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Super Mario Bros Movie directors talk about Princess Peach

The Super Mario Bros. Movie release date is just around the corner and the film’s directors, Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, have spoken to Total Film about Princess Peach and her role in the movie. Horvath explained that they thought about her position, in both the film and the video games, as the monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom and what being a monarch would entail taking into account her personality and her behaviour. The Super Mario Bros. Movie launches worldwide on Wednesday, 5th April.

“It’s Mario’s goal to save his brother from Bowser’s clutches. He has to go on this epic adventure to do that. So Luigi, who’s a famously nervous, anxious character, finds himself in the worst possible predicament: having to survive interrogations with Bowser, and make it through that gauntlet.”

“She’s the monarch who leads this kingdom of hapless, adorable Toads. We were thinking how strong that person would need to be to protect those people. All that informed the idea for Peach’s character in our movie.”


21 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros Movie directors talk about Princess Peach”

  1. In other words, she’s “stunning and brave” in the movie. 🙃 Does that mean she doesn’t need saving anymore in future Mario games now?

  2. Live action or cgi adaptations of video games or anime don’t always portray characters as we would usually think of them. Movie adaptations oftentimes portray characters in one way, when games or anime portray them in another.

  3. lol you guys are showing scepticism in the kindest way. It’s a little strange to take such an old I.P. and such an old concept and kinda flip it around but so far Illumination has done nothing but impress me with their movies. I like their “The Grinch” better than even Dr. Seuss’s.

    i bet they make it work well. I doubt it’ll be a “Snow White and the Huntsman” experience lol. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I thought about watching the old live action one with my kids to further hype up the house, but hoowee its a rough movie! Mario needs a good movie.

  4. I’m fine with her taking a more active role here than she does in most of the games. I just really, really hope they remember to write her as a likeable and interesting character.

    Female representation in movies seriously sucks at the moment, there’s more female protagonists than ever before yet almost all of them are the same cookie-cutter Mary Sue with basically zero personality traits other than “strong and smart”.
    Honestly it feels like most film-makers nowadays just want to be able to brag about their films having strong female characters in them without putting in any effort to make them interesting. I’m so over it istg.

    Very much hoping that this film won’t end up being like that.

    1. Welcome to equality. Throwing people somewhere where they don’t belong and that’s what you get, crap movies

  5. Peach could still get kidnapped midway through the movie. Or they can use her getting captured in a mid-end credits scene as sequel bait. A story similar to og Paper Mario would make for a good sequel idea. In that game, Peach was able to help Mario while imprisoned & still needing rescue. Unlike PM, the Koopalings can play a part with Luigi still helping, too. Then a 3rd game could be something like Sunshine. Luigi’s Mansion could be a side movie to explain why Luigi isn’t on vacation with the others. Maybe introduce Daisy in movie 2 & have her in Mario’s role for the Mansion spinoff. Wait. Has Daisy been shown yet?

  6. I don’t understand these complaints about Peach. For a long time, Mario players have asked again and again, “Why is she always getting kidnapped??” And if I think about her most popular roles, it’s usually games when she isn’t helpless… Mostly the various Mario RPG games.

    I say leave your complaints about other films out of this one and be happy that we don’t have an annoying Peach who just gets kidnapped and yells, “MARIOOO” all the time.

    1. Most complaints I see about “strong woman” characters is that they all feel the exact same. I’m sure the worry for Peach here is that she’ll wind up being a cookie cutter “strong independent, need no man” character trope instead of just being Peach (who might I add isn’t always just a damsel).

      So it’s not an unwarranted worry, but I’d agree that the lengths some people go to voice their concerns is a bit much.

      I just hope we can have a kick butt Peach who also likes to have teatime. I like teatime

  7. Translation: We’re too woke and lazy to animate Peach in distress so you get Luigi in distress instead.

  8. Anyone else find it weird it’s titled “Mario Bros” but Luigi is the one that is kidnapped? The title implies that Mario and Luigi will be together for most of the movie and we’ll see the on screen chemistry between them, but Luigi is going to be largely absent.

    1. It is a shame we probably won’t get to see the classic gag that was used in the Mario comic and in Superstar Saga… and that’s Luigi pretending to be Peach by wearing her dress and covering his nose and mouth.

    2. I feel like the kidnapping plot is a midway thing with bowser trying to become an overpower beast being the main plot, don’t forget their are previews of luigi escaping and running away from drybones so he defintely won’t be idle character in the movie

  9. I am taking this as a princess peach role from the 3d mario world game. Where she helps out. I hope Luigi’s role is more of a die hard situation (where he has to escape enemy clutches) more than a mansel in distress role.

    1. Toad with the frying pan as a weapon was a good sign for me that the writing team gets it. Woman with a kitchen weapon is played out, so they give it to toad as a play on that. The Bechdel Cast is a funny podcast that educates me on how characters are written and represented on screen.

      1. Sad you need others to show you how characters are represented on screen. I guess they need to show you what elto wear everyday also.

  10. The Movie will suck because of Pratt and his lack of enthusiasm. I want Mario not Chris Pratt. Show me where he doesn’t just talk normal and really tries and puts so enthusiasm into it and I may bite. Until then I will avoid this like the plague.

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