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Did You Know Gaming takes a look at cancelled Star Fox Armada game

Not every Nintendo game is released. In fact, it’s not unusual for a Nintendo game to be cancelled behind-the-scenes, without the public even knowing that the game was even a thing. However, they tend to be revealed eventually, years after the cancellation had happened.

More often than not, it’s Did You Know Gaming that takes a look at these cancelled games. For example, they’ve released a video talking about a cancelled Wii U Star Fox game called Star Fox Armada. The game would’ve been a sequel to Star Fox 64, picking up where the Nintendo 64 game had left off. It was pitched to Nintendo’s leadership, but they decided they didn’t want to do it. You can see a list of important notes, courtesy of Nintendo Everything, down below.

  • Art style would have been like the puppet aesthetic seen in the series’ early promo images
  • Would have continued where Star Fox 64 ended in terms of story and gameplay
  • Fox would never get out of his ship
  • Following the defeat of Andross, general Pepper realizes that Corneria and the Lylat System need to be rebuilt
  • War with Andross left the Cornerian government with a lack of resources needed to rebuild the military and civilian sectors
  • Pepper hires Star Fox, and their mission is to search nearby systems for allies and resources
  • Fox and his crew will discover a threat even more imposing than Andross
  • Intended to combine classic Star Fox 64 gameplay with new open world and multiplayer mechanics
  • Single-player would have players taking on missions aboard the Great Fox and travel to planets, sectors, installations, and asteroid belts to complete them
  • Earn money that can be given to Corneria, upgrade your ships, or buy new ones like the Land Master tank and Blue Marine submarine
  • Choose how many resources to send back to aid in Corneria’s reconstruction and how much to keep for yourself
  • Optional side quest missions planned that would lean into the more mercenary angle
  • Less linear and more of a mission-based structure
  • Fox can walk around the various decks in what amounts to an interactive menu
  • GamePad would emulate a ship’s control panel with info about current mission, which parts damaged by enemy damage
  • For co-op, player 1 would use a Wii Remote and Nunchuck while player 2 would use the GamePad to be the ship’s gunner with a 360 degree view, repair and control shields
  • Could play online with a friend or a group to complete missions in multiple ships
  • Battle mode planned with dogfights
  • “Armada” name comes into play since it encourages you to build up your own squadron
  • Could design your own anthropomorphic characters
  • Game would have other online players dropping down on you like with Star Wolf showing up in Star Fox 64, but this was optional
  • DLC intended with new ships, missions, planets over time

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29 thoughts on “Did You Know Gaming takes a look at cancelled Star Fox Armada game”

  1. The 80s and 90s where the golden age of Nintendo with lots of great first party titles and full third party support. These days people only look at the console sales wich is a large part because of casuals. When people say first party is lacking people come up with titles like Splatoon , Animal Crossing and Arms. Back than Nintendo kept inventing one franchise after another , now they mainly pump out Mario and Zelda titles and 90s rehash side scrolling Donkey Kong , Kirby and Yoshi.

    What happend to Star Fox , another big Metroid (Last prime game was in 2007) , a real modernized Donkey Kong Country not a simple side scroller that we already played 30 years ago , same with yoshi , kirby. What happend to F-Zero , Pilot Wings , Kid Icarus , Mother. I gues rare also made Nintendo back than with titles like Killer Instinct , Banjo , Goldeneye , DK , Battle toads just to name a few.

    Long story short Nintendo’s library was allot bigger and higher quality back than , haven’t even touched third party support , Castlevania , Final Fantasy , Mega Man , Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat , International Super Star socces , ghouls and Ghosts , Wild guns , Bomberman just to name a few of the 100+ highly rated and well known franchises. These days your happy if you find 10 descent games.

    1. While I do agree that Nintendo needs to utilise more of their library, a lot of your points don’t really hold up.

      Tropical Freeze was literally a modernized DKC game and, in my personal opinion, is the best game in the series by a large margin.
      Metroid Dread finally released after so many years and finished up the storyline that’s been ongoing since the original on NES, I’d argue that’s pretty “massive”. And regardless of delays, Prime 4 has been announced and is still on its way.
      Kirby has recently taken its first steps into 3D with massive success, so not sure why you’ve ignored that.
      Kid Icarus wasn’t even that interesting of a franchise since Uprising in 2012 (though it does badly need a sequel).
      The Mother series is finished. Itoi has stated that he doesn’t intend to make any more games since they reached a natural conclusion (and the best game in the franchise was in the 2000’s, not the 80’s/90’s).
      Pilot Wings got a reboot on the 3DS, though it’s not really a franchise that needs a bunch of sequels imo.

