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Sonic Origins Plus physical’s extra content won’t be on cartridge, instead it’s a download code

The official logo for Sonic Origins Plus this June.

SEGA announced earlier this year that they will be releasing Sonic Origins Plus which will include additional content such as Amy as a playable character and the various SEGA Game Gear games. However, it has emerged today that if you purchase the physical edition of Sonic Origins Plus the new content won’t be available on the cartridge or disc and will instead be available via a download code to be redeemed on whichever digital store you purchased the game on. Hopefully this will be looked at again by SEGA, though seeing as Sonic Origins Plus launches on the 23rd June, that is unlikely to happen.

13 thoughts on “Sonic Origins Plus physical’s extra content won’t be on cartridge, instead it’s a download code”

  1. Download codes is curse of modern age :( digital only is main reason why i more like old games, tested and complete on medium!

  2. Poor starving indie Sega can’t afford bigger dis… wait, doesn’t PS5 use blu-ray discs? What’s the point of saving space on that?

    Worst part is that nowhere in the official pre-order pages says that.

  3. Panda Production Studio

    This means that all I need to upgrade my original digital copy is buy the physical edition that I was gonna buy anyway. I understand that this isn’t good for long term preservation, but this choice will save me money.

  4. This is a disgrace. What’s the point of the physical copy then? Just canceled my pre-order from Best Buy.

  5. Sorry Sega, you can’t have my physical money. Instead you can download it from 🙄

  6. I guess it still come with fixed bugs/glitches, the dlc music packs, playable Knuckles and new path for him in Sonic CD.
    If it weren’t for the extra character on the cover and 12 games listed on the back, I’d say I wouldn’t even care about their inclusion- they fixed the original games. Might just create a custom cover art that reflect only that later on.

  7. I will not be buying the game in this case. It is really a shame too, because I would’ve loved to play as Amy. Oh well, at least there are other good Sonic games on the platform.

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