Nintendo Says People Still Ask If Wii U Is An Add-On For Wii

Nintendo of Canada, Matt Ryan has confessed that there’s still a number of people who are not entirely sure if Wii U is a add-on for the Wii, or a new console. Ryan says that while Nintendo did a good job of emphasising that Wii U is a brand new home console at this years E3 event, he is still asked by people whether Wii U is an add-on for Wii.

“Admittedly, yes, out of E3 2011 we had some people that didn’t feel they understood it was a new console. Nintendo feels that after [E3] 2012, we have gotten that message across. There are a few comments that we get, asking if it’s a new console, but the majority get it.”

205 thoughts on “Nintendo Says People Still Ask If Wii U Is An Add-On For Wii”

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    1. Dumb people have money, love gaming and they are quick to spend so Nintendo needs to do a much better job at marketing the Wii U. There are currently more questions than answer and its been over a year since it a was shown to the public E3 2011.

    1. You got that right. Even if I’m not sure about some phone, console, etc., I still take a few seconds to freaking Google it.

  1. Slogan – Wii U: A NEW CONSOLE!

    Seriously though. I work at gaming store, and when I go to explain why our Wii selection is so short, (clearing out for Wii U), I have so many people who are confused about what Wii U is, and the majority think it’s just a controller.

    Nintendo’s gotta do SOMETHING to sort the confusion, or they’re in for a rocky launch.

      1. Sure, hardcore fans like you and I should, but you seem to forget the largest portion of Wii sales was to casual gamers. Casual gamers who are not only confused about the Wii U, but confused about the change of a console generation at all (not to mention children who are, albiet potential future hardcore gamers, not the most informed about these things.) As most of us are ’90s kids, we grew up with these videogame things, and understand the changing of the consoles, the upgrading, the console wars, the excitement over new controllers and features and games, midnight launches, saved allowances, begging parents, TV ads, friends’ opinions. These are things we had to shape us. Don’t you want everyone to have these types of experiences?

        It’s not nice to call these people spastics or retards, nintendudes. I mean, these are consumers just like you and I. I feel hardcore gamers have a responsibility not to mock, but to educate the people who may still be confused about the Wii U, if we want to see Nintendo keep on trucking in the future.

        (By the way, I literally get at least one customer a month come in to my game shop, who does not know what a videogame is. At all. They’ve heard things about them, but have never even decided to get their toes wet in the nintenpool. Although that STILL blows my mind, I don’t look them in the eye and go, “What are you, stupid? Been living under a rock for how long?” I inform them. Excite them. Try to get them amped to try something different.)

          1. I actually agree with this. The Wii U is an all new console. That’s like saying is the PlayStation Vita a buffed and rehashed PSP.

    1. Know what…… let people buy Wii U controllers and try hook it up to their current existing Wii’s, and when they figure out it doesn’t work and they come back to the store and say “It doesn’t work”, you just say “It does work, but you didn’t buy the new Wii U Console, you only bought the controller” *Points to Wii U Console*

      1. yeah and Nintendo still get your money ;) no refunds! That will be hillarious! Same happened with the 3ds

  2. Its just peteriuss trolling xD

    Tbh, they didnt really make it THAT clear.
    They literally need to throw the console at people a few month before launch saying its a new console

    1. They made it pretty clear what Wii U is. But they didn’t show off the actual console, they just showed off the Wii U GamePad.

        1. They are different, but they’re not the same. They can still use their current existing Wiimotes on Wii U, but if they’re gonna buy the Wii U GamePad, and try use it on the current existing Wii console, it’s not gonna work.

          1. They wont, they’ll go into the game store, and they’ll find out there.
            I dont think theyre selling the pads anyway. Or at least not yet, the console doesnt use more than 1 in any game

      1. For once i agree, they do focus to much on the game pad, i understand why they do, but the console was basically hidden in the 2011 e3

    2. Launch a freaking commercial with with peterius going into a gamestore asking what it is and everyone pointing and laughing at him. Then Yu show games and what it dooes. At the end of the commercial, they show him on his couch playing it and smiling saying what’s a smartglass or 720. Show it during football season, during the world series,at the movies, everywhere..

