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Rumour: Rumbleverse, which was rated for Switch, closing down (update: confirmed)

rumbleverse game

Update: Epic has now confirmed that Rumbleverse will close and live services for Rumbleverse will go offline on Tuesday, February 28, at 10am CST / 4pm UK time.

Reliable video game journalist and leaker, Tom Henderson, has revealed on Twitter that Epic Game’s latest project, the fee-to-play Rumbleverse, will be closing down at the end of February. Presumably the game failed to gain traction in the overcrowded free-to-play game market. Rumbleverse was planned to release on Nintendo Switch as the game had been rated for the platform by the Taiwanese Rating Board earlier this month.

4 thoughts on “Rumour: Rumbleverse, which was rated for Switch, closing down (update: confirmed)”

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  1. I think this game felt a little uninspiring for most people, and live-service demands so much time from you it’s difficult to get invested in things that always run away from you.

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