      The Switch has had lots of third-party support, so not sure why you’re complaining about that. 3rd Party stuff was only really an issue in the Wii/Wii U era.

      The 80’s and 90’s definitely had a lot of classics, but you’re also ignoring a lot of the fantastic games that have come since. Personally, I consider games like Mario Galaxy, BOTW, and DKC Tropical Freeze to be far superior to their 80’s and 90’s predecessors. There are definitely more than 10 decent games on the Switch.

      1. Zelda is my nr1 franchise since playing the first one on the nes at the age of 4. A Link to the past was a huge step up from the nes , Ocarina of time was a big step up , Breath of the Wild modernized the genre I can’t say the same for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze its still the same thing as the original to me. I’m not saying that they should make another Kid Icarus or Mother or Pilot Wings perse but they made far better characters in the 90s than Splatoon , Arms and Animal Crossing (wich i also own on the gamecube first release of the game).

        Metroid dread was a fun game it isnt massive I cleared it in 6,5 hours or so and around 9 for 100% completion. I really liked it cause Super Metroid is one of my favorite games of all time but obviously Metroid Prime is far superior in modern standards and size and again the last release is 16 years ago ;). I think Star Fox as a character is very close to Mario , Zelda , Metroid yet they rarely use it cause they have done what they wanna do with it , yet they keep pumping out Mario , Mario Kart , Zelda.

        Third Party support is great according to you? On the Snes you could easily find 100 great triple 8 titles (Castlevania , Mega Man , Street Fighter , Final Fantasy just to name a couple). I can’t say the same for the Wii , Wii U , Switch. Ps1 , 2 , 3 , 4 and now 5 took over that department.

        Yes Mario Galaxy was good , so was Breath of The wild altough they could have already done that instead of Skyward Sword cause during the WII/Ps3 generation those kind of games where already made (Skyrim and Fallout just to name two). To keep things somewhat short I just stick to the Snes and Switch comparison though.

        In my eyes Nintendo should be the top dog and they havent been since the 90 (sales numbers on both hardware and software prove this before someone starts attacking me). I wish one day we have a full library of Nintendo characters again and possibly new ones aswell and a full third party lineup aswell with the exception of games like Halo and God of War that are replaced with Nintendo’s Mario , Zelda ect. Wich won’t happen unless they get more power , wich can easily be done cause the ps4 cost 200 bucks back in the days and Switch 380 so your paying for the handheld part that I personally never use , games are also more expansive. I think with a full third party line up they could still compete cause they win people over with first party specially if they do it like the 90s. Sure Nintendo lost that battle so they got there own market now but i’m sure when streaming becomes a thing and you don’t buy consoles anymore this will get fixed unless they lack the server capacity that sony and microsoft have , i’m sure they will team up with someone like apple though to provide the servers than.

    2. +Zak Patat
      The 3rd party argument has a massive hole in it; Back then Nintendo was pretty much the only option companies had if they wanted their games to make a lot of money.
      The minute the Playstation hit the scene a lot of companies jumped ship because they saw how much better the hardware is. Heck, the entire reason Final Fantasy jumped to Playstation was because the Nintendo president at the time was a total asshat and refused to listen to Square about using disks, the Playstation then went on to sell over 100 million units while the Nintendo 64 couldn’t even hit half of that.
      Nintendo didn’t have a good 3rd party lineup because they were good at bringing in 3rd party support, they had it because there was literally no other option prior to the Playstation.

      Also, I’m sorry but I highly disagree that the 80’s and 90’s were the “Golden Age” of Nintendo. I’ve been playing video games for over 30 years and a lot of Nintendo’s newer games, particually the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch, are much better than the days of the NES and SNES. The main reason why people still hold them in high regard is because of nostalgia, something I’m happy to say I’ve learned to look past.

      1. I know the history with disks , why do you think i’m making all these posts.

        Also its not just nostalgia I still play those games on a regular basis , Mega Man X for example still plays very fluid , the music is great and its really well designed , so is Zelda on the Snes.

        I don’t call it the Golden Age because of that , even if there al bad in the current time , its all about the library size and quality it had back than. Mystic Quest till Final Fantasy 6 just to name one belonged on Nintendo than as you mentiont Final Fantasy 7 one of the best RPG’s ever made in my opinion wasn’t.

        Also we live in different times , games get released on every platform except Nintendo , partially because of the choices they make. Woulnd’t it be amazing to play all triple A third party titles + Nintendo games on one console like it used to be , withouth having to buy two consoles? I’m buying Playstation consoles cause Nintendo forces me to do so if I want to play all those amazing games. If they had full support I would still buy Nintendo exclusively.

