Molyneux Says Nintendo Would Fare Better Out Of The Hardware Business

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Outspoken game developer Peter Molyneux agrees that Nintendo would fare a lot better if they left the hardware business and just relied purely on quality software. Molyneux doesn’t agree with Shigeru Miyamoto’s opinion that Nintendo must create hardware to cater to the needs of its own development talent. Here’s what Mr Molyneux had to say.

“What Miyamoto says defines things in this industry. What I say just upsets people,” he cautioned, before continuing. “When Nintendo is making truly world-changing hardware, I totally see his point. But I do wonder about the Wii U – it seemed to be a kind of reaction to SmartGlass. And it’s very chunky, doesn’t really feel like it’s cutting edge. That’s when we start saying, ‘Why not spend some of your unbelievable talent on these devices?’ Because there’s a billion people out there,” Molyneux said, pointing to his iPad.

“You know what Nintendo did – this is a fascinating thing – Nintendo created gamers by the software they made. They created millions of gamers with Donkey Kong and Mario – they were the birth of gamers. That exact same thing is happening on this platform today. Millions of new gamers are being created almost every month, and they’re being created with titles not from Nintendo, not from Microsoft, not from Sony, not even necessarily from Activision or EA. They’re being created by companies like Supercell and Rovio. They’re the ones that are bringing and creating new gamers. And now there are millions of people interacting with franchises, which Nintendo won’t even touch, which seems a shame to me because Nintendo are brilliant about bringing people into the industry, and I think their hardware is starting to get in the way of that,” he said. “But I caveat all of this by saying that they are a factor more intelligent than I am, and they’ve probably got a plan, and you should never underestimate Nintendo. We’ll probably be sitting here in a couple years saying, ‘Oh that’s what they were doing’.”

150 thoughts on “Molyneux Says Nintendo Would Fare Better Out Of The Hardware Business”

  1. I still think the 3DS is quite possibly the best piece of hardware I’ve ever gamed on, just because of the fact that it’s pretty powerful, not too big, and the controls are bang on. The Wii U could work really well too, it’s just we haven’t seen what it can really do yet.

      1. lmao your right! ‘ a reaction to smart glass’??? what? the wiiu was announced before micosoft ”come up” (copyed) with smart glass

    1. molyneux said wii u was a reaction to smartglsss but smartglass i believe was microsofts reaction to wii u and vita for ps3 x platform play was an after thought to wii u. molyneux is fast becoming a an old hack and is definitely jelous of miyamotos hundred plus great game career. Wii U might be a stumbling block for Nintendo in terms of Hardware design, but so was n64 and it was cutting edge, and so was Gamecube.. wii sold well because, nobody, and i mean nobody had motion controlled games yet not one developer, not even Nintendo could produce what people were looking for in this system. Metroid Prime 3 came close, as did Skyward Sword, but both titles took a hit in sales because the hardcore elitist couldnt use there old school controllers for the games. the public screams for revolution, it comes, doesnt offer exactly what they want and they go back to old school. Wii U offers old school, but not enough hardware power and again that is because they released before PS4 and XB1 who release systems at a cost that kills their profit margins. Nintendo will easly be able to out do Sony and Microsoft in the next next gen because they can produce systems at a better price than those two.

      1. So nobody had motion controlled games before Wii eh? I’m sure that the original ps eye on the PS2 has something to say about that. I was playing motion controlled games on it YEARS before the Wii came along.

      1. Smart glass integration with ms new box was probably a reaction to Wii U…. dumbass. Nintendo put a tablet in its controller that involved the motion controls of the last generation along with a brand new dual-screen feature just like their handheld devices. THEN the integration of smart glass responded…. dumbass.

        1. Brand new as in larger screen than the largest handheld gaming device on the market and 720p display that utilizes both IR light and Wiimotion Plus along with a full, classic button configuration.

      1. So development of smartglass which is something that allows you to interact with your console took more time than developing an entire new piece of hardware ..
        makes sense

      2. Thats a lie! A lot of companies say this when someone releases the idea first, then all of a sudden we had this idea first. It always happens like this because no company admits to copying anything.

  2. You acknowledge that what you say just upsets people, Molyneux, so wouldn’t just staying quiet solve the problem?

  3. Of all people, anywhere in the industry, Peter Molyneux has the least right to be giving anyone else advice on anything, or criticising their decisions. He’s the Uwe Boll of gaming.

  4. at this point in time with this disgrace of a NEXT-GEN console i have to agree, shut your doors on the console department, focus on the 3ds and get in touch with the rest of the world. not living forever in that fantasy kingdom you built for yourself called MARIO.

        1. No need to insult him man , can’t you just have a good intelligent discussion rather than insulting people ?? When you say disgrace , you have to bring facts to your statement . Then you can be taken seriously .

        2. im normally a pacifist but i just want to punch ur teeth down ur throat… who do u think u are insulting someones parents like that just because we know that Nintendo makes great hardware, ur jelous they dont release on ur box.

    1. 3DS is also a console Moron. Also realise this, there are more Nintendo fans and gamers combined, world over than there are sony, xbox and PC gamers totalled.

