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DICE Says Frostbite Engine Isn’t Supported On Wii U

Patrick Bach, the executive producer on Battlefield 4, has explained to Eurogamer exactly why the promising Battlefield 4 won’t be coming to Wii U. Bach says the main reason is that the Frostbite Engine isn’t supported on Wii U. This should come as some concern as the majority of EA’s upcoming games are based on the Frostbite engine. Here’s what Bach says. […]

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Chilean Retailer Lists Battlefield 4 And Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 For Wii U

Chilean video games retailer Zmart is currently listing Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 for the Wii U console. However, this doesn’t confirm whether the two first-person shooters are coming to Nintendo’s latest console, as confirmation can only come from the games’ publishers. What we do know, however, is that Activision is working on another Call of […]

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Battlefield 4 Reveal Is Due ‘In Around 90 Days’

EA and Dice have teased that they will be revealing more about the forthcoming Battlefield 4 in about 90 days time. The development studio says they’re not in a position right now to talk about their development plans and their SKU plan long-term. EA has declined to reveal which platforms the eagerly anticipated game will arrive on, but it’s thought to […]