        1. “Woulnd’t it be amazing to play all triple A third party titles + Nintendo games on one console like it used to be”

          No, absolutely no, Nintendo would be a horrible platform for games that are exclusive to Playstation 4/Xbox One/PC. You would have to downgrade the graphics and the amount of content you’d have on screen at once. Again, this comes back to the 90’s, the minute the Playstation hit the scene, a lot of 3rd parties jumped to the Playstation because it offered what Nintendo 64 did not; Power to run the games they wanted to make. If you want to blame anyone for that, blame Nintendo because they have a history of sticking to what they’ve always done even to a fault.
          The only way you would see your dream realized is if Nintendo pulled a full 180 and instead of focusing on a new gimmick (That admittedly can be good if it’s done right) they instead focus on making a console to be more powerful than it’s competitors.
          But they will never do that because that’s not their way of doing things. Again, I reiterate, the only reason Nintendo used to have all the triple A titles was because they were the best and only option at the time. I mean I guess you had SEGA’s consoles too but given how they abandoned that, I think that speaks for itself.

          As for the libraries and overall quality; I will not deny that there are some franchises that I’d love to see get revived like Golden Sun, StarFox, F-Zero, Wave Racer, and so on but most of the classics from the NES and SNES era are still alive to this day along with brand new IP’s like Splatoon and Arms. Even Fire Emblem, a franchise that was on the brink of death, managed to dig itself up and is now 1 of Nintendo biggest IP’s.
          I also think it’s a oversimplification to claim “Modern Games cost the same as old games but offer less or much the same”. Not only is there the issue of inflation but we are now in the age of 3D Models which is far more challenging to make than mere sprites from the NES and SNES. Comparing Metroid 1 to Metroid Dread is flawed majorly because they are simply in 2 different points of time and have a massive amount of differences. It’s also makes sense that they’d be able to keep up a “Higher Library Quality” of games in the NES and SNES days because that was the age of sprites which generally are much easier to work with than 3D Models. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying sprites is easy, it’s not, but it is compared to 3D Models. Why do you think many Indie games still use sprites? Because they are the best way to start or at least are the most cost-efficient. And before you say it; Yes I know there are indie games with 3D Models like Yooka-Laylee and Fast Racing Neo but a lot more, like Hollow Knight that I’ve seen you bring up, are using sprites.

          If you ask me; Getting multiple consoles to choose from is a blessing because if we was still stuck on Nintendo’s limiting hardware, we would have gotten watered down versions of Final Fantasy IX, Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot 1-3, LittleBigPlanet 3, Monster Hunter World, and so on. Heck, some of those may not have even been made if it wasn’t for the Playstation.

          I get it, you don’t want to buy 2 consoles, but that’s just the time we live in and I personally feel the benefits outweigh the downsizes.

          1. When I say all on one console I mean a actuall good console that doesn’t look like a gamecube game. So the things you mentiont won’t be the issue than.

            I know this won’t happen cause they got there asses handed by Sony and they sell allot of consoles to casuals now. I’m just frustrated that things went this way with Nintendo. At some point , I even hoped they would get forced out the market and start focusing on making software for others , but with the succes of the Switch that won’t happen.

            The switch is also very expensive compared to the PS4 for example. I got the PS4 slim for 200 Euro’s 1 month after release the Switch is 375 Euro and I care 0 for the handheld part so they could easily put that money in better hardware in my opinion. Also Steam deck for example does the same but does provide the games so it can be done.

            I do think when consoles will stop and streaming becomes the main way of playing , the power issue will be fixed unless it get limited by server power that Microsoft and to a lesser extend Sony obviously already have. Nintendo could always team up with someone like Apple for that though. Unless they make the same mistake they did with Sony and disks.

            Not sure if it works this way , but as far as I see it when streaming is there you no longer need hardware and every game release will be with the newest tech. so games keep evolving and getting better and better with every release.

            As for the multiple console buying comment , i’m no longer gonna buy a Nintendo console just to play Mario , Zelda and Pokemon. I no longer care for Mario Kart 20 , Mario Party 149 ect. Smash Bros never intrested me its really boring compared to games like Street Fighter. And back in the days I was force buying mediocre games just to have more than 10 games. Or me and my family and friends bought The Godfather Wii just so we had a GTA type game only a far worse verion of it.

            Anyway we have different idea’s wich is fine , allot of people give the same comments as you and allot of people think like me. tTheres no denying theres a really big market for people like me specially if you combine sony , xbox , pc vs Nintendo you get over twice the amount of consoles sold and almost triple the amount of software. It all boils down to what people often say , I gues Nintendo no longer makes games for me wich is fin. It just frustrates me cause Nintendo has a special place in my heart and people like me supported the company when gaming was still for a select few. Unlike the age we now live in with tablets and phones that brought in allot of new people and it beeing more populair under girls unlike the 90s for example.

