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Sonic Frontiers surpasses 2,500,000 copies sold worldwide

Sonic Frontiers has now been available to play for a little over a month now. With the dust now settled on the game’s overall reception, attention is not only turning to the game’s post-launch content, but how well Sonic Frontiers is selling.

Well, we finally have some sales data on the game. SEGA revealed on the company’s official Japanese Twitter account that Sonic Frontiers has sold over 2,500,000 copies worldwide. You can see SEGA’s announcement tweet about the matter down below.

7 thoughts on “Sonic Frontiers surpasses 2,500,000 copies sold worldwide”

  1. Well deserved. Between this, the second movie and the hopefully good Prime show coming in two days, this year was truly a blast for Sonic.

  2. I believe the developers said they adamantly pushed to have Frontiers delayed in order to make sure it was actually ready. If that’s the case, then they definitely deserve to have sold so many copies.

  3. Sonic Team deserve to have this type of milestone in their sales record. SEGA always takes fans feedback seriously when it comes to modern Sonic games. Let’s see how the game do well with the DLC content next year.

  4. Not trying to sound negative and mean but can people really tell me why they really like this game, I really tried giving it a chance but it doesn’t feel like sonic, probably the only thing I like about it was them retcon stuff that happen in the past, story kinda didn’t make sense for me and I got bored over the first world, I think the only thing I really dislike about this is the fact that this is going to be the new formula for the next games, I feel like what makes the situation even worse is the fact that people over hyped the game way back in the summer like they did with smash, except this still feels mediocre but not sonic standard mediocre, my standards were pretty low for this game and I still felt disappointed.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been seeing a lot of people praising it as: “The best 3D Sonic game in years.” Which I don’t really think is saying much when the best Sonic game was debatably released a decade ago.

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