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Konami celebrates Super Bomberman R 6th anniversary with new artwork

It is hard to believe that Super Bomberman R is now celebrating its sixth anniversary and to celebrate the occasion Konami has produced some lovely new artwork which you can view down below. That is not all as the company has teased more Bomberman action to come.The next project for the blue bomber is Super Bomberman R 2 which is expected to debut on multiple consoles sometime later this year. Let’s collectively cross our fingers for a solid single player mode. You can check out the trailer for Super Bomberman R 2 here.

5 thoughts on “Konami celebrates Super Bomberman R 6th anniversary with new artwork”

  1. One of the launch titles, and I have fond memories of playing this on table-top mode at a friend’s place. They did a lot of great stuff with this game. Too bad Konami couldn’t treat their employees better and keep making good games like this.

  2. Isn’t part 2 coming out this year, they should make it like that Sega Saturn Bomberman where it’s like 8 or more people

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