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Bloomberg: Nintendo planning to increase Switch production this year

The Nintendo Switch will be turning 6 years old this year, so speculation on the next video gaming console from Nintendo has only been increasing from fans. However, a report from Bloomberg may suggest that Nintendo isn’t quite ready to move on from the Switch just yet.

According to Bloomberg via “people familiar with the matter”, Nintendo is planning to increase production of the Switch beginning in the coming fiscal year that starts in spring. In fact, Nintendo has apparently already told this to suppliers and assembly partners.

As for why, there’s a couple of reasons. Nintendo is convinced that this is possible to do, now that the supply issues and shortages are starting to ease. They also feel that demand for the console is still strong, and they expect the demand to stay that way for at least another year. Nevertheless, the company is prepared to revise its plans in the event that demand unexpectedly wanes, which is likely the reason why Nintendo didn’t give a specific target number of Switch units to produce to their suppliers and assembly partners.


11 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Nintendo planning to increase Switch production this year”

  1. You know, Nintendo Switch sales has been really impressive lately despite the fact that is outmatching the PS5 system sales record. Not gonna lie about this, but I think Nintendo is trying to hold back on the next gen system just to make sure there is enough supplies and equipment’s for the system. I mean, Nintendo want to make sure that the next machine will be more advance then the PS5 and Xbox Series X hardware if they ever have enough chips to make the graphics 4K. They were short on supplies in there development room after that whole COVID 19 outbreak.

    1. I don’t think we’ll ever see a 4K Nintendo Console, but I can see them making a 4K System that can output video in that resolution whilst most games will probably run at 1440p or 1080p, mainly because Nintendo doesn’t see the point in competiting with power now a days.

      I mean if you look at the Nintendo Switch, you can see despite the weaker system, it still out classing the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles with ease due to the higher amount of games and due to the console itself standing out from the rest

      1. Yeah I can agree with that statement honestly. You could be right about one thing. I think Nintendo only cares about bringing smiles on Nintendo fans faces. Not power. To be honest, Nintendo want to make sure the Switch is doing quite well like the 3DS system honestly because of it’s sales.

  2. That means no new next gen console this year… UNLESS they make a home console again.

    I mean… the hybrid format is perfect for Nintendo but they are obsessed with making something new/different.

  3. Nintendo fans are hilarious 😂 oh we will get a new console this year, next year, the year after, yet non of you have a clue 😂 we won’t get a new console any year, so stop expecting it already. If there is such a thing it won’t be until breath of the wild 3. And that won’t be until 2027! That’s another 4 years, but even then that might be a bit to soon. Nintendo won’t be rushing this generation, We could be waiting until 2028 at the latest, that’s another 5 years! 😁 And they won’t rush Metroid prime 4 for anybody, so stop expecting that as well! 😂

    1. Can’t tell if this is a joke or not, but there’s absolutely no way Nintendo won’t release a new console for another FIVE years. Thinking of the next console after 6 years isn’t rushing it, it’s pretty much expected, they’ve always released their next thing after 6-7 years.

      Again, your comment might be satire but anyway.

    1. This guy gets it. This is one of the main reasons. Also being this late in its cycle games like Pokemon still sell in the millions

  4. If anyone thinks we are getting a new console soon, then you are highly deluded. You honestly think Nintendo going to ask there millions of new switch customers to suddenly upgrade after the large investment in the technology. You all need to grow up and stop acting like babies. Hope you enjoy being disappointed, because that’s what your going to be.

    1. Switch is almost 6 years old now, I don’t think that’s “suddenly.” Switch is notably weaker than PS4, and PS4 was anemic at launch in 2013. What hardware games go on isn’t super relevant, but look at how Sonic Frontiers looks on Switch, or most other multiplats for that matter, compared to PS5. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for hardware that isn’t weak by 2013 standards. Especially with how drastically gaming hardware has changed since Switch launch.

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