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Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Charlie Day & Chris Pratt talk Super Mario Bros Movie

American actor Chris’s Pratt’s inclusion as the voice of the beloved Mario in the Super Mario Bros. Movie was a surprising decision and we won’t know if he successfully pulls it off until everyone has seen the movie, which will launch next month worldwide. However, Chris Pratt along with the excellent Jack Black (Bowser) Keegan-Michael Key (Toad) Charlie Day (Luigi) recently appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show to chat a little with the musician about their individual parts voicing the iconic characters in the beautifully animated movie. Pratt mentioned to Clarkson that this was the chance to “flesh out” Mario a little more especially since his in-game dialogue, handled by the brilliant Charles Martinet, is relatively short. You can check them all out in the amusing video down below and The Super Mario Bros. Movie launches Wednesday 5th April.

5 thoughts on “Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Charlie Day & Chris Pratt talk Super Mario Bros Movie”

  1. Im just thankful i can actually watch the YouTube video that was posted with the article directly from Mynintendonews. Usually it’ll say “The media cannot be played” or i get a playback error and i end up having to view the video from YouTube.

    1. Anonymous Skywalker

      Sometimes that happens mostly on mobile devices, never had issues on desktop so i know your pain.

  2. I think we kind of know enough from the trailers to understand how Chris Pratt works (or doesn’t work, depending on your opinion) as Mario. He’s just going to be Chris Pratt basically. I think you can either allow that to bother you, or roll with it. I actually somewhat agree with the perspective that while the iconic Charles Martinet Mario voice is perfect for the games, it would not have worked for a 90 minute film.

    Regardless of the voice acting, I think this film is going to be amazing simply for the myriad of visual and audio references to the Mario series. Even if the narrative, the characters, the voice acting and everything else about it falls down (and honestly, it might), just seeing the Mushroom Kingdom look this good and constant musical references to the games is going to be a treat from the perspective of a Mario fan.

    1. I disagree. Bad voicing will kill the whole vibe and movie for anyone. I can play a Mario game or watch the super show if I want to see the mushroom kingdom ( and with the trailers I expect the super show to be better than this).

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