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There’s no planned DLC for Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

Nintendo Switch owners have a while to wait until Hogwarts Legacy touches down on the Nintendo Switch family of systems, but you will pleased to know there is no downloadable content planned, so you won’t get an incomplete version of the game when it arrives on the Switch in July. The news comes from Hogwarts Legacy game director, Alan Tew, who was recently interviewed by IGN. Mr. Tew said that the team had been working flat out to provide an authentic Hogwarts experience to the fans and at the moment they haven’t planned for any additional downloadable content to come in the future. Things could change regarding the company’s stance on DLC, but if it ever does come, then it is a ways away.

“We’ve been really heads down bringing [Hogwarts Legacy] to life,” said Tew, “so at the moment there are no current plans for DLC.”

Hogwarts Legacy game director, Alan Tew


7 thoughts on “There’s no planned DLC for Hogwarts Legacy”

  1. The only additional content that im aware of currently is The Dark Arts cosmetic dlc. I didn’t even realize you can change appearance of clothing items until roughly halfway into the campaign. You can purchase clothing that doesn’t match and just change the appearance of each individual article of clothing so everything matches.

    I had hoped the dev’s would add additional content in the form of expansion packs with new clothing, enemy mobs, locations to explore etc im surprised being an open world free roam sandbox game they have no scheduled dlc planned. Hogwarts Legacy has alot of potential, it’s got alot of sub quest already but not adding more content is kinda surprising.

    They just released an update today although i didn’t experience any bugs or glitches in my original play through. Kinda surprising considering the size of the map and the scale of Hogwarts Legacy in general, i know it has a working money exploit besides that im not aware of any technical difficulty with the game.

    My only complaint is you can’t sell items from your inventory like materials and potions or loot drops you might need. You can only sell clothing items that you don’t currently need or with lower stats then your current load out. Besides that you can sell magical best but they hardly amount to anything. It took me literally for ever getting a broom upgrade that cost 4000 without the money exploit.

  2. I have no complaints about them releasing a full game without any plan DLC because I hate games that come out with DLC like a month later to follow up the whole story or something

  3. They might add more additional content, on the main menu it has an option that says “additional content” and i doubt they would have an option for additional content just for the Dark Arts cosmetic dlc.

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