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US: Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers available again on eShop

Nintendo Switch eshop

You may recall that, a day ago, it was reported that the Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers may be returning to the Nintendo Switch eShop in the United States. It has been a few years now since the last time that the vouchers had been available.

Well, it’s official now. As of today, Americans can now get Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers on the Nintendo Switch eShop once again, where you can purchase 2 for $99.98. However, they seem to be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members. It is also worth noting that you can only redeem the vouchers for a digital game that is in the voucher catalog.


2 thoughts on “US: Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers available again on eShop”

  1. I bought a pair when they were a thing before the pandemic. Used one on Octopath Traveler right away and then the other on Fire Emblem Three Houses when lockdown started and I suddenly had nothing but free time. If you have the memory space and an interest in two eligible games, they’re actually a pretty reasonable deal, $10 off each game.

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