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US: It seems the Nintendo Switch Online Game Vouchers could be coming back

Image showing two Nintendo Switch Online Game Vouchers

A Nintendo of America employee may have pulled the trigger a little early as a recently published and now deleted video suggests that the Nintendo Switch Online Game Vouchers are making a comeback in North America. The voucher scheme was discontinued in the United States a few years back, but has remained in place in Europe. The voucher scheme allows Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to buy a set of two vouchers for £84 which can then be put towards first party Nintendo Switch games and some third party games on the Nintendo eShop. This means that the digital edition of Fire Emblem Engage or The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are available for £42, which is near enough retail price here in the UK. The announcement may be saved for the next Nintendo Direct event.

6 thoughts on “US: It seems the Nintendo Switch Online Game Vouchers could be coming back”

    1. It still makes no sense why they took it away when Japan and Europe both had these services still running, I really don’t think this hints at a direct fr but it’s obvious we’re gonna get it soon enough.

      1. You know, I don’t know why either and I never knew these vouchers existed until now. Not gonna lie, but they should have kept the service active in the US even so it still active in both those countries.

  1. I sure hope so, I’ve got a couple of games on my wishlist I would definitely scoop up.
    Also, that explains why I could not ever find it.

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