            Finally while I think Breath of the Wild is a great Zelda and it looks good , it could have been even better on a better console and I think Nintendo franchises deserve the best of the best only. It’s a 10 but it could have been a 10+ , this is another debate though wich i’m not gonna go into further than this. Short explanation is The Hobbit used allot of CGI vs Lord of the Rings made almost everything real so it looks better , it adds to the overall experience , it’s a far better movie overall because of it. aka more power adds to the atmosphere and overall experience atleast for me.

            1. “When I say all on one console I mean a actuall good console that doesn’t look like a gamecube game. So the things you mentiont won’t be the issue than.”

              Hold up, either I’m reading this wrong or it sounds like you’re saying the Nintendo Switch’s games look like Gamecube games. That’s definitely not the case, the Nintendo Switch’s games look way better than the Gamecube’s games. In the fact that the Nintendo Switch is HD alone already gives it a foot in the door.

              “As for the multiple console buying comment , i’m no longer gonna buy a Nintendo console just to play Mario , Zelda and Pokemon”

              See, this is what bothers me, it’s like you think those are all there is. There’s plenty more like Fire Emblem, Kirby, Metroid, Splatoon, Monster Hunter, Pikmin, Xenoblade, Animal Crossing, Bayonetta, and probably a load I’ve forgotten about.
              Yeah true those franchises aren’t the money makers Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon are but they are still amazing games. Heck, I’d even argue some of the lesser known franchises produce better games than those 3, especially Pokemon which is the only franchise I agree with you on being an overall downfall.

              “The switch is also very expensive compared to the PS4 for example. I got the PS4 slim for 200 Euro’s 1 month after release the Switch is 375 Euro”

              Actually, the PS4 was more expensive than the Nintendo Switch. When the PS4 came out here in the UK it was £349.99 while the Nintendo Switch was £329.99. On top of that; I have no idea where you got that system from, for all I know it could have been from a pre-owned store. I also just looked up the PS4 Slim and it’s still £329.99 which is the same price as the Nintendo Switch.
              I know you’ve mentioned how you paid euros but if we punch 200 Euros into a currency converter that gives us £177.68 so this screams pre-owned prices to me.

              “Smash Bros never intrested me its really boring compared to games like Street Fighter”

              Smash Bros, while is a fighting game, is vastly different from Street Fighter. Obviously you can have the opinion Street Fighter is more fun but that’s still a very out-there comparison. I mean even Ryu, Kazuya, Terry, and Ken feel very different in Smash than in their own games despite being faithfully recreated.

              “Finally while I think Breath of the Wild is a great Zelda and it looks good , it could have been even better on a better console and I think Nintendo franchises deserve the best of the best only. It’s a 10 but it could have been a 10+ , this is another debate though wich i’m not gonna go into further than this.”

              This is just silly, Zelda BOTW is fine, the best issue that game has in terms of performance is the viewpoints when objects spawn which is a little jarring but far from a problem. Also, I wouldn’t give it a 10/10, at best I would say it’s 9/10, it is a great game but it does have a handful of problems.
              Also, side note, for someone that hasn’t brought a Nintendo console since the Wii, you sure are quick to jump to conclusions for games you’ve not played. This is why I personally don’t comment on Xbox because I’ve never played on 1 so I’m likely to be talking from ignorance.

              1. I played Breath of the wild 100% shrines and green tunic incase you missed it in the pages of text I wrote (sorry about that) Zelda is my nr1 franchise I have all the books , Tattoo , Merchandise cleared every game multiple times and will play every new release until i’m no longer on this planet ;)

                Played Mario , every Pokemon , Metroid dread ect.

                I think Breath of the wild is overrated there are better open world games. I just think if it was made on the ps4 for example it would have been even better , when I play Horizon I spend more time enjoying the scenery because it looks better and in my personal opinion Zelda deserves the best of the best. I prefer Lord of the Rings over Hobbit for the same reason and movies in general that use real props over cgi the world feels more real and it looks better , add to the overall experience making it even better.

                I don’t buy second hand never have specially with electronics , also all my games are mine , never sold any and not intrested in second hand same with other things in life though. I bought it at the toy store 3 months after release 200 euro and got Uncharted 4 for free. Also I never buy consoles day one besides Nintendo and always wait for the slim version.

                You keep questioning the things I say , I hate lying I’m always myself if your family , my best friend or someone I just met 5 min ago or the president of the united states , people also compliment me for this very often. On top of that I don’t talk about stuff I have no knowledge about and If I do give my opinion I always mention this to people that I don’t have allot of knowledge on the matter so I might be wrong.

