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Minecraft Version 1.20 named “The Trails & Tales Update”

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch edition

It has been almost 15 years since Minecraft was introduced to the world, and 12 years since the game left beta and had been officially released. Since then, the game has received a steady stream of updates containing brand new content, and it is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

In fact, version 1.20 of the game is coming later this year. Earlier today, Mojang announced the update has a name. It is being called “The Trails & Tales Update”. Mojang explained that the name “represents the journey that Minecraft takes us on, and the unique stories that each of us bring back”.


1 thought on “Minecraft Version 1.20 named “The Trails & Tales Update””

  1. They 1st mentioned version 1.20 at Minecraft Live 2022, when director Agness Larsson mentioned that all new features will be playable via Minecraft BedRock beta. The new features include

    A Seed Sniffer
    Trim your armor
    Dig with archelogy
    A cherry blossom biome
    Riding camels
    Craft with bamboo
    New bookshelfs

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