Third-Party Wii U Games Will Be Playable At Gamescom 2012

Nintendo won’t be making an appearance at this years Gamescom event in Cologne, but third-party developers will be there showcasing their Wii U titles. The news that third-party Wii U games will be at Gamescom was revealed via the shows official Facebook page. The organisers neglected to say which Wii U games will be available for attendees to play.

55 thoughts on “Third-Party Wii U Games Will Be Playable At Gamescom 2012”

  1. “The organisers neglected to say which Wii U games will be available for attendees to play.”


    At least we know it will show up in some sort of fashion! :/

    I wonder if they’ll announce any new Wii U games. That should be good! Looking forward to seeing whatever comes from it. :D

      1. BWHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! serves you right always check the url before you click. Should show in the bottom left corner

        1. ”serves you right” He only got a warning.
          ”always check the url before you click” Yeah, that’s very userfriendly -__-*”. This is why it’s handy that you get an alert before you can go to the site.

          Also, Bitdefender and firefox both don’t block the page, I’m assuming it’s pretty safe

            1. Sorry guys, it’s nothing serious. We just had a problem, that’s already been fixed. Sorry about that and don’t worry about that, please. We’re a serious site and are not trying to install malware on your pc.

                  1. Actually I never had a virus going on any “well respected” site. I recommend you maintain your site often before you start publishing articles with malware attached.

                    Yours lovingly,

                    Nintendo fan and Friendly web developer

                    1. We recently added a new feature to our site, which, apparently had a little safety problem. We already got rid of it and are looking into fixing stuff. By now, everything is okay again. So yeah, like I said, stuff happens.

                  2. Goes to show you should really make sure what you are installing. WordPress or not. You should have a test site to see if it actually works and then deploy it if the site is running fine.

                    1. Well, we did run tests on it. But you can’t find a safety issue that easily. So yeah. Could have happened to anyone that put’s up something completely new. Sucks, to be honest, but I guess it happens…:|

            2. I didn’t get any virus warning of any sort. I was replying to Ganon, not to you :P.

              I was just stating that I found Ganon’s reply annoying.

            1. Yes, not the point at all. Your comment was annoying and somewhat demeaning, without it even making sense. That why I replied.

      1. Why are you such sadistic? Are you so happy, because some people got a computer virus?

        btw, this site is 100% clean. There is not much to worry. So don’t hate a site you not know.

  2. Once again, there is no virus on our site. We recently added a new feature, which apparently had a safety issue. It’s a little unfortunate that this comes up right now, when I got featured on this site and we are really sorry about that. Everything is clean by now and we fixed the problem. So you don’t have to worry when you go on our site, I promise.

    1. “We recently added a new feature, which apparently had a safety issue”

      I might be reading too much into this…. but you installed a feature KNOWING there is a safety issue?

        1. ah right ;) Just a warning people will READ INTO what you say :P What do you use to power your site? Just curious.

          1. Well, we created it from the ground by ourself. But I can’t exactly tell you what, because I didn’t help make it. I just “work” there, didn’t “make” it, if you know how I mean it.

            1. Golden rule about maintaining sites. Know what you are working on ;) Basically what platform. It’s like owning a dog but you have no idea what breed it is…. ok maybe not.

              1. Well, we KNOW what we are working on. It’s just not my job to maintain the site, other people are responsible for that, to be honest. And they do know what they’re doing, I can assure you that.^^

                  1. Haha, what? XD Well, I just happen to be here right now, reading the comments and trying to make clear what happened on the work that I work as an editor on. ;)

                    1. I know my man and I am just having a convo ;) Glad you sorted the issue out. Remember my face!

  3. I hate that… Big time! it’s Reading each sentence downward. Sucks!

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