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Japan: New Splatoon 3 art book coming in March and official soundtrack in April

Nintendo has announced that the colourful Splatoon 3 Ikasu Art Book will be available in Japan in March. The company says that “The 400-page book will cover the culture and stages of the region, squid and octopus ecology, as well as the various items in the game, such as weapons and gear, Hero Mode, Salmon Run, battle card game, and much more.” you can get your hands on the art-book when it launches on 31st March. Here’s some images from the art book which were shared by the official Splatoon Twitter account.

Splatoon 3 art book images:

The Koyoto-based company also revealed that the Splatoon 3 soundtrack will be available on 26th April and will contain four discs packed full of tunes from the game, along with songs from the Nintendo Live 2022 concert. “The original soundtrack “Splatune3″ will be released on April 26. The gorgeous 4-disc set contains a batch of songs from the squid & octopus world, as well as the complete soundtrack of the live performance. The booklet includes a music talk and an article on the secrets of the hottest band in the world.” Here’s some images of the official soundtrack from the official Splatoon Twitter account.

The official Splatoon 3 soundtrack images:


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