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Sonic Frontiers director talks about the future of 3D Sonic

Sonic looking at the stars in Sonic Frontiers

The latest 3D Sonic game Sonic Frontiers has been nothing short of a sales success for the Sonic Team and has seen them build a stable template for future 3D Sonic adventures. The director behind Sonic Frontiers, Morio Kishimoto, has taken to Twitter to chat with fans and answer questions. Mr. Kishimoto says that work on the next 3D Sonic game is already underway and thankfully he says Sonic Team is listening to fan feedback on what worked in Sonic Frontiers and what didn’t. He explained that the general story in Sonic Frontiers wasn’t handled as well as it could have been and this is something they will need to pay more attention to in future games. Here’s a number of key points rounded up by Sonic fan-site Tails Channel:

  • The next big step for this new “generation” of Sonic games is to add more playable characters.
  • The story in Sonic Frontiers wasn’t handled in the best way it could have been, according to Kishimoto, this lead him to express that the next installments should pay even more attention to the script and story even more, and go deeper into the characters.
  • The constant repetition of previous Sonic levels in games, like Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant, is going to be avoided more in the future, after fan feedback.
  • Work on the next main Sonic game has already begun, Kishimoto and his team are exploring what gameplay features would be ideal given the fan feedback.
  • There are plans to expand the combat even further and make the battles deeper and more immersive.
  • The “Homing Dash” technique from Sonic Frontiers was discovered on accident by Kishimoto and his team during development, it was decided to leave it in as a possible gameplay bonus for players in the game.
  • The bigger focus for the Sonic games right now is to provide a good single-player experience, but multiplayer games aren’t being outright dismissed.
  • Kishimoto won’t be the single director for every upcoming Sonic project, there will be others directors to manage different projects.
  • The Open Zone gameplay style will be worked on and is being heavily considered for the next main game.

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Thanks to GreatSong1 and sonicgalaxy27 for sending in the news tip!

16 thoughts on “Sonic Frontiers director talks about the future of 3D Sonic”

  1. PLEASE YES on making more characters playable again! Love them or hate them, Sonic has a very diverse cast of characters who are grossly underutilized, some more than others. It would awesome to play as Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Blaze, Silver, the Chaotix, and many others again.

    Maybe we can even see the return of characters who’ve been absent for decades like Fang the Sniper? If Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel can suddenly reappear in Sonic Mania, surely Fang can pop up again.

    1. My thoughts exactly. One of the reasons I hate the Smith era is Sonic has a wide variety of literally colorful characters, and yet it’s only Sonic that’s playable. And as much as I would love Sally Acorn to be playable, bringing back Sonic’s friends is a huge step in the right direction.

  2. I really hope we don’t get anymore BotW-inspired games in this franchise. Sonic was never supposed to be SEGA’s answer to LOZ.

    Surely the blue hedgehog can think of other things to do than explore desolate islands filled with nostalgia-pandering cyber stages, and red rings.

  3. More playable characters and less Green Hill repetition? The next Sonic game already sounds like a winner to me😹

    But in all seriousness, I LOVE Sonic Frontiers and think it did an excellent job establishing a foundation for the next decade: now we just need Kishimoto and the team to properly build on it, and the Sonic franchise will reclaim it’s spot at the top in the gaming industry (or at the very least will stop being the butt of so many cruel jokes)🤩

    Sorry for the long post, but I seriously want this franchise to succeed

  4. I hope that Sega will also make more side games like Shadow the Hedgehog to explore the background and history (and yes, I liked Shadow the Hedgehog.)

    But I hope to see the open world again, especially like Station Square. Oh, sweet memories.

  5. “WORK ON THE NEXT MAIN SONIC GAME HAS ALREADY BEGUN!” That’s one thing Sega got right over Nintendo. See how they don’t have to search for software developers because they are working immediately after Frontiers was finished. Now compare that from Metroid Prime 3 to the gap in years to Metroid Prime 4.

    1. +Gruntilda
      I have to ask; Are you actually being serious with these horrible statements? I genuinely would breathe a sigh of relief if you’re just baiting people.

      1. Grunty’s been at this for quite a long time now. Either they’re extremely dedicated to the troll game on this specific topic or they honestly believe their stupidity. After this much time, I’m leaning toward stupidity. A troll would’ve gotten bored a year into it by now. (Unless they’re insane…)

      2. Yeah, they do this with consistent normality. What really makes it entertaining is when they make a claim that is easily debunked or they list bad examples.

        “Retro didn’t start Metroid Prime 4 right away, waaah!” Counter: the Prime series was originally meant to be a trilogy, there’d be no reason to make a 4th right away if it wasn’t the initial plan.

        “SEGA took forever to make Sonic Adventure 2 after the first game, waaaah!” Counter: SA2 released two years after the original and development started within weeks of SA1’s release, in what universe is that “took forever?”

        “Ubisoft got to work on Mario + Rabbids 2 right after the first game, THEY know what’s up!” Counter: It still took them five years between games, didn’t it? Besides, weren’t you calling them lazy just last year because M+R2 wasn’t out yet, let alone announced?”

        1. +Brrrrrisky
          Not to mention the entire “SEGA is doing it right” is ridiculous stupid because Grunty speaks like SEGA has multiple big name IP’s that regularly get new games.
          Let’s be real; SEGA’s only modern IP that they need is Sonic, of course they are gonna keep making a new game after the current one as it’s what makes them fat-stacks.
          Nintendo, on the other hand, has multiple IP’s they need to keep afloat to bring money is such as Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros and so on.
          The comparison is so flawed it’s genuinely hilarious.

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