      But its gonna be the parents to all the gimme kids who are the ones that aren’t gonna khow anything. Oh well that kid wouldn’t get everything he wants cause momma got drunk at the bar then bought him another Wii.

        1. No? A real hardcore game is DK Country Returns.
          But people who aret gamers like you and me, wont be 100% sure, the casual market, who bought the wii for wiifit and stuff ect

            1. Theres no such thing as casual gamers and hardcore gamers. You either play video games as a hobby or you don’t. classifying people under a specific label is juat human nature.

  3. We (fans) TOLD YOU to call it something else.

    Dumb-fucking-marketing. What the hell were they thinking having it look and named just like it’s predecessor.

    – Jaded Nintendo Fan

    PS: I’m mad bro.

  4. It’s like Nintendo is TRYING to sabotage itself.

    3DS price os too high?
    3DS not fully feature ready?
    3DS’ shitty game selection and DLC at launch?
    WiiU name close to Wii?
    WiiU Looks like a Wii?
    WiiU uses same controllers as a Wii?
    … People think WiiU IS a Wii? NOO…really?

    Nintendo: you have good shit. Hardware and software.
    Sort your shit out.
    Change the WiiU name.
    Provide SOFTWARE for us to play (Looking ok if promises are met)
    Then take our money!

    With the 3DS, I couldn’t force Nintendo to take my money of I tried! Better not be the same with WiiU, or I’m fucking done. Going back to PC gaming.

      1. If the SNES CD add-on had been completed and gone through, I’m sure it only would have added to the current confusion.

  5. I think that nintendo is trying to do with what they did with their handhelds. Nintendo Ds Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo did say that the 3DS is an entirely new handheld even though they just added a 3 to the DS. Its pretty much the same thing, they said that the Wii U is an enirely new console even though they just added a U to the Wii. That’s my understanding.

      1. Don’t forget the NES and Super NES. The later is the same freaking system w/ a higher price tag. /sarcasm/

  6. Nintendo need to seriously change the name of the Wii U. I don’t know if it’s too late now, but they should’ve done that before E3. They have themselves confessed that people say that the Wii U name is too similar to Wii, like how people were confused about 3DS being too similar to DS. But Nintendo are too stubborn, if they create a creative name for a console, they’re gonna stick with it no matter what. -.-

    1. too late. patents are already sorted. What about the NES AND SNES? same names and they still sold. Same goes for the Iphone!

      1. Playstation 1, 2, 3
        Xbox, xbox 360
        Atari 2200, 5200

        Only sega actually had inventive names for their consoles, which ironically sucked balls for the most part

      2. My point was that if they want to sort out the confusion among people, they need to change the name. It felt like everybody who commented thought that I meant that the console would not sell, which I didn’t say or even mention anywhere in the text. :P

      3. But the ‘Super’ implies better than before. U doesn’t really imply anything. As for the Iphone, it has numbers, so Iphone 4 is obviously better than 3G

  7. Yeah because it kept the same name and just added a letter instead of a number at the end. They will eventually find there way. I’m still trying to figure out what this kinect is

  8. Either those people are trolling, or they are the biggest retards who have ever lived. Seriously, can’t you morons just Google ”Wii U”?

  9. To be fair, the vast majority of the Wii’s market aren’t exactly the type of people who even know what E3 is. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely they would watch it or pay attention to the news coming from it. I reckon these are the people who don’t know the difference.

      1. the comment was suppose to say “I believe everyone DOES know that the Wii U is a standalone console. Those who ask Nintendo if the Wii U is a new console or add-on controler are Trolls.”

  10. So Wii U is like the Super Nintendo of Wii still the same thing with better performance…..and the only difference anyone can see in it is that the controller is different

  11. of course it’s a new console. how else are they going to charge ridiculously high prices? no one would want it for an add on.

  12. Ugh.

    When the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance was announced, did people think that it would cause trouble because they were similarly named to their predeccsor, the Game Boy?


    When the Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom was announced, did people think it would cause trouble because it was similarly named to its predeccasor, the NES/Famicom?


    When the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 were announced, did people think it would cause trouble because it was similarly named to its predeccasor, the PlayStation?


