Vote For Your Favourite Nintendo Games At The Golden Joystick Awards

Nominations for this years Golden Joystick Awards have been confirmed and there’s a vast number of superb Nintendo related titles that have been nominated. Listed below are the categories and the games that you can vote for on Nintendo formats. You can vote for your games of choice over at the official Golden Joystick website.

Best Action/Adventure

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Best RPG

Xenoblade Chronicles

Best Handheld

Kid Icarus: Uprising
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Mario Kart 7
Resident Evil Revelations
Super Mario 3D Land

Best Downloadable


Top Gaming Moment

Resident Evil Revelations
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

One to Watch

Pikmin 3

Ultimate Game of the Year

Kid Icarus: Uprising
Resident Evil Revelations
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

111 thoughts on “Vote For Your Favourite Nintendo Games At The Golden Joystick Awards”

  1. Already voted. I voted for mostly Nintendo ones when appropriate, but I did select one other game that I enjoyed for that category.

    1. yeh , its been an awesome time for nintendo!! . my personal favorite is the glorious 3d remake of ocarina of time . its awesome includes masterquest mode and new controls and the 3d really works well . the graphics are beautifully overhauled aswell . but it is a remake .
      so for me , its between SS and KI U .

  2. As being a Nintendo fan myself, I must say that the nominated Nintendo games do not stand a chance against all the other games in the same categories. The only Nintendo game that could win is Kingdom Hearts 3D, in the “best portable” category, but other than that, there are way too good games in the other categories.

        1. I think COD wont win if anything for shooter it will be BF3 even though tribes ascend is the only one that even attempts anything new.
          for ultimate game of the year skyrim 1st BF3 2nd Skyward sword 3rd (my predictions) but I will vote for skyward sword because there is no portal 2
          One to watch will be Halo 4 or Elder scrolls online
          Ultimate game of the yesr is a cannot dircide the fetch quests in skyward sword put me of a bit so im going to vote for KI:U

  3. The three nominations for Game of the Year isn’t gonna be easy. Kid Icarus: Uprising is truly a unique game. Resident Evil: Revelations pushes the graphics of the Nintendo 3DS to the extreme with great play control and storyline. Zelda: Skyward Sword truly deserves a win in my books. Cool graphics and an awesome storyline. But the play control makes me feel like I’m controlling Link.

    1. i agree. it turns you into link . its awesome. i would like all future zelda’s to have enhanced skyward sword controls.

      1. ahhh crawl out under from your rock i see,and yes it was the correct forum because microsoft does the best games of all time

        1. microsoft doesnt do anything. they are just a publisher . not a developer .
          they are rubbish . halo is made by bungie and so forth .
          nintendo make their own games and themn publish them to!


                1. its played by normal people aswell .
                  microsoft is plagued by young nerdy trolls . sad but true.
                  nintendo’s fans are more mature than xbox fans fact .
                  i wont even talk about ps fans they think the sun shines out of their ass .

  4. Voted in all categories, but not all Nintendo games when the option was there. Some games were simply better in my opinion. All the Nintendo games up there are great though!

  5. Surprisingly I have played just about all the games they had listed. Hard choice for some categories others were a no-brainer. In the end, I had to vote honestly for what I thought were the best:

    Best Shooter: Resistance 3
    Best Action/Adventure: Batman Arkham City
    Best Racer: Forza 4
    Best Sports: FIFA 12
    Best Strategy: Civilization V
    Best Fighter: Marvel vs Capcom 3 (reluctantly)
    Best Mobile/Tablet: n/a (LOL)
    Best RPG: Skyrim
    Best Handheld: Super Mario 3D Land
    Best MMO: Tera
    Best Browser/Flash: n/a
    Best Downloadable: Journey
    Best DLC: Not a fan of DLC (especially paid DLC) but still had to go with Skyrim
    Top Gaming Moment: This one was REALLY difficult but I had to go with Uncharted 3
    One to Watch: I skipped this one because there’s no way that I could just pick one out of that category
    Ultimate Game of the Year: I didn’t vote here again. No way I could pick just one >.< But out of the list my top games were – LoZ: Skyward Sword, Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Journey, and Mass Effect 3.

