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Rumour: Nintendo working on Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door remaster for Switch?

A member of the Famiboard forums who claims to be an investigative journalist has reportedly learned that Nintendo has been busy working on a Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door remaster for the Nintendo Switch platform. The user says that he has previously provided verified rumours to various YouTube channels while remaining in the background, as he doesn’t like the attention. The user says they have been in contact with three sources regarding the Paper Mario remaster. Always this is a rumour and nothing has been announced by Nintendo.

“As some of you know, I do hobby journalism behind the scenes and research various things for fun. Some accurate Nintendo rumors that were reported by YouTubers and other sites in the past partially were based on my research. As I said, I don’t like attention and thus always asked everyone to keep me private, which I intend to continue remain private in those stories.

However, now I have something super excited that I’m aware of. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Remaster is finally happening and coming out soon! 

I have been in touch with 3 sources with this. One of them redirected to me to the third source, who I hadn’t interacted before so it was just me cold messaging them on LinkedIn. Because this third source wouldn’t acknowledge the release date I had heard from the previous two sources, I’ll just leave it as “coming soon.”

I informed both @NintendoPrime and @NateDrake about this privately. There’s one more person I have informed, but they wish to remain anonymous.

I personally had always wished for TTYD remaster. I never played it on GCN so I’m over the moon excited to finally play it on Switch soon.”

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24 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo working on Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door remaster for Switch?”

    1. Hopefully the remastering is the same level as Merroid Prime or that FF7 spin of released last year Crisis core?

      1. Hopefully yeah, though honestly I don’t think they need to do much with TTYD, it’s art style still holds up to this day and its gameplay is still the most beloved of all the Paper Mario games.
        Apart from possibly adding some additional content, all it really needs is a visual glow up.

    1. Do you just believe everything right away? There are constantly rumors about this kind of thing, don’t just assume it’s true.

  1. I play only wii and 3ds paper mario. I love holo stickers 🤩
    Is thousand year door in something better?

    1. Its much better than Sticker Stars and like 3 times longer its a real grand RPG with deepest battle system of the series, but I also did like Sticker Stars.

  2. They should remaster the original paper mario first then they remaster the other ones, that’s my own opinion.

    1. Thing is, the OG Paper Mario has been brought back three times already- on the Wii Shop Channel, the Wii U eShop, and the NSO Expansion Pack N64 service. Thousand-Year Door has never seen a second chance, being locked to the GameCube for… some reason, but not a good one whatever it is.

    2. They should just put the first 3 all in one like they did with the Mario 64, sunshine and galaxy. But I’m just dreaming.

  3. How many leaks and rumors will people fall for until they realize they shouldn't believe in them?

    People are desperate to get their “rumors” out to see if they are eventually right all in the name for clout. Do not believe them, don’t care if there is a truth the size of Ant-Man inside the quantum realm, don’t believe it.

  4. I’d like for this to be real but my jaded self doesn’t believe this is true. Even if it is real, they’ll somehow botch this in some way from either it’s aesthetics or messing with the game balancing.

    1. I hate the white outline the newer games use, and I’m positive they’ll add those to all of the NPCs if this game gets put on the Switch

  5. I hope this rumor is real because I Never got to play this game. Everyone says it’s amazing and I wanna see if it’s as good everyone says It is. 😄 !!

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