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Square Enix reveals $300 pen for Final Fantasy 35th anniversary

Final Fantasy X character art

The year sees Square Enix celebrate the 35th anniversary of the acclaimed Final Fantasy series of games with Final Fantasy XVI launching this June. To celebrate the eventful series, the Japanese company is planning a number of keepsakes, such as a pen, which costs $300. This is no ordinary pen, as this pen is modelled after Final Fantasy X’s central character, Tidus. There will only be 30 of the pens available worldwide, which is sure to be coveted by the most ardent of Final Fantasy fans. The pen is manufactured by Japanese maker Glass Studio and is named the Parco Booster pen. More merchandise to celebrate the Final Fantasy series 35th anniversary will presumably be on its way.


10 thoughts on “Square Enix reveals $300 pen for Final Fantasy 35th anniversary”

    1. Steam Deck is a glorified gaming laptop in a handheld form factor aka its a PC

      better than spending $300 on CoD where that amount gets you to half of the game that has been cut out from the base game.

    2. I don’t know but it could be that maybe people like Tidus more than Squall or it could be that there are only gonna be 30 pens made so its more of a collectors item.

    1. My man’s asking the real question. That i don’t know but spending that much on a pen means it’s meant for decoration even if you can actually use it.

  1. I would definitely buy one of these since it will undoubtedly go for much more than $300 due to the rarity, but getting one of these will be like winning the lottery. Ah well.

  2. It’s a beautiful pen, but a pen for that much money will only go to the die hard fans. I personally love collecting Zelda goods and have spent 100’s on Zelda goods in the past, let alone on Pokemon sun and moon goods too 😂💖

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