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Platinum Games celebrates Bayonetta 3 passing one million copies sold

The latest game in the Bayonetta series is absolutely filled to the brim with over the top action and fantastic set pieces. The game’s developer, Platinum Games, recently put out a tweet celebrating the fact that Bayonetta 3 has now shifted over one million units worldwide, since it launched on the Nintendo Switch in October 2022. Next up for fans of the franchise, and perhaps newcomers to the series, is the Bayonetta origin story which is titled, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. Our full preview of the game will be published in due course.

13 thoughts on “Platinum Games celebrates Bayonetta 3 passing one million copies sold”

  1. But then again, sometimes high sales don’t guarante a sequel either. After all GTAV and Mario Kart 8 been top sellers since Obama was in office.

      1. +thewatcherx
        Sadly they are not, they really are that separated from reality. At this point Gruntilda is basically the Darts board of this little website.

    1. +Gruntilda
      Funny, I don’t remember Obama still being president when the Nintendo Switch released, I’m pretty sure it was that infamous president that took office by then.
      And surely you’re not implying anything on the Nintendo Wii U is a “Top Seller”.

  2. One million on Switch is basically the bar for you did… okay, what we had expected your game to sell. The install base is so big you really want two or three million sales and beyond to be a success, and it doesn’t matter how niche the game is unfortunately.

    1. It’s still good… Better that the sales of the original when it was multiplat… It took the original one years to cross a mill…. It took switch four months.

      That aside I hope they say this game was just a what if world and left it and never looked back the story characters lore and aesthetic where abandoned and bad…. Them making b1+2 separate regressed the characters as that growth and development got erased. And the bayo we play as isn’t even the og from the old continuity so why should we care if that one died .. they can easily just introduce another Bayonetta out in the multiverse they poorly elaborated

      1. I was an absolute bayo fan but They practically killed my interest in the character and series after this game… And kamiya isn’t helping… this fallen timeline is what he wants to continue with and even blames the players for his terrible story writing and telling us not to play b4 after this

        If it wasn’t for the hellena controversy boost I think sales wouldn’t have crossed a mill that fast maybe after 2 years

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