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Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy delayed to November

Screenshot form Hogwarts Legacy by Warner Bros

It has already been a busy 2023 for the gaming division of Warner Bros., due in large part to the release of Hogwarts Legacy and the upcoming releases of Mortal Kombat 12 and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. That said, Hogwarts Legacy still hasn’t been released on the Nintendo Switch yet.

The game has had a July release date for Nintendo’s console for months now. However, that is no longer going to be the case. You see, it has been officially confirmed earlier todya that the Switch version of the game has been delayed to November 14th. The announcement tweet is down below.

12 thoughts on “Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy delayed to November”

  1. Being delayed might be a good thing so it’s not released with bugs and glitches. Then again, if The Switch release is taking this long im losing hope at the possibility of any additional content.

  2. That’s actually great to hear. Playing TOTK has reminded me of the days when AAA games could release in a polished state.

    1. TOTK got a day one patch(version 1.1.0). ūü§£

      So before we even got our hands on the physical cartridge, it is tainted and incomplete.

      1. I bought it digitally, played it at midnight, and never had to wait for a patch to download because it already downloaded. Basically… I got to play a polished game the minute it was released so I’m not sure what you’re laughing about. ūüėé

        1. The cartridge shipped without this update, making it already incomplete on day 1. That’s infuriating to say the least and sloppy.

          1. Let’s look at this day 1 patch notes:

            General Updates
            Horse name inputs now allow for Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) characters.
            If the system language is not set to Korean, Chinese (Simplified), or Chinese (Traditional), some inputted characters will not display.
            Made other, additional fixes to allow for a more pleasing gameplay experience.

            Yeah I can totally see now how the game was incomplete before that patch.

          2. What a silly, petty complaint.
            It’s industry standard. And the game is massive. A day 1 patch is expected. And welcomed with open arms. As a QA in software, I’d fully expected it for something that big and that complicated. The game is amazingly polished, especially compared to other games nowadays.

  3. This is just pushing the inevitable cancellation down the road. I said games like this would also be cancelled, naming it specifically, after Marvel’s Midnight Suns recently got the chop on Switch.

    Switch is in decline, its sales are down year on year and it’s accelerating. I think developers(some at least) have also been informed of the Switch 2(name not final) and may opt to move their games there instead.

  4. Releasing that GPU consuming thing for a tablet with detachable controllers? Yeah that sounds smart. Can’t wait to see the complaints being sent off to Nintendo for overheating caused by this game.

  5. That’s what happens when you try to sell a dumb, stupid slow weak console for 10 years with no changes and updates. I doubt this game is coming to the Switch.
    Nintendo really thinks a 10 year + [old Tegra 1 can handle Hogwarts? Excuse me for laughing!!!

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