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Atlus & SEGA reveal results for the Persona 5 Royal character popularity poll

Joker invPersona 5 Royal Switch

SEGA and Atlus recently held a character poll for their critically acclaimed Persona 5 Royal and the final results have now been published. Some Persona fans have been surprised at some of the results of the character poll particularly with trusty sidekick, Ryuji Sakamoto, being placed at No.9. Persona 5 Royal is out now on multiple formats including the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Without further ado, here’s the final results:

  1. Hero / Joker
  2. Makoto Niijima
  3. Kasumi Yoshizawa
  4. Futaba Sakura
  5. Goro Akechi
  6. Ann Takamaki
  7. Yusuke Kitagawa
  8. Morgana
  9. Ryuji Sakamoto
  10. Haru Okumura


10 thoughts on “Atlus & SEGA reveal results for the Persona 5 Royal character popularity poll”

    1. He gets a lot more character development in Royal. They also change things so that you have to spend time with him to rank up the social link as opposed to the original version where it was automatic, so he gets a considerable amount more screen time.

      And that’s all I can say without getting into spoiler territory.

  1. Who voted in this poll? Why is Yoshizawa so high up? She’s so damn obnoxious and nearly all of her recorded lines are just her saying “Senpai” over and over

  2. Morgana should be lower. That cat annoyed me the whole game. He is a good support character in battle tho.

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