenty of other devs whom still care about the quality of the games they release, and Capcom hasn’t been one of them for over a decade now.

      Excuse me what? Monster Hunter Rise’s monetization was purely for cosmetic stuff only, the game itself was absolutely awesome and very well-made. Same goes for Resident Evil 7 and 8, Devil May Cry 5, and Mega Man 11. Heck, even though it released in a horrible state, Street Fighter V eventually crawled it’s way to being an actually decent game and Street Fighter VI is looking absolutely amazing.
      The only game I can agree on is Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

    2. Rise ruined by monetization? I take it you haven’t played the game. The game has more armor sets than the last title. I have around 600 hours in without spending a time on any of the DLC items like the school outfit or plush dolls, since they are unnecessary and honestly worse than the actual content you get from playing the game. I applaud Capcom for being consumer-friendly.

  3. All right, that was nothing more than a data collection survey, as expected. But I had hoped I would still be awarded the opportunity to voice my opinion.

    I want the legitimate Mega Man Maker (Mega Man Universe) Capcom was developing before they threw an absolute hissy fit in a petty move to punish Inafune for leaving and canceled the project.

    Or maybe that’s not the true story, and it was just a behind-the-scenes business decision I can’t understand.

    I don’t care. A Capcom developed and endorsed Mega Man Maker is so wanted, there are entire communities dedicated to building the program through homebrew. And they’re all right, but Capcom could make the definitive version.

    Mega Man Classic, X, 11, and Powered Up skin options; a level editor with enemies, gimmicks, and bosses from all previous games in the illustrious series; randomized level select screen challenge; randomized Wily Castle challenge; and most importantly, a robot master design and edit program.

    Get back in the horse and make it happen Capcom.

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