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MVG thinks Switch backwards compatibility won’t be easy to add in next console

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A lot of speculation and theories have been presented on what the next generation Nintendo console will be, even though Nintendo has not officially announced anything major in regards to hardware in the near future. Nevertheless, the Switch is now 6 years old, so that will likely change soon.

One analyst that has been discussing the Switch’s successor is NightDive Studios developer ModernVintageGamer, or MVG for short. In a new video talking about what the hardware specs for the next console could be like, MVG also talked about what this would mean for implementing backwards compatibility with Switch games.

You see, the Nintendo Switch uses the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip. This same chip also powers NVIDIA Shield Android TVs from 2015-2018. According to MVG, “if Nintendo is to move away from the Tegra X1, which we all feel strongly that they will probably do, current Switch games won’t work on new hardware, that is without recompiling the games to target that hardware”.

MVG does state that there are multiple ways Nintendo could address the problem. One of them is software emulation, something similar to the kind that has been implemented in Xbox Series consoles. Another possibility is NVIDIA and Nintendo providing Tegra X1 chip compatibility on the next console. MVG doesn’t think this will happen, however, because this would require a lot of additional work because this is not a feature currently supported.

A third solution mentioned is the inclusion of a Tegra X1 chip in every Switch successor, meaning that Nintendo wouldn’t need to emulation wouldn’t be needed to address the issue. It’s something Nintendo has done before. The Nintendo Wii had the GameCube’s chip, which is how the Wii was able to be backwards compatible with the GameCube. However, this would increase production costs. It would also mean that, depending on Nintendo’s stance on physical games for their next console, either a Nintendo Switch cartridge slot would be needed for the new console, or Nintendo would have to use the same cartridges for the Switch’s successor.


10 thoughts on “MVG thinks Switch backwards compatibility won’t be easy to add in next console”

  1. If it’s a single screen experience, it will most likely be backwards compatible.

    And I don’t see Nintendo going “digital only”.

    1. I don’t think he was referring going digital, but more so switching up proprietary cards. Like they did when they went from the GBA to the DS.

  2. Has nobody considered that a successor chip to the Nvidia Tegra X1 running on the same architecture could be used to keep compatibility? This is literally how tons of other mobile devices work.

  3. If a install base is not included in Nintendo’s next machine, then the whole console production is going be nothing but shambles if the proper chip is not included inside the system.

  4. I wonder if they realize tht if Nintendo stays on the Tegra line of chips, since they run pretty similar codes in their architecture, they culd easily implement a BC setup if need be.

  5. Being backwards compatible would be an easy task with todays tech. All consoles come out with their own custom chips and I expect the next Nintendo console will be no different. It will be backwards compatible and the eshop will continue on as well. What they do not realize is as cards can now store more than any disk and Nintendo has shown how much more compressed those files can be as well along with now using 32gb cards and possibly even bigger cards for the new system. Would you pay extra for a game that requires a bigger sd card for a better experience visually, gameplay wise and length? I know I would have no problem doing that and at least would know why I am paying more unlike these other companies just raising prices for the extra profit.

  6. They probably not worried about that, as a costumer i would love to keep playing my Switch games on their next console but as a business Nintendo probably knows that people will buy their stuff no matter what they choose to do.

    A good example is the eshop closure for the 3DS and Wii U, you barely see people complaining about it but when Sony tried to do the same with PS3/Vita people were up in arms and they quickly gave up.

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