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North America: UNO is the next Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial

Every now and then, Nintendo Switch Online members get an extra treat. You see, Nintendo will occasionally make a game available for Nintendo Switch Online members to try for free. This free game trial is only temporary, but it does give players a chance to try out a game before deciding on buying it separately.

Well, another free trial is about to be underway. Beginning on January 24th, Nintendo Switch Online members that live in North America will be able to try UNO. The free trial will conclude on January 29th. You can see Nintendo of America’s official tweet about the matter down below.

5 thoughts on “North America: UNO is the next Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial”

  1. Pretty sure most probably have UNO already after reading post on The Twitter, it seems as if most aren’t overly excited for a 60 year old game that came with Nintendo online membership.

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