                As for the 9 games you mentiont , I gues we can call it personal taste but you can’t compare those to game like Last of us , God of War , Horizon , Call of Duty , Red Dead Redemption , GTA , Elden Ring , The witcher (witch is on switch I know) , Metal Gear solid just to name 9 to counter yours. I’m also fairly sure if we look up those 9 Nintendo titles vs these 9 third party titles there higher rated on both Metric , IGN , gamespot and polulairity worldwide. (lets not forget PS1-4 sold 3,5 billion games vs every home console of nintendo 2,5 billion) It’s like comparing Marvel movies wich are fun and good to absolute classics like The God Father and Pulp Fiction. Unless you think the world will still talk about animal crossing , Pikmin and Kirby ect. 20 years from now the same way everyone talks about how amazing The last of us or final fantasy’s story where. (I have yet to play Last of us btw)

                Smash bros is just personal opinion I own the N64 , Gamecube and WII game and found them all really boring and basic button wise. Also my oldest nephew has been a Street Fighter fan since day one , he hates Sony and Microsoft and only owns Nintendo’s and even he is annoyed that theres no modern Street Fighter on the switch. Again this might be personal you don’t have to take it as a fact.

                We can keep going on and on like this but I doubt we will fully agree , I think Nintendo used to be higher quality , bigger library’s and other consoles took over specially the library part wich you also agreed on I gues and I think its a damn shame. I don’t care that they sold allot of WII’s to children , mothers , girls and other people who never toucht a game in there life before that. I just want to play the big block buster triple A titles because they are extremly well made and a part of gaming history that you don’t want to mis. If more power is required for that than so be it , cause yes it’s not always about power but if it causes you to lose out on many great games than so be it. Hollow Knight was a great game and in many way’s better than Dread (again shown in the ratings aswell 9 vs 8). And again some franchises deserve better than old tech but lets call that my personal opinion.

                1. The thing is; I get that we have different tastes in what’s good and what isn’t, that’s not my issue, my issue is a lot of what you say is either questionable or comtradicting.

                  For example, you gave Zelda BOTW a 10/10 but then you proceed to say it’s over-rated. Exactly how can you claim something is over-rated when you yourself give it the best score possible? I know you said it could have been a “10+” whatever that means but regardless 10/10 is still the best score you can give a game.

                  And I’m sorry but no way did you buy a PS4 Slim brand new for 200 Euros. Either you’re leaving out some crucial information that isn’t convenient to your story or you’re just lying. Also, small nitpick, before you said 1 month and now you’re saying 3, that also looks suspicious.

                  In your reply to dustin you said this;
                  “I grew up on Nintendo starting with the gameboy and the Nes in 1989 , bought all there consoles up until the Wii”

                  So which is it? Did you buy all the consoles and played them all or is it what you said to dustin and only “up until the Wii”? This is why we can’t take your word at face value because you keep tripping over yourself.

                  1. Let me put it this way Zelda got a 10 on most websites and for allot of people , I think it could have been even better on a good console. So lets say its a 10 (I said this to avoid another stupid argument) it could have been a 10+ have you never heared of this expression or are you just stupid?

                    I did buy the PS4 Slim brand new for 200 euro and when paying they said you can chose a free game out of 4 , 3 where children games one was Uncharted 4 wich I have still yet to play , in early december and it got release somewhere around sept/okt that year , again who the fuck are you to say I didn’t? Your getting really tiresome dude , I was actually there and the one spending the freaking money hahaha , also why the fuck would I lie about this. I repeat I don’t buy second hand stuff I spend 4k on a television what the heck do you think XD Also I refuse to buy second hand electronics I feel better if its brand new , also grew up with everything beeing new and beeing one the firsts having new tech like cd , dvd , blue ray and newest televisions and good sound systems cause its my dads hobby , So stop calling me a liar every freaking time to just to fit your own narritve its getting really boring and otherwise this conversation is over.

                    Yes I do have have all the consoles till the wii and 3ds , multiple family members and friends have a Switch so I can borrow theres to play Zelda or play at there home when I visit them or play with my small nephews and nieces ;) heck if you choose so you can even emulate Switch games , altough I prefer playing on a big tv , pc gaming aint for me.

                    Try using your brain please cause you don’t come across really smart and try thinking outside your own little world of possibilities , you keep saying everything is a lie and you got destroyed on al those points just like the Metroid part where even other people backed me up. People on this website are always so tiresome and they keep defending Nintendo on every corner.

                    1. Seems like I really struck a nerve here if you’re resorting to insulting me and talking down to me. I simply call out lies when I see them.

