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Lawsuit emerges over canceled Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 DLC for Switch

Developer Aspyr and publisher Saber Interactive find themselves embroiled in a class-action lawsuit stemming from the cancellation of the highly anticipated Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 (KOTOR 2) “Restored Content DLC” for the Nintendo Switch. KOTOR 2 made its way to the Nintendo Switch last year, promising fans an enhanced version of the 2004 sequel with improved visuals, frame rates, and resolutions. Prior to the official release, an announcement trailer fueled excitement by announcing the arrival of the “Restored Content DLC,” which would add previously unreleased content to the game, originally conceived as a fan-made PC mod.

However, in June of this year, Aspyr Media delivered a blow to fans by announcing the cancellation of the DLC, expressing gratitude for the community’s support but regrettably scrapping the expansion plans. Subsequently, disgruntled fans organized a class-action lawsuit against Aspyr and Saber Interactive.

The lawsuit, filed by Malachi Mickelonis in July, alleges that the defendants advertised KOTOR 2 as featuring the “Restored Content DLC” to Nintendo Switch users in 2022 but failed to deliver the promised content while refusing to issue refunds to purchasers. The legal documents include numerous tweets and messages from disappointed fans expressing their frustration over the lack of the advertised DLC.

The lawsuit details one plaintiff’s experience, stating that he felt deceived and waited to play the game, anticipating the DLC. However, the promised content never materialized. As compensation for the cancellation, Aspyr and Saber offered purchasers a free replacement game key for a single Star Wars title on Steam or Switch, with KOTOR 2 being one of the options. This allows players to access the free fan-made “Restored Content” mod.

Aspyr and Saber have until October 4 to respond to the lawsuit. The plaintiff seeks various forms of relief, including disgorgement, attorney’s fees, and a trial by jury.


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