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Leaker Pyoro teases new Donkey Kong game & more Peach game info coming in Direct

Pyoro has become very well-known for being a leaker in recent months, but what may come as a surprise to you is just how accurate they’ve been. Everything they have teased or said would happen since Nintendo held their June 2023 Direct has come true. So, with rumors of another Nintendo Direct happening this month in full swing, Pyoro is at it again.

You may already know by now that Pyoro has suggested that an F-Zero game will be featured in some way in the next Nintendo Direct. However, that is not the only thing they teased. A few hours later, Pyoro posted a gif image of Donkey Kong in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, suggesting that a new Donkey Kong game is on the way, though it wasn’t clarified if the game will be in the Nintendo Direct.

They also responded to a user on Twitter, saying that there would be more information on the Princess Peach game that Nintendo teased in their last Nintendo Direct. Of course, Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed a Nintendo Direct yet, and even though Pyoro has been extremely accurate, this isn’t official information from Nintendo. So, it’s just a rumor for now. Nevertheless, you can see Pyoro’s pair of tweets about Donkey Kong and Peach down below.

22 thoughts on “Leaker Pyoro teases new Donkey Kong game & more Peach game info coming in Direct”

  1. Funny how people are so dependent on these people for information instead of just waiting to hear facts instead of rumors. Drama queens love their drama.

    1. The stuff he has predicted has come true, specific details. That is why people care you mouthbreathing ape. “Drama” , you didn’t even read it.

    2. It used to be that leakers would tell us things months or even a year or two in advance, and it’d be fun because it would give us something to talk about during the game droughts. I really don’t understand the fascination with these modern leakers.

  2. Leaks are so … yawn. What does it matter that we know now, or when a business chooses to reveal new information? It spoils the fun. I need a ladder to get over how over I am of leaks. It’s not news and it’s pretty damn rude.

  3. Yeah, at this point I wish that My Nintendo News would stop reporting on leaks like these. If a leak is fake, then it’s a waste to read. If a leak is true, then it ruins the surprise of its official announcement. Leaks spoil official announcements and make people expect certain announcements no matter if they’re true or not. There’s no surprise anymore…

    I read MNN almost every single day, and it kinda sucks when it spoils fun announcements for me.

    1. Sorry Cosmic Tornado. We don’t know for sure if it’s true and the DK game and F-Zero have been teased by leakers for a year or two now. We will only know for sure once the Direct airs.

      1. I understand, Sickr. Gaming journalism is a tough career to succeed in without upsetting some people. It would be nice to be able to scroll through MNN with some kind of spoiler warning buffer, but it’s possible I’m being a little selfish with that. I still love MNN and use it as my Nintendo news source, and that won’t change. Can’t even say I’m that upset at this point either.

        Anyway, I’m glad that the Direct was officially announced, so now all we have to do is wait and see if the rumors are true.

  4. A port of metroid prime 2 (GCN) will also be revealed.

    Also, ATLUS will be showing off Shin Megami Tensei IV + Apocalypse with revamped 3D models and sprites (some with new art) and a new ending for IV which leads better into Apocalypse.

  5. The F zero comment has me incredibly skeptical, not buying this. (But like no duh, if nintendo has a direct in September, they are going to prop up their already announced game such as the Peach Game)

  6. New Donkey Kong game, huh? Let me guess, Candy Kong still isn’t playable? At least Nintendo doesn’t hate Candy Kong as much as Sega hates Sally Acorn. I don’t know what so many franchises have against their most important female.

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