                  2. I bought it for 200 euro 100% cause I got a bonus at my job that month and that was the main reason I bought it. You called me a Liar with the Metroid thing aswel , maby check the website how long to beat it has all sorts of stats how long it takes the avarage person. I haven’t made a single lie in any of my posts if you chose not to believe than so be it ;) Also even if I did lie about the PS4 and you are right its still cheaper than the Switch has ever been so whats your point really? And we are just talking about the console not even the software part where every game is sold below 20 euro eventually and Switch 60+

                    Anyway I said what I wanted to say , if you keep calling me a liar than good luck in your own deluded world i’m not gonna keep trying to convince someone who’s too stupid too understand.

                    1. I actually did own up over the Metroid mistake but of course you’ll gloss over that. The reason why I said that was because to me 100% means you’ve done everything the game offers while you’re view of it is to simply do 1 playthrough and get everything from that 1 playthrough, had I know you meant it that way, I wouldn’t have questioned it.

                      And you know what? Even though I still believe you’re lying, let’s say for the sake of argument you did buy a PS4 Slim Brand new for 200 Euros, it still doesn’t prove any point you’re making. The Playstation 4 Slim is still £329.99 while the original was £349.99 which is more expensive than what the Nintendo Switch costs. You cherry-picking a console that you, allegidly, got for 200 Euros brand new doesn’t prove anything because you got it for what isn’t the standard price. That’s like me going to a Game Shop and they have a 50% discount on Nintendo Switch and I then go bragging to people about how Nintendo is better because their newest console is cheaper when it really isn’t, I just got a good deal from the retailer.

                      And you know what? I actually agree with you on the software prices, Nintendo being really stingy with their prices is something myself and many others have criticized so at least that’s 1 thing we can agree on.

                      You accuse me of living in a deluded world but honestly I think that’s my line. Some of the stuff I’ve read from you on this site really does make me laugh like when you claimed you “destroyed me” because of that 1 mistake with the Metroid and how “people” backed you up when in reality it was 1 person who even said he hated the idea of agreeing with you. Someone gives you an inch and you the whole of the rainbow road.

                  3. I bought my PS4 slim in 2016 its currently 250 euro (obvioulsy in current times) maby you living the UK is the real problem ;) UK has always been overpriced compared to the rest of europe , i’m sure leaving the EU didn’t help eather.

                    I proved the Metroid thing

                    Sony selling more consoles in 4 gens then Nintendo in 35 years is a fact there are multiple lists on the internet go look them up.

                    Sony selling 3,5 billion games vs Nintendo 2,5 billion is a fact too , these are just home consoles but still 4 consoles vs 7 , if you do want to count handhelds than we could add Xbox to the ps list since its the same market according to many and possibly even pc sales aswell depening how you want to look at it.

                    Third party games getting higher ratings than allot of what Nintendo does is a fact too , see Gamespot , ign , metric scores and again software sales.In fact when you look at gamespot for example they are always very critical and rarely give a 10/10 since the early days of gaming Ocarina of time , Mario Odyssey , Breath of the Wild , Galaxy 2 are the only Nintendo games that got a 10/10 during the ps3 they already had over 10 games , I remember this very clearly if you insist on getting exact numbers I will prove it (again)

                    There are more classic story’s that people still talk about till this very day on other consoles than on a Nintendo console , you could call this in the eye of the beholder but various websites , youtube content , talking with people around you prove this so do software sales. And remakes like FF7 just to name one because its one of the most loved stories in the franchise. With remake I mean rebuild from the ground up not just a new polish.

                    Last but not least since everyone (including you if I remember correct) always say’s that Nintendo made a mistake with the disks back in the day , causing them to lose allot of third party support and core gamers like me feeling forced to change , Nintendo has there own market now and the other market is PS,Xbox,Pc. The PS , Xbox , Pc market is far far bigger and completly destroys Nintendo in both hardware and software market by billions so just mabyyyyy? Like I said from the start there is a huge market for people like me that Nintendo is missing out on and this isn’t how Nintendo used to be in the 90s when everyone bought a Nintendo , competition or not ;) (Sega megadrive was a very good console btw) People love Mario , Zelda , Pokemon ect. but also want to play other games. Also if you google there are tons and tons and tons of threads (and youtube video’s) where people say they own a switch but it’s collecting dust because of the shear lack of content , the same can’t be said for other consoles. Wich again supports my first post.

                    So no i’m not cherry picking anything cause I can back it all up and so far haven’t seen you give any arguments or proof besides calling me a liar and saying I talk allot of nonsense and focusing weather the ps4 was 200 euro or 300 euro wich is still irrelivent cause the Nintendo Switch is still very expansive specially for old tech.

