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Unveiling the Dichotomy: inside the enigma of Nintendo’s work culture

In a surprising revelation, former Nintendo of Japan employee Koichi Miura has shed light on his stint at the renowned gaming giant, branding it a “haven for superhumans and geniuses” but a “hell for an ordinary person” like himself. Miura, who worked in game production from 2019 to 2023, recently took to Twitter to share his unique perspective, breaking the silence that often shrouds the inner workings of the gaming industry.

While acknowledging Nintendo’s greatness, Miura cautioned against recommending it lightly to others, citing the overwhelming talent that permeates the company. Describing it as a sanctuary for extraordinary individuals capable of consistently producing groundbreaking games, he also admitted to feeling out of place as an average person within this sea of brilliance. Despite the challenges, Miura credits his time at Nintendo for steering him towards self-discovery and the courage to pursue a different career path, marking it as his most significant achievement from the experience. In a translated statement by Eurogamer, Miura emphasized his lack of regret in joining and subsequently leaving Nintendo. He clarified that his intent is not to harbor ill feelings toward the company but to convey a positive message about personal growth and finding one’s true calling. Miura hopes that people view his narrative not as a negative exposé but as an inspiring story of self-realization and resilience.


7 thoughts on “Unveiling the Dichotomy: inside the enigma of Nintendo’s work culture”

  1. It just sounds like imposter syndrome, which totally is valid working at a gaming giant like Nintendo, but still no need to go to Twitter to say it’s a hell for ordinary people. I’m sure most ordinary people in the industry would love to work there one day

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