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GameStop Pro page now live ($15 yearly now, join after 27th June $25 yearly)

Update: Kotaku ís reporting that “Notably, the training materials say current members won’t have to pay the new price until their membership is renewed, while still receiving all of the additional benefits. One current employee said they are being discouraged from renewing customers under the current cheaper program until the new version is active.” Which seems fair.

GameStop has now confirmed that Gamestop Power up Rewards is officially changing to GameStop Pro on 27th June. The sign up page has gone live and it seems as though if you join now its $15 and if you join once the service goes live, it is $25 a year. The new GameStop Pro starts 27th June at $25 per year. You can read the full details on the official website.

  • 5% off all pre-owned
  • $5 off collectables
  • 5% off clearance items
  • 5% off all GameStop products
  • 5% off all protection plans
  • $5 Monthly Pro Reward
  • 10% Extra Trade Credit
  • Pro Exclusive Deals & Drops, and Pro Weeks!
  • Pros Get VIP Access
  • $10 Welcome Reward
  • 2% Back In Rewards
  • Always Earning
  • Reap Your Rewards
  • Unlimiteddigital access to Game Informer

4 thoughts on “GameStop Pro page now live ($15 yearly now, join after 27th June $25 yearly)”

  1. These few AAA real good games released in one year i buy in physical version in low price eshops. Why Pay for buying in one Store where is ONLY 5% off?

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