        1. Seriously? Wow. Link would destroy Batman before he could move a muscle… Batman is a rich man in a suit. Link is a skilled at every weapon/equipment thing-y he has layed his hands on, swords, bow and arrows/crossbows, hookshots and the list goes on. He is ALOT stronger and braver. While Batman hides in his pathetic suit, Link does everything he does just wearing a tunic, boots, gloves, a hat and a belt. Link has defeated WAY more enemies who are millions of times more dangerous than who Batman deals with.
          Conclusion: Any rich man can build a suit and become batman while it takes a billion times more effort to become Link.

    1. well done . you have the worst list ever . want a cookie ???
      you think batman is better than ZELDA ???? make sure mum tucks you in sweet and sound tonight darling XD

      1. As an action adventure, I enjoyed ‘Batman: Arkham City’ over ‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.’ Yes. Problem?

        I’m sorry you are feeling discomfort over my personal opinions and tastes.

        1. im just kidding . but i played both , and although batman is ‘amazing’ i found skyward sword to a ‘masterpiece’ .
          im only pulling your leg . some people hate skyward sword and they have a right to .
          to each his own
          to me zelda .

            1. you have never even played skyward sword you idiot .
              so take your mums strap on out of your little butt hole and gtfo this site.

                1. What E3 are you talking about? This year? Last year? Well your pretty fucking stupid because not all Zelda games have been at E3. In fact you’re probably just a 10 year old who got hold of his mum’s computer. And if you hate Nintendo so much then why are you on this site

          1. Nah. Skyward Sword was a great game. I enjoyed it a lot. I have been loving the franchise for decades! I just don’t think it was the best in the Action/Adventure category. That’s just me personally….

            1. u enjoyed this game with the worst graphics of DIS gen!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA u are a big idiot

            2. i see where your coming from bro , and i raise you wii motion plus sword control!!!! :P . graphics were amazing for wii aswell .

      1. To be real, from a critical standpoint I didn’t really like any of the ones they listed. But I guess it came down to the one I had the most fun playing with friends.

    1. if there was a character of the year i would totally vote for you (cover non specific action figure’s eyes).

  6. Xenoblade chronicles should be GOTY. It is a masterpiece and at least should be recognized as the best RPG this year.

    1. It is a great game, of course, but it’s by no means fair to easily pick it over Skyrim. If you prefer Xenoblade, sure, fine, but Skyrim has such an ENORMOUS world with endless possibilities. Oh well, to each his own, and not bitching on Xenoblade at all (it’s beautiful!), but Skyrim is very awesome too…

  7. ha at least shitendo wont do ur favoure to make a starfox because the starfox series is DEAD ive saw starfox command ending and according to my intellect…fox mccshit left the team FOR EVA!
    HAHAHA STARFOX ur favourite shitendo sci-fi game is dead and shitendo will never bring that old fool fox back and they know that starfox seiries ha been biggest fail game of all time more failure than zelda and mario


  9. Skyward Sword for action/adventure

    rpg was pretty tough to choose. Xenoblade, Dark Souls, and FF 13-2. Haven’t played Witcher 2, but have heard good things. Everything else was crap or meh.

    Handheld is between Kingdom hearts and Gravity Rush.

    Fighting is between Naruto, BlazBLue, and Sreet fighter vs Tekken.

    Shooter is Halo.

      1. Metroid Prime is a far better series than Halo. If Metroid was up there, it would be my choise. Better combat, better bosses, better protagonist.