    Why has gamers became so stupid over the past 10 years? The casual gamers have not gotten used to the console changing, and seeing the Wii U makes them think it’s an addon, not a brand new console!

    -_- Can’t people be intelligent, like back 10 years ago and the 90s and 80s?

    1. That’s because they were marketed to show that they were sequels. A “2” added to the name clearly shows a sequel. The Wii U on the other hand has been marketed horribly.

      Same general console shape, uses Wii remotes, only a letter has been added to the name. The entire focus has been on the controller, why wouldn’t someone who doesn’t follow video games assume it’s just a new add-on controller? The gameboy advance and the color looked entirely different from each other and from the original gameboy. The only really noticeable difference on the Wii U (on the outside, of course) is the tablet controller.

      So far, ninty has marketed the Wii U as “a new way to play with an awesome controller”, not “an entirely next-gen system that happens to have a new controller.”
      Let’s hope they fix it once the Wii U launches.

  13. Its those slanders trolls doing this, Nintendo should not listen to them because Clyde Cash and his homo army of trolls are just giving the console a bad name. Now that you would excuse me I’m working on a new Sonichu comic because I miss lead the trolls into thinking I was a tomgirl but in actually fact I’m just a really an awesome person who will win the day with my Sonichu medalon!!

  14. people that STILL dont know if it’s a console have gone full retard. i mean seriously i understood that it was the day of the e3 2011 conference. at first i was a little confused but guess what, i googled it. problem solved.

    1. But you care enough to google it and learn more about it. Its all about first impressions and if a person thinks its another add-on to the Wii, they won’t worry about it and they’ll just skip it

  15. I think Nintendo’s intentionally confusing people so they can pull a very small bait and switch move at launch. People at that point will still be confused about whether it’s a new console or not, but when they’re faced with how it’s in HD among other benefits, they’ll think, “Oh man, so the Wii is like in HD and stuff!” and thus they’ll buy it, not knowing that it’s a totally different console. Hell, even Nintendo redesigned their current Wii so that it just so happens to look like the Wii U console, but more angular. This is a way for Nintendo to ensure that the casual audience will buy it (the hardcore will obviously know the difference). So don’t be too frustrated over Nintendo’s blase handling of the Wii/Wii U confusion; they’re intentionally letting it happen for their benefit, and either way, we’ll all be happy.

  16. i mean you make a white console that looks like a wii but with rounded edges and append a letter to the name. people that are not that into videogames or just plain stupid are bound to get confused. Nintendo’s marketing boggles my mind, they really are making weird choices.

          1. “the wii u will be the first real hd console on the market.”
            So, PS3 and 360 weren’t HD, is that what you’re saying?

  17. But I don’t feel the majority gets it. I know the majority of gamers got it, but what about the casual crowd? The people you are directing your console to with the name Wii U. I still think it should be called Wii 2 or Super Wii

  18. I don’t get why so many people are still surprised by this. Its not like everyone on earth watches E3 and goes to gaming websites regularly. Sometimes I load up the yahoo or msn homepages just to see what’s going on and I’ve only seen stories about the Wii U once on both sites. I doubt many general websites that people go to are actually talking about the Wii U. People who game on the regular bases are gonna know what the Wii U is. People who don’t, aren’t. The NES came out before I was born, but I still played it from time to time. When my brother ask our parents for an SNES we didn’t know what the big difference was until he explained it to us. When we asked for a 64, our parents knew it was different because it sounded different. When I asked for a Gameboy Advanced, my parents asked me what was different about it. But when I asked for a DS, they knew it was something different. When the Playstation 2 came out, my dad asked us about it because he knew it had to be different from the Playstation because it had a 2 after it.
    I know Nintendo has this whole Wii and you personally thing behind the Wii U name, but a lot of people aren’t gonna care about that. If they simply went with the Wii 2, non-regular gamers would have known its something new from the people who made the Wii, and us regular gamers still would have known everything we know now.

    Overall, I think the name is stupid for marketing and people will never know the difference until Nintendo starts advertising it. So for all those people who are surprised by this lack of gaming knowledge, don’t be.

