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Did You Know Gaming “Heroes of Hyrule” video is back up

You may recall that, last month, Did You Know Gaming‘s “Heroes of Hyrule” video was suddenly taken down due to a copyright strike. At the time, it wasn’t officially known who had been to blame for getting the video taken down, but it was highly suspected that Nintendo did it.

Well, there is some good news. A few days before 2022 ended, Did You Know Gaming’s video was restored to YouTube again, meaning that people can now watch the video to their own heart’s content. The team’s Twitter also confirmed that, according to YouTube, Nintendo were the ones that tried to get the video taken down.


8 thoughts on “Did You Know Gaming “Heroes of Hyrule” video is back up”

  1. iBeatEveryZeldaMainline

    Not interested in rewatching (great first watch) but curious if they had to remove a specific segment

    1. Somebody convert it to a download file before it gets taken down again. Nintendo cant give us an unfinished Pokemon game, and then have the balls to take down videos on interesting gaming tidbits. Can’t have it both ways, boys.

  2. How is the video back on YouTube, I’ve always thought if a YouTube video was taken down by moderation and then uploaded again at a later date the YouTube moderation would perma ban the YouTube channel. How can YouTube confirm it was Nintendo that tried getting the video removed, i don’t know but i’d assume when you report a video it’s anonymous and they aren’t suppose to tell anyone who reported it because of the privacy act or something.

    1. It actually tells you who filed the claim to get your video taken down. I used to get a ton of music taken down by Sony back in the day. But yes, a video gets put in private but can be reinstated if you can prove that the content belongs to you. This is great news for creators if that’s the case.

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