                    One final good argument for Nintendo wich you should have known as the OG NINTENDROID fanboy for life is that Nintendo can’t compete with the money that Sony and Microsoft have ;) They also expressed this and it’s the main reason why they changed direction (outside almost going bankrupt with the wii u). They also can’t sell consoles with a loss wich is the main reason for the high price , Sony and Microsofts business model is selling allot of software for profit and taking a loss on consoles cause those are the tool for selling software. Nintendo simply can not do this cause they are a small company compared to the other two who where already really succesfull outside of the gaming industry.

                    Anyway this is going to be my last post , believe what you want to believe. I know how long it took me to clear certain games , how many Nintendo consoles I owned and how many games I still play just not on my own Nintendo console and how much I spend on my ps4 slim ;) I’m fairly sure I spend more time on Nintendo games than 99% of the people on this website I used to play video games 15 hours a day for a living even.

                    1. “Anyway this is going to be my last post”

                      Thank God for that, I don’t think I could take another round of wall text that tries to make someone look good but in reality is a nothing burger.
                      Also, do you enjoy winking at people? It’s honestly abit creepy.

                  4. Here btw before you call me a liar again , I did lie btw PS1-4 didn’t sell 3,5 billion games but 5 billion games ;) those units are in millions. Consoles sales are divided in Europe , America , Japan , Rest of the World and total so to many data to post here but the software sales speak for themself ;) So yeah there is a huge market for a console with Nintendo first party titles + third party support wich I have been saying since day 1 and backed up in many ways. If you still don’t get it than whatever.

                    1 PlayStation 2 (PS2) 1,537.00
                    2 PlayStation 4 (PS4) 1,419.50
                    3 Xbox 360 (X360) 1,008.03
                    4 PlayStation 3 (PS3) 999.40
                    5 Nintendo Switch (NS) 994.30
                    6 PlayStation (PS) 962.00
                    7 Nintendo DS (DS) 948.76
                    8 Nintendo Wii (Wii) 921.85
                    9 Game Boy (GB) 501.11
                    10 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 500.01
                    11 Nintendo 3DS (3DS) 390.10
                    12 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) 379.06
                    13 Game Boy Advance (GBA) 377.42
                    14 PlayStation Portable (PSP) 331.00
                    15 Xbox (XB) 271.46
                    16 Nintendo 64 (N64) 224.97
                    17 GameCube (GC) 208.57
                    18 Sega Genesis (GEN) 175.80
                    19 Atari 2600 (2600) 120.00
                    20 Nintendo Wii U (WiiU) 103.54
                    21 Sega Saturn (SAT) 80.00
                    22 PlayStation Vita (PSV) 68.53
                    23 Dreamcast (DC) 64.89
                    24 GameGear (GG) 38.26
                    25 WonderSwan (WS) 10.00
                    26 ColecoVision (CV) 8.00
                    27 Atari Jaguar (AJ) 0.34

                  5. haha typical simple awnser from you , so far you haven’t said a single usefull thing to back up your arguments all you do is call people a lair and other useless things. Thanks for proving my point yet again that you don’t have the brain capacity for these kind of discussions nor the knowledge about the matter to back up your claims. Enjoy your children’s and casual gamers console :)

                    1. I guess that was a lie as well.

                      Your “evidence” just amounts to “These people online say the same as me” and “I brought this at this price so it must be true”. Not to mention all these has been bundled with calling me stupid and that I am lacking in brain capacity. Plus unlike you I actually did admit to a mistake because surprise surprise, I’m only human and I know I can make mistakes.

                      And I actually did disprove 1 of your claims, you said “the ps4 cost 200 bucks back in the days and Switch 380” which I then looked up my rates, ran them through a currency converter, and your numbers came up wrong. I then pressed you on this and the best defense you had was “I 100% brought it for 200 bucks, I’m not lying”. I then went on to explain that even if your claim about the 200 bucks was true that it was a flawed argument because that’s not the standard price from a retailer.
                      You also claimed that “UK Prices are always overpriced” when actually it’s not really that different. For example; Super Smash Bros Ultimate is 69.99 Euros in most European Countries, punching that into a currency converter gives us £62.07. But here’s the kicker; It’s actually £59.99 in the UK so technically WE are the cheaper one! And if you don’t believe me, go to
                      As for the systems themselves, the PS4 Launched with 399 Euros and the Nintendo Switch launched with 309 Euros so there you go, claiming the PS4 is cheaper is flat out wrong and you can google all this for yourself.

                      Another claim you made was that Zelda BOTW is over-rated which was debunked by yourself because later on you said it was 10/10 which is the best score you can give a game, how you fail to see how contradictory this is hilarious. You also have shown zero evidence on where this “10+” comes from. Not that it really matters since claiming a game is over-rated and still giving it a 10/10 is laughable in and of itself.

