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New quality of life features for Baten Kaitos: I & II HD Remaster revealed

New artwork for the remastered version of Baten kaitos

Bandai Namco has outlined some of the new quality of life features in the recently announced Baten Kaitos: I & II HD Remaster. There are a number of new features which should help improve the game play experience such as the ability to turn off random enemy encounters, when you just want to relax and explore, an instant knock out mode, which means you can kill an enemy with a single well timed attack, increase battle speed and game speed, new game plus, and more. Baten Kaitos: I & II HD Remaster launches this summer exclusively on the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

Convenient New Features Added to Make Gameplay Smoother

With an array of new features, the game is easier to play than ever before.

  • Six Different Adjustable Parameters
    • Adjust parameters including game speed and random enemy encounters and save them as your favorite way to play the game. This is adjustable at any time. The adjustable parameters are as follows:
      • No encounters: Turn off random enemy encounters
      • Instant KO: Enable enemies to be defeated with a single strike
      • Game speed: Choose from three options (100%, 200% and 300%)
      • Battle speed: Choose from three options (100%, 200% and 300%)
      • Simple battle results display: Switch to a simpler display of mid-battle results after each turn
      • Auto-battle: Enable battles to be played automatically
  • Autosave Feature
  • Help Feature
    • Check the meanings of key terms and how to play the game from within the system menu.
  • “NEW GAME +” Mode
    • This mode allows you to restart the game after clearing it once – carrying across level, rank, and Magnus from the initial run.
  • “NEW GAME -” Mode
    • This mode applies restrictions on what is available for a much more difficult challenge.


20 thoughts on “New quality of life features for Baten Kaitos: I & II HD Remaster revealed”

  1. You know another good “quality of life” option? Multiple voice overs of other languages. Like bloody English! I’ll gladly take the old voice acting even if some consider it terrible. Honestly wouldn’t mind some UK voice actors, either. It worked for Xenoblade, another game series Monolith Soft worked on.

    (Still wish Ninty bought Baten Kaitos, Xenosaga, & Xenogears from their respective publishers & gave them back to Monolith Soft.)

    1. Nah, how about you play things in the original language and stfu? People like you are why anime mainstream/ruined, no one with half a braincel wants to listen to califronia pig women voice teenage characters. Dubs are trash, fuck you

        1. Dubs do affect it, braindead Netflix anime watchers watch dub, its idiots that support crunchy roll and a bunch of trash tier tumblr projects that get animated and co-opt anime. They lessen the quality over time of both the community and to an extent what is actually being made.

          They spread like a disease and want everything to have a dub, they hate anything remotely japanese that isnt PC or follows their standards of age/objectification. They dont want to watch western shit because its lame garbage but then also take issue with elements of watching something from a different country/culture.

          I hope dubs gets cut out in every game that comes out to save money . And that your favorite garbage Shonen gets cancelled. Get the fuck out of anime / japanese games.

      1. I played this when it came out. It’s about nostalgia for what I played originally. I love Japanese culture but I would love if they included the original English voice over

      2. What a failure of an insult, firstly Milliard was voiced by Shanelle Gray who at the time the game was made was 28 not 40, voicing an 18 year old character, so not a teenager, and lastly she was from Virginia not California. That about cover it? Also her voice work was great and fit the character like a glove, you absolutely could not tell that was a 28 year old by the voice. Please seek help you have a lot of hate in you and you need to work through it.

  2. Not a fan of certain quality of life features i can see having auto battle or game and battle speed. But features like instant ko or no encounters make the game almost not worth playing. Just look at FF7 everyone waited for a port and for what so they can fast forward all the dialogue and skip all the important parts and then jump on social media and boost there own ego bragging how they finished the game 100%

    1. Ever heard of speedrunning? A thing for people who previously played the game and want to see how fast they can beat the game without relying on glitches and sequence breaking? You probably haven’t cuz it’s just become a thing.

      1. I’ve heard of doing a speed run, im not normally a fan of doing speedruns in fact I’ve done a few myself on games like Resident Evil Village and Dragons Dogma Dark Arisin. My opinion doing a speed run your not playing for fun anymore it literally takes all the fun out of it. It’s not a race, so having quality of life features like skip dialogue and fast forward batte or no random encounters can be compared to doing a speed run. Quality of life features could also be compared to using glitches or a debug menu it’s like having god mode activated with instant ko.

  3. I don’t care all i said originally is im not a fan of certain quality of life features, don’t be a snarky know it-all if that’s possible on this website. I voiced an opinion and last i knew everyones entitled an opinion that doesn’t necessarily mean i care or that if affects me.

    1. There’s a reason I stopped leaving replies in this site’s comment section and rarely ever even read them. I feel like most people with some dignity moved on to the many gaming/Nintendo YouTube channels that are out there. Spawnwave is a good choice.

      1. Speaking as a fan of spawnwave, his comment sections is almost always a lot worse than this.
        90% of the time it’s just toxic console fanboys going to war against each over which multibillion dollar corperation they like more.

        1. Didn’t people have console wars as kids because their parents would only buy them one console? Seems rather silly that adults still partake in those when they can afford to buy more now… well, most of them.

    2. Nah you were definitely ranting, that’s why I asked. You can simply not make use of the quality of life features and go about your way, but you mentioned how people would go on social media and boost their own ego by bragging about beating FF7. It just insinuates that your problem lies with people and not the optional features.

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