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Jeff Grubb has also heard Nintendo Direct planned for week of 6th February

The artwork for the Nintendo Switch Advance Wars collection

Venture Beat journalist Jeff Grub has said that he has also heard that Nintendo is planning a Nintendo Direct presentation for the week of 6th February, 2023. The news follows the Nintendo Direct Reddit post which was initially verified by the moderators, but eventually taken down due to lack of hard evidence. The post claimed that a Nintendo Direct presentation is planned for Tuesday, 7th February. Nintendo leaker Nate Drake has also responded, saying that he has head a Nintendo Direct will be broadcast “soon.” Nintendo hasn’t confirmed a Nintendo Direct presentation for this month, however, if they do we will let you know.

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Thanks to Marsh for sending in the news tip!

9 thoughts on “Jeff Grubb has also heard Nintendo Direct planned for week of 6th February”

  1. Jeff Grubb is a reliable leaker. To be clear, that doesn’t mean this will 100% happen, plans can and do change, until Nintendo have announced it themselves you can’t assume it’s happening. However, the signs are pointing towards a likely Direct next week. Are we finally going to see something real from Zelda?

    1. Nintendo is that great person, they don’t move on rumors or speculation. We always have a late direct and early direct. Every year. Like every year. Yet our “insider” journalists always hear something lol. A direct is happening early this year next week or the ones to come, it’s a Zelda year, Nintendo know this; so do we all. Game on guys game on 🎮.


  2. Yeah, I’m quite surprised we haven’t seen more of Zelda yet. With only 3 months till release you woulda thought a lot more of the game would have been showed off by now, unless they’re planning on delaying it!

    1. Especially when you remember this game was announced in 2019. We are coming up to 4 years of knowing about this game and we still know close to nothing about it! Yet it is supposedly releasing in 3 months. I don’t mind if they keep their cards a little close to their chest – in fact the last few years I think Nintendo have been too keen to spoil like 90% of the content of their games before they come out and I appreciate them being a bit more reserved. But a couple of details about the game and how it’s going to distinguish itself from BotW would be nice.

  3. Waiting playing games, but not expecting

    Well if it does come out on the 7th, that would be awfully nice. But Nintendo sometimes enjoy making people wait. So let’s just sip our tea, play some games. Let’s not get to excited, and we will mostly find out when ever Nintendo decide to announce it 😁

  4. I will wait for an official Nintendo communication. Like I always do. Majora’s mask fans used to be the Metroid fans of yesteryear. Just rumbustious, we the ocarina of time crowd were the cool characters. At this point it seems all of us Zelda fans have become ravenous, even with a completed game 98 days away 😂. What will happen if the announce super Mario brothers 4? Let me keep thoughts like that to myself.


    1. Super Mario World did go by the name Super Mario Bros 4, but they changed it to Super Mario world, much like they changed Super Mario RPG 2 to Paper Mario 😁

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