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It seems Metroid Prime-themed Switch Online users icons are coming

One of the overlooked benefits of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is the ability to create customised Nintendo Switch profile user icon. So far we’ve had a variety of user icons featuring key franchises such as Fire Emblem, Splatoon and Pokemon, and it seems as though it is Metroid Prime’s time next. Nintendo sent out a marketing email to those who purchased a copy of the wonderful Metroid Prime Remastered that from 3rd March, 2023 until 17th March, 2023 Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to choose some unique Metroid Prime user icons to customise. We will let you know once this is confirmed in the west.,

7 thoughts on “It seems Metroid Prime-themed Switch Online users icons are coming”

  1. Kind of pathetic how monstrously bad it has been for people to get a physical copy of this game in the US. Only Walmart stores got a few copies each, pre-orders getting delayed and cancelled, no where else has it.. what a mess.

    1. I went into a random Wal-Mart today and saw quite a few copies of it.

      Well, I don’t know how many there were. At least 3 (it was on the top shelf and that’s all you can really see).

  2. The Metroid Prime themed icons certainly look legit, I’ve noticed the Twitter post says “For those who purchased the Metroie Prime Remaster in Japan” will this same offer be available in other regions?

  3. The Metroid Prime-themed icons definitely give off the impression of being authentic; however, I’ve noted that the Twitter tweet states, “For those who bought the Metroid Prime Remaster in Japan.” Would the same offer be made available in other regions?

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