                      I have absolutely no idea why you brought up the “Old vs New” argument again, this sort of thing is purely on taste and has no right or wrong answers, it all comes down to subjectivity.

                      You can reply to this if you want but unlike you, I’m actually gonna stick to my word and leave this conversation but I will close with this.

                      “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

                      Mark Twain

                  6. The PS4 Slim was 225,00 Euro here in Germany on release , so he or she might be right. Nintendo Switch cost 325,00 Euro.

  2. In other words… Retro hasn’t made a new game in nine freakin’ years b/c the management at Retro and Nintendo are nuts are elitist. DK feels dead to me after nine years of waiting for a new game.

    1. I told ja. I been saying “Nintendo makes one great non mario/zelda game and don’t work on the sequel immediately.”
      They wait so long that the developers leave. Then 8 years later decide they want to work on a sequel but it takes longer because they have to find new developers in order to get started. Had they started immediately after the game was finished, they wouldn’t need to find new developers because the previous developers still there.

      1. People also say Nintendo doesn’t have the resources to make all these franchises yet they makes hundreds of millions so I always find this a weak excuse. They can also hire other company’s like they did in the 90 with Rare just to name one. They are possibly a even bigger reason for Nintendo’s succes on the Snes and N64 than Nintendo themselfs. Nintendo also invented new franchises on a regular basis unlike the past 20 years. When people ask for a new F-Zero they say they can’t do anything new with it yet they keep releasing Mario games every other year that don’t feel that different to me than Mario 64 outside of planets you can walk around or a new hat.

        A link to the past , Ocarina of Time , Breath of the Wild where new landmarks in the franchise i’m sure the same can be done to Star Fox , Donkey Kong and others.

        1. That is an excuse because they have had the resources to make Pikmin 2, Mario Galaxy 2 and Tears of the Kingdom immediately exclusive to their consoles. And strange that Wii U could have had 2 starfox titles. So if they really they can immediately get up and make something else immediately besides Mario or Zelda. I hope I don’t have to wait 15 years for Astral Chain 2. I see I had to wait 10 years for Pikmin 4.

  3. I Nintendo has well over 100 third party hit titles new ones and old ones each. They also did an excellent job with Arms with their debut actual fighting title, yes they have smash but arms is on a completely different level. As for DK I think they concentrated on remastering it for the switch first and looked at sales from that and we probably have another DK being worked on. Metroid is always a hit as I’d Zelda and Mario which are their flagships which is why they always have one just like Sega, Sony and Microsoft. Each company has many titles people would love to see continued but the fact is Nintendo has more 1st party games released than the other 2 combined ever generation. Nintendo has a value of over 45billion which is 4xs that of Sony so funds is not an issue with their development. They recently just built a brand new building for game development and they tend to like new games to be done in house.
    They are doing just fine with their releases although I hope the new building ( which should be able to hold well over 1000 hopefully) is completely for R&D. I hope to see a huge surge come this next system. We are getting a new Zelda and I am
    Sure a new Mario is coming, we have a new splatoon but hopefully we get an arms2 as the first one did excellent and of course a new Kirby would be nice as well as a new Star Fox as also Metroid Prime 4 and I believe we will get a new DK as well. Icarus may be in the works actually as well hopefully since it’s been 12 years for it and of course we need a new FZero.
    As you see there are already more 1st party titles they will release definitely than the other big 2 and probably more to come.
    Last note is I think Nintendo needs to step into the world of an actual new RPG title. It is the only thing missing from their library.

    1. Lets be fair though you have third party and you have triple A third party that they used to have on the Nes and Snes. Games like Mega Man , Castlevania , Street Fighter , Final Fantasy in the 90s are the Red Dead Redempion , GTA , Elden Ring , Fallout and so on of today.

      I grew up on Nintendo starting with the gameboy and the Nes in 1989 , bought all there consoles up until the Wii , but allot of the type of games that made the Snes one of the best consoles ever released are now on other platforms and they have been since Ps1. I love the N64 but it didn’t have Final Fantasy 7 for example wich used to be a big title on Nintendo consoles and a big part of the N64 was Rare with Banjo , Killer instinct , Get Force Gemini , Goldeneye , Diddy Kong Racing , Perfect Dark.

      For me atleast a good console is not just first party but a full library with 40+ highly rated and played titles , the best a generation had to offer.

      I Haven’t heard before about the new building and extra worker space so i’m curious about that.

      When consoles stop to excist and streaming because the main way of playing , do you boys and girls think games will be the same for every company power wise , since you can just keep publishing games with the newest tech? Or do you think server capicity will play a important role cause obviously Microsoft will beat everyone on that front and Sony already bought entire server parks many years ago , can Nintendo compete with that , will they for example have to team up with apple or whatever?

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