  10. This is what i voted
    Best Shooter : Ghost recon Online
    Best Action Adventure: skyward sword
    Best Racer: Forza 4
    Best Sport: SSX
    Best Strategy: Heroies VI
    Best Fighter: Naruto ultimate storm generations
    Best Tablet: Modern Combat 3
    Best RPG: Skryim
    Best Handheld: Kingdom Hearts 3D( BEST KH EVER XD)
    Best MMO :Rift (Only one of them i enjoyed)
    Best Browser/Flash: Slender
    Best Downloadable : Trine 2
    Best DLC: Dawngaurd
    Top Gaming Moment: Asuras Wrath( That game is fucking mindblowing )
    One to Watch: ZombiU
    Ultimate Game Of The Year: Skyward Sword(Please win)

    what you guys think of my opinion?

    1. great list . calnt argue with you much there buddy . except i think Resi rev kid icarus 3d land and mk7 are all better handheld games than KHDDD. even tho KHDDD is amazing aswell .

            !IDIOTS OF THE VORLD


  11. Xenoblade definitely has my vote for best RPG.
    It managed to present a beautiful and compelling world with less hard ware behind it to power the stunning visuals. The combat was intuitive and deep without being confusing, and the story was top-notch in nearly every way.[If they'd allowed us to choose who Shulk ends up with, it would have been perfect]
    The music was, in many cases, also as wonderful as anything coming out of a first-party Nintendo franchise.
    My favorite track has GOT to be this one:

    The start of it just draws you in and really gives you the feeling that you’re stepping into a sprawling world for a huge adventure.
    The beginning of the game before this point is all well and good. Lots of leveling opportunities and storyline bits.
    But I feel that it was when I first stepped onto Gaur Plains that my adventure with this world truly felt like it was beginning in earnest.
    Few RPG’s, nay, few games, have impressed me as much as this one has, and I devoutly believe that either a sequel or a remake with lots of storyline and gameplay extras would sell like hotcakes on the Wii U.

    1. This. ^ I totally agree with you. I barely bought this game last week and all I can say is that its so amazing. The music, characters, and the places are of the best in any game. Hopefully they keep this game alive for a sequel. Also, it would be really awesome if Shulk is in the next SSB.

  12. Why the hell is Mario Kart 7 not up for best racer? Handheld games where starting to get taken seriously and them mobile games come in people think they’re the same thing and the both get looked down on -_-‘

  13. Wow, Resident Evil revelations got some surprising nominations this year.

    I picked the game for Ultimate game of the year, handheld game of the year, and top gaming moment.

    Yeah, Revelations is definitely my game of the year.

  14. Best action adventure for me: xenoblade chronicles
    Best handheld game for me: KH 3D
    Best rpg: Skyward Sword
    Top moment: Skyward Sword
    One to watch: ZombiU
    Most entertaining: a debate between Res Evil Revel and KH 3D
    These are all in my opinion

  15. Ultimate Game of the Year is Batman Arkham City in my opinion, JUST beating out Skyward Sword. Nintendo are practically guaranteed handheld game of the year. So that’s good. And COD will sweep many of the awards I’m sure. Fucking publicly voted competitions.

  16. Best Shooter: I don’t care about this genre
    Best Action/Adventure: Skyward Sword (I haven’t played Darksiders 2 yet,but it probably won’t change my mind)
    Best Racer: I don’t care about this genre
    Best Sports: I don’t care about this genre
    Best Strategy: Heart of the Swarm isn’t out yet so I dunno
    Best Fighter: MvC3 out of the ones they have listed
    Best Mobile/Tablet: no
    Best RPG: Oh jeez…. Xenoblade, but Dark Souls is such an amazing game
    Best Handheld: Kid Icarus
    Best MMO: anything but LoL
    Best Browser/Flash: I don’t care about anything they have listed/ Binding of Isaac if it came out this year
    Best Downloadable: Pushmo or Skullgirls
    Best DLC: lol
    Top Gaming Moment: dumb category
    One To Watch: Pikmin 3/ Assassin’s Creed 3 if it’s as big of an improvement to 2 as 2 was to the original
    Ultimate Game of the Year: Skyward Sword

  17. Skyward Sword ftw!!! I hope it brings the *ahem* Demise of all the other games. (sorry if I spoiled something for people who haven’t played the game all the way through yet)

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