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Nintendo vows to “do everything we can” to meet strong demand for Metroid Prime Remastered

Metroid Prime Remastered was released digitally a few weeks ago, and went rather smoothly. However, the game’s physical release hasn’t gone so well. People have had their pre-orders delayed, and there are still a lot of fans that haven’t been able to get their copies of the game yet. Meanwhile, the low availability of the game’s physical version has attracted scalpers.

Well, Nintendo has now addressed the situation. In a statement to Nintendo Life, the company said that “we will do everything we can to meet the strong demand for the product. Please continue to check with major retailers for availability. If the Metroid Prime Remastered game sells out at various retail locations in the U.S., we will work to provide more units as soon as possible”.


21 thoughts on “Nintendo vows to “do everything we can” to meet strong demand for Metroid Prime Remastered”

  1. I seen most of the gameplay of the remaster version of the game and it does indeed runs a bit smoothly and well on Nintendo Switch. Its still a shame that fans who pre-order the physical version of the game gets there pre-order delayed.

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    2. This really does feel like Nintendo did this on purpose… for whatever reason. As all physical copies sold out very fast. Thankfully, I manged to get one on launch day at Walmart. Just had to drive in a crazy blizzard to do it. No other stores received any copies on that day in my area.

      The fact that stores are flooded with copies of the newly remastered Kirby game makes Nintendo look like they wanted this. It will cause Metroid to sell more digital copies. Also, it builds up a frenzy of fomo, causing people to become desperate for a franchise that has never sold amazingly well.

      I’d rather they charge more (50) for Prime 2 and 3 remastered and actually get copies out in massive amounts. Scalpers easily scooped this thing up at 40 bucks and snagged all the copies.

  2. Anonymous Skywalker

    preordered mine the day they announced preorders on Best Buy and received it in the mail on launch, would have po on Amazon but wasn’t available at the time so i sorta dodged a bullet as my items from them end up arriving days later despite being a prime member and selecting 1 day shipping. good luck to those who still haven’t received their.

  3. They should do this with their limited edition bundles. Clearly people want to buy them, just make them an open preorder period up until the game launches and manufacture to meet demand. Artificial demand makes zero sense when you are losing money by not selling more of the expensive version.

  4. Im not buying ANY of this BS from Nintendo. There’s no excuse, theyve known the situation to long. I think they’re dragging their feet on purpose to coerce the vast market of people like myself who didnt preorder into buying the game digitally which has been available for weeks. Digital distribution costs much less than producing all those little cartridge chips, many of which will be overproduced and nit sold or cast out. Its also Eco-friendly which fits right into the mindset of the Asian culture and so much of our business, social and political culture.

  5. It would really help to send retailers at least some copies of a new title at “launch.” Multiple retailers in a major city did not receive any copies. That’s not a mistake, that’s negligence.

  6. I tried preordering at gamestop and they couldn’t and felt screwed by Nintendo on this one. Couldn’t preorder and the system said it was already out when it wasn’t. I went to The Exchange in Chicago on Tuesday after work and luckily grabbed the 2nd to last copy.

  7. I missed out on owning this on the gamecube and wii, I refuse to buy this digitally because Nintendo will shut down the servers in yhe future and I want to keep access to this series as long as possible and owning physical ensures that.
    I hope they learned that they need to print as many copies of the Metroid series as they do Mario games because Nintendo treated this franchise like complete trash for decades.

  8. I never understood the appeal of physical copies. You have to swap out the cartridge for every game change. The digital version is much more convenient and on faster storage if you get a good microSD card. I have 20+ Switch games and all are digital, so I can switch between any of them instantly and not have to carry around cartridges.

    1. If it weren’t for physical games or game preservationists, like myself, majority past games wouldn’t exist today because companies like EA, Sega, Nintendo, Activision, Ubisoft tend to lose the source code for their games which go on to become remakes or remastered, and as for moms it’s people like me who tend to keep otherwise dead mmo servers alive for fans of those mmos.
      If people had the same mindset you seem to have towards game preservation than games like Metroid never would even get made today because people from my generation care about keeping game preservation alive.
      A better example is what happen to demos like P.T. on ps4 or Scott Pilgrim on ps3, both games were digital only and delighted on all platforms.
      Ubisoft finally ported Scott Pilgrim to current platforms and majority of fans opted to buy the physical version be abuse of what happened due to it being g digital only before, as for PT that game is lost forever be a use it was digital only and now delighted, you can’t even re-download it even if you had downloaded before.
      With physical you own it forever. But with digital you can lose access to your digital license for all of your digital purchases if Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft or Steam decided to ban your account, and yes this has happened to many people who bought digital only, that’s a fact.
      With physical I can lose my accounts on all platforms and keep my games because I own them, you can’t ever do that with digital.

    2. There were a few misspells due to auto spell in my reply and this site refuses to add spell edit but you get my meaning in my last reply.
      God I hate this app.

    3. You will understand once the switch eshop is no longer available. Also how lazy are you that swapping out a game is too much work? Are you playing for 5 minuet intervals and then playing something else? The hassle of worrying about my digital content dieing on me far exceeds any “hassle” of putting a little game cart into a system.

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