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Metroid Fusion coming to Switch Online + Expansion Pack next week

You may recall that, last month, Nintendo had announced in their February Direct that some more Game Boy Advance games would be coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack in the future. They didn’t give an exact release date, but it was assumed the games would arrive in the usual drip-feed fashion that Nintendo has done in the past.

Well, the first Game Boy Advance addition has been confirmed. Nintendo has announced that Metroid Fusion will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on March 9th. Nintendo of America tweeted the news on their official Twitter account, so you can see their tweet down below.

11 thoughts on “Metroid Fusion coming to Switch Online + Expansion Pack next week”

  1. Finally, the whole 2D Metroid series (minus remakes) will be playable on the Switch.

    Fusion has always been a favorite of mine. It’s much more linear than Super, but the story/presentation/atmosphere is superb.

  2. I remember that time. People were excited for Fusion but had huge doubts about Prime. Then, when both games released, people hated Fusion but loved Prime. And now both games are fairly appreciated today. Funny how that works.

  3. And now we’re back to one game release I still find it weird their doing this with gba, it’s got a bigger library than 64 imo so you really can’t run out for real

    1. I think they’re just milking subscriptions by making this as slow as possible. At least we don’t have to worry about the classic selection being reset to the NES if the rumors saying that the NSO collection is here to stay for future consoles is true. It’s going to be a good collection some day, but it’ll be years.

      1. 6th anniversary today! 😍

        I agree ShinyGold2, it’s ashame that this wasn’t Nintendo’s starting point 6 years ago, also switches birthday today! Yahoo! 😁🌟

        1. If this was Nintendo’s starting point back then I think far less people would’ve complained. I keep forgetting that it didn’t even have SNES when it launched, it was so bad.

      2. At this point it feels like everything is milk, I use to be so hype when Nintendo use to announce dlc updates back in the 3ds/Wii u era, nowadays dlc/updates feel like a cheap way to make up for whatever content they didn’t put in at launch, so launch games always end up usually feeling like the bare minimum.

        1. At this point I wait to get the games because it feels like an incomplete experience if I don’t play it with the DLC included, but often something else catches my eye and I end up not playing it. I still haven’t played Xenoblade 3 because of the DLC and I’m busy with Octopath 2 atm.

      3. Eh, I don’t really mind the drip feed. It gives me an excuse to boot it up and play those collections more, though I do wish they’d release a few more at a time. I play far more of the games on Switch Online than I do Gamepass or PS Plus (Though of course gamepass does have it’s occasional day one releases that I like popping on to try, it’s few and far between there’s something I actually want to dive into).

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