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Star Fox dev reveals how the crew got their names

This year officially marks 30 years since the very first Star Fox game was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. So, to celebrate the occasion, Q-Games CEO Dylan Cuthbert decided to do a video commentary of the game, as well as a Q&A.

You see, 30 years ago, Cuthbert was a lead programmer on the game. He would later be the director of Star Fox Command in 2006 and Star Fox 64 3D in 2011. In the Star Fox 30th anniversary video, he revealed how Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy all got their names.

He explained that Falco Lombardi was the first to get his name. In fact, he already had his name by the time he was asked by his Nintendo colleagues what “good sounding, English names” to call the other 3. Fox got the name McCloud because he felt that Fox “needs to have a cool sounding name, and he flies in a spacecraft”. As for the other 2, Cuthbert says he “kind of looked at them and I just kind of laughed because the names just came into my mind”. Slippy got his name because Cuthbert felt that he “looks a bit slippery”. Peppy got his name because “this guy looks old, but he looks like he’s got lots of energy”.


4 thoughts on “Star Fox dev reveals how the crew got their names”

  1. If they knew the 30th anniversary was coming, why 5 years ago didn’t they make a new starfox for 2023? That would have been better. Star Fox Zero is like 8 years old now. Why didn’t they immediately start another one back then for the NX?

      1. I agree the story was nothing but Star Fox 64 with a Gampad. It was still fun though. They can think of something orginal. Now that Slippy game where you had to shoot the robots from entering that was fun!!!

  2. I really don’t think I needed it explained to me how a fox that’s a pilot got the name “Fox McCloud”.

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