    1. Thank you very much. My opinion exactly.

      Seriously, why are people calling whoever doesn’t know much about the Wii U “morons”? These “morons” are the people that have better things to do than just play/read about games.

      1. If it were me, and I was not a gamer but wanted to get into it and was curious about the Wii U, and knew what the Wii was, I would ask what’s different about the Wii U, not assume that it’s just a new controller.
        I would seek out information instead of assume the first thing that popped into my head over the name.
        There’s not really any excuse other than laziness or not actually caring enough to look into it, to explain the assumption that it’s just a new controller and nothing more.
        I mean, you don’t see these same people asking what the I-Pad is when a new one comes out simply because they share similarities in their names, do you?
        They know what it is. It’s a new I Pad with a slightly different name to let people know that it’s got stuff going for it that are improvements over the previous model.
        The same should be the LOGICAL assumption for the Wii U, if any needs to be done at all;
        The first Wii was a console, right? Even most non-gamers know that the Wii was the name of a full console.
        The smart line of thought after that, is that the Wii U is a new Wii console with lots of improvements over the older version, and a new controller to go along with it.

        The people who don’t know, simply don’t care enough to look into the difference or are too lazy to put forth the effort, and make a half-assed guess as a result.
        I can see how some WOULD think of that kind of limited train of thought as moronic.
        Now, granted, I’m not saying that Nintendo could not have done more to properly market and differentiate the system from its predecessor so that the difference is undeniably clear for these people who can’t take the logical guess, but the simple truth is that they should not HAVE to.
        My mother doesn’t do video games. She’s only ever known about the Wii thanks to Wii Sports, since she loves bowling IRL and likes having that game as a substitute now that her shoulder injury prevents her from playing the real deal.
        But when I mentioned the Wii U while talking with my friend, she overheard it and asked if it was a new console.
        If someone as limited in knowledge and general gaming interest as my own mother can connect the dots, there shouldn’t be any reasonable excuse for others who knew what the first Wii was to not do the same.

        1. *edit to last post* Outside of being completely and totally confused over Nintendo’s ad campaigns for the Wii U, of course, there should not be any confusion.
          But if they’ve paid attention to the shows that showcased the Wii U, then the difference should have been made clear by this point, if they’ve been paying any sort of attention.
          It really is not a difficult concept to grasp.

  19. At this point, those people are trolls. I’m sure the majority of them have a smartphone on their person with internet access or a computer at home. A simple google search will answer all of their questions. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. But people that don’t really care about games and want it for fitness (still think the idea is stupid but I digress) or for their kids won’t bother to search about it. They’ll take one look at it, think its just a controller for the Wii they barely use in the first place, and just skip it. It’s not that they are stupid, they just don’t really care all that much about games. For example, I don’t really care about golf, so if I were to go play a round with my friends, I wouldn’t know what clubs to use in certain situations. I’d just guess. It’s not that I’m stupid, I just don’t really care about golf so I don’t know what are the newest and best clubs.

      Let’s put it this way, if news sites that go to check out the WiiU are having trouble telling whether or not it is a new console, something is wrong.

      1. Yeah, something is wrong with the NEWS SITE, because there’s plenty of others who can actually TELL if it’s a new console.

        And even then, I’m pretty sure casual gamers would go to ACTUAL GAMING SITES instead of CNN. They AREN’T STUPID.

        1. But no they wouldn’t. The majority of people aren’t going to do research about something they don’t care much about. If anything, they’d probably hear about it through a news site like CNN. They’re not going to find out about it through eagerly watching E3 to see if Nintendo made a brand new console, they’d hear about it through some news site they frequently check for other news. They’d hear them talking about the controller and not mention that’s its a new console. Since they really don’t care about it, they’re not going make sure the news site was correct or not. They’re just going to assume that its a new controller and go on with their lives. You’re right, they aren’t stupid, never said they were. They don’t care about gaming nearly as much as people on this site do. They don’t know what games are exclusive to what consoles or that there are even differences between consoles. Again, not because they’re stupid, but because they’re not interested in the topic and might just want something have a laugh with their friends or exercise with.

      2. I understand what you’re saying, but that’s no excuse at this point. like i said, that info is readily available. Go ahead and type Wii U intoo google and see what you get.

