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Pokemon DLC leaker also mentioned new Nintendo Switch model for winter 2023

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A programmer at a Pokemon outsourcing company accurately leaked the new The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which was announced by The Pokemon Company during the Pokemon Presents presentation earlier today. The individual posted on 4chan on Friday with accurate information and at the end of their post they said “We are working on a graphics enhancement patch for the new Nintendo Switch models which will launch alongside DLC 2.” DLC 2 which is titled The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: The Indigo Disk is scheduled to release winter 2023. The first part, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: The Teal Mask, launches this fall.


21 thoughts on “Pokemon DLC leaker also mentioned new Nintendo Switch model for winter 2023”

  1. I always find it odd when I listen to game journalists opinion on the whole “one more switch iteration.” They keep saying that if Nintendo doesn’t announce their next gen console this year, it’s going to be bad for them. But things are pointing that a new iteration is necessary. 1: to give the fans what they’ve been asking for, a more powerful switch, and 2: because they’re finally close to being the number 1 most sold console of all time. Why would they purposely cut off the switch’s legs while it’s still running.

    1. I think everyone’s forgetting about the guy that leak the Splatoon oled stating that Nintendo would be coming out with a switch pro soon as well I’m pretty sure the only new thing the switch will be getting is different console theme variants of the oled all year

      1. and even if an enhanced model does get released this winter, you better leave it will take a year or two for ordinary people to get it because scalpers are going to be crashing the site with their bots.

        1. Gawd your so informative, don’t remind me I remember finding a site where these people made bots specifically for buying switches during it’s preorder phase it’s so weird how people just instantly make bots for these things to create a scarce.

          1. You know, I heard about this sort of thing before Toys R Us went out of business and people are just very sneaky enough to make a bunch of bots just to get next gen system base on there pre-order. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure they are using it just to get people to believe there sources for leaking unrelease information that some of us don’t really know about.

  2. I mean dare I say this might not even be referring to a Switch Pro but rather an entirely new Switch i.e. the Switch 2. Assuming the Switch 2 is backwards compatible with the original Switch then this would make some sense. A Switch Pro this late into the Switch’s lifecycle surely seems unlikely, unless they’re really thinking they can still run with the Switch for another 3 years or so.

    It also might be that he told the truth about all the DLC stuff but the last sentence is a lie deliberately designed to stir the pot as it were.

  3. Ughh leaves me debating on whether I shoul play oter stuff (xc3) yet or wait for graphical update, hesitant to believe so prob won’t wait but yeesh.

    1. We’re not even sure the new console will be backwards compatible, you’re basically waiting for something that may or not exist.

  4. That’s pretty darn accurate information, but nothing makes me believe a new switch is coming, despite the transparency from Nintendo. I’m sure Zelda would have launched the new switch if there was one, and doubtful it would launch with Pokemon. Unless a big big title gets announced after Zelda, then it could be possible. But I wouldn’t expect a new switch to launch with anything except Mario, Metroid, or a future instalment of Zelda. I wouldn’t expect Mario till next year, and Zelda 5 to 6 years from now, and I don’t expect Metroid till 2026, so what does that leave to launch with?

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