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​EA Says It Doesn’t Want To Be Voted The Worst Company In America For Third Year Running

Andrew Wilson, the new boss of Electronic Arts, has explained to Kotaku that he really doesn’t want the company to be voted the worst in America for the third year running. Wilson doesn’t believe that Electronic Arts were ever really the worst company, but he says that he realises that consumers who buy their products were ultimately trying to tell them something. […]

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Wii And Wii U Only Account For 1% Of EA Sales

EA has confirmed that both the Wii U and the Wii combined only account for a meagre 1.3 per cent of EA’s software revenues in the last financial quarter.  EA stated in their latest financial report that $695 million was earned from combined sales of console, mobile and PC software. The company says that only $9 million came from Wii and Wii U […]

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EA Says Miyamoto Is Falling Down On The Job

EA’s Chief Creative Officer, Richard Hilleman, says that Shigeru Miyamoto has fallen down on the job and has handed over the gauntlet to Steve Jobs and Apple. Hilleman says that children used to learn from video games designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, now they are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets to get their handheld gaming fixes. “I thank Miyamoto for that,” he said […]