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Ninjala celebrating 10,000,000 downloads with Attack on Titan collaboration

Believe it or not, Ninjala has been available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch for almost a couple of years now. Since then, the multiplayer free-to-play action game has been receiving additional content on occasion, including collaborations with other franchises.

Well, the latest example of this has been announced. The official Ninjala Twitter account has announced that, to celebrate the game surpassing 10,000,000 downloads, a collaboration with Attack on Titan will be starting on March 15th. You can see their tweet about the matter down below.

5 thoughts on “Ninjala celebrating 10,000,000 downloads with Attack on Titan collaboration”

    1. Maybe, but don’t forget: downloads =/= players.

      I downloaded it back when it first released, played a few matches, felt the game wasn’t for me, and haven’t booted it up since.

  1. I don’t really know anything about this game, but it looks to me like it’s primarily for kids. Attack on Titan is very much not suitable for kids, so it seems like a weird crossover to me.

    1. God of War isn’t suitable for kids either, yet Kratos makes a guest appearance in the PS4 version of Shovel Knight. Same with Walking Dead characters showing up as crossover skins in Brawlhalla.

      I don’t know what the rules are for stuff like this, but they’re probably pretty weird.

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