        If this was last year, I would understand. But after this years’ E3 and its website, that excuse doesn’t fly. And parents should always research what they buy for their kids btw.

        1. But that’s an opinion of a gamer who’s looked up all of that. Remember a lot of people that own game consoles aren’t super into games. If a person who isn’t really into games finds about the WiiU from say CNN, they’ll just assume it is a controller for the Wii and not bother researching it any further. And why should they. If they were told it was just a controller from news site they visit frequently, why wouldn’t believe them?

          Also, keep in mind a lot of people don’t watch E3 or frequent video game sites

          One thing a lot of gamers don’t seem to get is that there are people that think you can find Mario on the 360, there are people that think the Wii is a useful exercise tool, there are people that call every single game console a “nintendo”, there are people that think you can use a 360 controller on a PS3, there are people that think Steam is something you can find in a video game, there are people that still think the 3DS is the DS but with 3D, and there are people that think the 360 and the Wii are the exact same thing. Are they stupid? No they aren’t, they really just don’t care about video games. It’s then same thing for me when it comes to comic books, I’m just not as interested in them as some people are. Will I read one every now and then, yes, but I don’t know very much about the universe itself and I’m not about to look it up on the internet to see what is the best comic. I’d just go into the store and see what is the coolest
          looking one

          1. Exactly, Guy. I feel the same way about comic books. I know that DC has some new 52 thing, or whatever. I COULD research it, but I’m pretty sure it won’t interest me so I won’t. If someone approached me and asked me if I knew what it was, I’d tell them what I think I know, which is probably wrong. Does that make me stupid? ( =s please say no. ) No, it just makes me uninterested and uninformed. After that, the person would probably go on to tell me all about it. It’s the same thing with the Wii U. Some people probably know it exists but don’t care enough to look it up, while others know absolutely nothing of its existence. They’ll continue to not care until after they’re asked about it or have a chance to ask someone else.

            The Wii didn’t sell so much with the “casual gamers” because of its library of games, it sold because it was something new that no one had ever seen before. After word of mouth spread, it became a fad that everyone had to have because everyone else had one. After everyone had one, the fad went away and the people moved on.

            Now that the not Wii 2 is coming out, a lot of these Wii gamers will assume its an add-on and won’t care to know about it until its directly involved in their lives somehow. Really, this is just the way the world works. I don’t see how people think its some unbelievably new thing.
            ….Sorry about the long post. The last 2 paragraphs sum up everything. =s

        2. I’d also like to add: yes, parents should research what they’re buying for their kids. However, whether or not they do is another story. Most parents really don’t research what they’re buying for their kids when it comes to video games. Its the reason why a 9 year old can be found playing COD, Halo, or GTA. Also, its not like this lack of research is new or anything. This has been happening since Mortal Kombat and earlier. To parents, its just a game. They’re all the same happy-go-lucky Mario adventure to them.

          1. I think you’re right about that. I know my Mom carefully watched all the games I played. Then again, the TV was in the living room so no way to hide it. I still maintain the information is readily available, they just got to go get it. This situation will change soon enough.

      3. If a news site that is doing a report on a new system doesn’t do research enough to make it clear that a new system isn’t just a new controller, then that shows a lack of capability in their reporting and research skills.
        The information is out there. Clear as day and easy to access.
        If they get confused when the info that would clear it up is so readily available, it’s their own fault.

        1. Whether or not its their own fault is one thing, but the fact is that means less sales for the WiiU.

          Think about it like this: A person finds about the WiiU through a news site that was incorrect about what it said. They think its another controller for the Wii, the feel they don’t need another accessory and that’s the last thing they’ll ever look into about it. And why should they look into it more? Its a news site they frequently visit and trust. Also, Keep in mind they really don’t care about video games, so they’re not going to do tons of research for something they just want to have fun with every now and then

        1. Here’s the difference between them. That’s a whole new device. In commercials, they will show the brand new device and people will realize that it is different from the one they own. Now if the WiiU comes around just showing the controller and even have news sites saying it is just a controller, people will just think it is another controller for the Wii. If it had the name Wii2 or Super Wii, it would make it so much clearer that it is a sequel to the Wii they already have

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