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Bioshock Infinite Skipping The Wii U

Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine has reiterated that the development team aren’t thinking about bringing the spectacular Bioshock Infinite to Wii U. Levine says that he has purchased a Wii U, and while he thinks it’s a fun machine, he has no intention of developing for it. Thanks, Simply G Advertisements

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Here’s A Look At BioShock Infinite’s New Heavy Hitting Enemies

2K Games Ken Levine, as well as art director Nate Wells and lead artist Shawn Robertson, feature in the latest Bioshock Infinite trailer to discuss the game’s heavy hitting enemies, the Motorized Patriot. We heard earlier this week from Nintendo Gamer magazine that Bioshock creator Ken Levine is working on a Wii U game, which they assume is Bioshock Infinite. We […]