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Nintendo: “It will not be easy to maintain hardware sales at the same pace” as Switch enters 7th year

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has informed investors that the Kyoto-based video game company will find it difficult “to maintain hardware sales at the same pace as before” as the Nintendo Switch enters its seventh year on the market. Mr. Furukawa says that the company is exploring additional ways to make consumers pick up a Nintendo Switch console and points towards the upcoming opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood as one way consumers “will encounter Nintendo topics in areas outside of the dedicated video game platform” along with the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie.

“Nintendo Switch, which will soon enter its seventh year, has sold over 120 million units cumulatively, and we believe that it is entering uncharted territory in Nintendo’s dedicated video game platform business. In this environment, it will not be easy to maintain hardware sales at the same pace as before. For this reason, our new challenge for the seventh year is finding ways to encourage users who are considering new purchases, replacement purchases, and additional purchases to pick up a Nintendo Switch.

We believe that both new titles and evergreen titles can create opportunities for new users to purchase hardware. Furthermore, maintaining engagement with the hardware can lead to the introduction of new software. In December of last year, we saw the highest-ever level of Nintendo Switch engagement, and many consumers continue to play Nintendo Switch. Given the situation, it is important going forward to communicate the appeal of Nintendo Switch through software offerings to consumers considering new purchases, replacement purchases, and additional purchases of the hardware.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will have its grand opening at Universal Studios Hollywood this February, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie will premiere in April. By creating opportunities for consumers to encounter Nintendo topics in areas outside of the dedicated video game platform, we aim to maintain the overall momentum of our business.

As we continue the Nintendo Switch business over the long term, we have tried to preserve the value and prices of both hardware and software as much as possible. We do not believe that policy needs to be changed at this point.”


24 thoughts on “Nintendo: “It will not be easy to maintain hardware sales at the same pace” as Switch enters 7th year”

  1. They need to get a switch 2 out already. No fancy mindbending new stuff necessary, just upgrade the hardware so I can stop buying 3rd parties on other consoles instead. Yes this is a very selfish opinion lol

  2. This mindset tells me they aren’t looking to release new hardware this year. I know people are desperate for Nintendo to finally announce the successor to the Switch, but I still feel strongly they won’t do so any time soon. The earliest I think it could happen is mid~late next year. Nintendo has a very successful platform on their hands. Its currently the 3rd best selling gaming platform of all time (obviously not including PC) and they would like to ride this wave of success for its full 8 year cycle, unless sales begin to diminish quicker than expected.

    1. Thank you it’s obvious that they have this year plan out for some big switch games, I believe next year might be appropriate as well, as most of the big evergreen titles are on the switch at moment.

  3. I believe they are still holding off for the new hardware announcement before they decide to add equipment and materials for there new machine. I mean Nintendo has become a successful company because of the Switch milestone sales record. Not to mention the library of games they have. :/

  4. I think selling 122 million plus units so far is extraordinary. It’s #3 all time. As much as I would love to see it make #1, I don’t know if they can sell another 33 million units to pass the PlayStation 2. It comes down to competition and how many people out there that are left who don’t have one and are willing to buy one. They’ve reached a massive audience already. Great system.

  5. Guys…. the next Switch isn’t going to happen for a long time yet.
    The system still sells in the thousands, weekly across the globe.
    What comes next is a price decrease… maybe even another version.
    Nintendo will be pushing for 150mil units.

  6. If they trying to figure out how to bring in more units then why didn’t they think of a Switch Pro at least 4 years ago? It’s common sense why the Oled is the best selling in the family. People like new things. Add more horsepower in the thing and consumers will buy. It’s not rocket science. And also why don’t they start making games immediately other than Zelda and Mario franchises? They have all these other IPs and choose to use them about every 10 to 15 years. Yet act like everyone lover Mario and Zelda.
    Lastly buy Banjo-Kazooie from Microsoft and announce you working on Threeie. It’s sort of stupid no developer worked on Banjo-Kazooie after the reaction of them coming to Smash Bros. Yall just work on one game every 15 years+. Why?

    1. Surely it’s completely OBVIOUS. Why build a Pro, spend more resources when their profits are sky rocketing with current hardware that has high demand.

        1. @grunt. It’s only NOT been top for 2 weeks… correct.
          And the OLED was minimal. The Switch system still sells with good profits.
          Stop getting into the trenches and look at the bigger picture.

  7. If Nintendo wants to beat PS2 in overall sales. A price cut would do the trick. Knock a hundred off the price and you give parents a reason to buy a second or 3rd one for the other kids in the family.

    1. True but not only that but there is still a lot of people who haven’t even got a single Switch yet. The software is there, lot of good games (both first party and third party) available and more coming soon. A price cut would help these people still on the fence.

      But yeah, i believe is still possible to reach PS2 numbers. They may have slowed down a bit but is still selling very well if you consider it launched 6 years ago and with two other new hardware (XSeries and PS5) on the market.

        1. This is a total lie and fabrication. The Switch has more compelling games than the PS5 and Xbox X/S series. Tell me of a song game that is rated higher than Nintendo’s big hitters. Xbox is not even in competition because their games are about touching average when we give them triple extra credit. All Nintendo has to do is make the Oled the price of the original switch, and drop the price of the other two accordingly. Release a 2D Mario end of this year, then next year announce donkey Kong 3D and another well polished Pokémon Arceus 2. They will make bank and move Switches.


  8. Nintendo please realise that you have the biggest install base on the planet! At least try selling more games if nothing else! Release a few good hit titles, and you will still end up making plenty I promise you, look how you failed with the Wii U, trust me, hold of releasing a new console, when you have already built your mountain so high. All you need now is great games and nothing else. You’ve done it already with Metroid remaster and Pikmin 4 so keep that winning ball rolling, you honestly don’t need a new console, trust your install base and work your way to the top, be the best of all time! 😁

    1. In other words start working on other IPS more frequently rather than Just Mario and Zelda. I would love to play Pikmin 5 before 2028 and Toads Treasure Tracker 2, Luigi’s Mansion 4, Astral Chain 2, Tropical Freeze 2. Mario and Zelda are great but if they can work.on them immediately what’s the excuse why other Ips can’t be worked on immediately also?

      I’m tired of waiting 10+ years for a non Mario or Zelda game. Got to buy a new console to play those other franchises but Mario and Zelda comes out on the same generation console.

      1. Why didn’t they work on Star Fox immediately after Star Fox Zero? But they can make Galaxy 2 and Tears of the Sun Immediately after their first game.

        1. Let’s hope Nintendo do what you say with the switch, I think it’s a bit dumb that there’s no wind waker yet, especially after being highly requested. Nintendo should prioritise their games more especially with the switch, rather then think of new tech, as we saw with the Wii U that almost finished their business. When you have as many customers as they have got, you make plenty of products, but always asking them to buy a new machine which doesn’t always work out is silly. If you make games that actually work well on the machine, instead of pushing it to far, then Nintendo will never have to worry, and their millions of customers will always be happy. Let’s hope Nintendo has learned the harsh lessons of life. Getting rid of an entire install base just to release a new possibly unwanted machine is a silly idea, especially as it was with the Wii U, the Wii U was totally unneeded and unnecessary, and I remember lots of Wii customers being angry that Nintendo cut them off with a new machine which they did not want, rather wanting more games for the Wii instead. Nearly all the Wii U games, apart from Mario Kart 8, would have worked fine on the Wii. And they could have just saved Mario kart 8 for the switch instead. The Wii could have easily done another 6 years.

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