  5. I don’t agree. I believe part of the reason Nintendo does well is because it creates unique experiences through their use of hardware and software. I think this out of the hardware statement is another easy cop out statement made by another supposed expert.

  6. Stupid Molyneux. You will never be regarded as an icon in gaming. Join Pachter as we hail you as gaming’s Best Idiots.

  7. What I think: Big Ns hardware=good cause it’s the cheapest, WHICH BRINGS NEW GAMERS INTO THE INDUSTRY :P
    Games: Great, but droughts are the biggest minus for them, they could also change up their franchises and genres a little (too many platformers and cartoony games etc)

  8. Of course. Another guy talking about what was already said by a bunch of people.
    Just buy a WiiU already & enjoy Nintendo’s product.

  9. N always needs time to build up steam but when looking back at great, classic games of any generation, Nintendo always seems to be at the top of those lists. Games nowadays may be “GAWWWWWW GRAFICS!” but they dont have the fun factor and staying power that Nintendo’s first party titles (mostly) have.

  10. “…it seemed to be a kind of reaction to SmartGlass.” – Is this man on drugs or something?! But what can you expect fromthe man with the big mouth! :/

  11. So many wrong statements in your spit out Xbot defender Molynieux…

    1. Shigeru Miyamoto will always have the most important/vald point in the entire gaming universe no matter who you are…

    2. Smartglass AND PS Vita/PS4 connectivity are DIRECT reactions to our sacred Wii U…

    3. I don’t even know what games you have created and obviously I don’t care considering it’s not near a fraction as well known as Mario or any of our franchises…

    These apes should learn history first before opening their mouths…


    100 million Wiis 156 million DS’s *Nintendo would be better of out of the hardware business trololool* Microsofts poultry 75 million 360’s is way more sustainable ?

    1. Yeah, compare last gen facts when he’s obviously talking about Wii U.

      If that’s what you want to do then all Ill say is: GameCube.

      Got a clever little comeback for that low-selling POS? Got a comeback for Wii U selling like a POS? Worse than PS3 or XBOX 360 sold in their first 6-8 months. By a lot.

      See, when you use CURRENT data, you’re bot such a smart ass, are you?

      1. Wii U first 6-8 month = 4 million consoles

        xbox 360 = 3 million

        PS3 = 1.5 million sold approximately. Who is the Moron now?

      2. Poor exbot and microsoft employee, 360 is now in last place, and the xboxdone might actually be microsoft’s last console, with the mess that is windows 8.

    2. Do not forget PS3 is now 76 million consoles.

      Wii = 100 million consoles
      PS3= 76 million

      this dude and delusional Pachter need therapy.

  13. Aren’t the two companies he talked about making games for mobile devices? Mobile devices DO NOT create gamers. This guy is just like Pachter…..

    1. Actually, there are tons of gamers on mobile devices only. They may not be console gamers or PC gamers, they may not even be “hardcore” gamers, but they are gamers because they spend a lot of time purchasing and playing games on their mobile devices.

  14. I agree with this, the console is finished, smash bros looks dodgey, mario kart 8 might not be enough to save it. They are trying so hard with the mario games to save it, and those games are very poor. Donkey kong is kack handed.

    It’s Pikmin 3, then it’s over. The 3DS is an awesome piece of kit, and it will always do will well.

  15. when i got to the “it seemed to be a kind of reaction to SmartGlass”, i stopped reading. this man is crazy. Nintendo first announced the WiiU Gamepad and one year later, when they revealed the whole console and the release lineup, Microsoft announced SmartGlass and Sony said “PSVita can do the same as the Gamepad”, which is not true.

    1. You should have read the full thing because he went on to say that Nintendo knows what they’re doing, their titles are great, their hardware is great, and everyone will see their brilliant plan in the future….

      People need to read articles and not just the title.

      1. While I like the fact you’re trying to defend him but I’ll have to defend diamond on not reading the rest. Once someone makes an overly stupid statement what they say further is either stupid aswell. Or it’s sucking up to who they are insulting (I wouldn’t say insulting its just the word that pops into my mind) or in other words damage control. The wiiu came out one year prior to smart glass. For someone who’s in the business of video games it’s stupid to not know basic information.

        1. I’m not even trying to defend him. As someone who writes, I find it annoying when an article is written and people don’t read it.

          It’s no major problem, just a mild irk.

  16. Im pretty sure Nintendo said that if they were to leave he hardware business they would exit gaming all together and take their IP’s with them

  17. I agree with what he’s saying about be rise of ios gaming: it does feel like a rebirth of sorts. We’re now living in a post Wii world. People have moved on and Nintendo are at risk of being left behind in all of this. They don’t need to just create software. Start making hardware that tries to do something different!

  18. After reading crap like this, it makes me smile knowing that Nintendo doesn’t give two damns about what these idiots are saying. Morons like Peter Molyneux have been saying things like this since the GameCube era, and Nintendo has always come out on top. Wii and 3DS sales say hello.

  19. Gamepad: Full controller, lets you play games when the tv is taken up, responsive as fuck, actually useful when playing games.


    Seriously, this guy is retarded. Get back to making awful Fable sequels you fuck.

  20. However, when you take into account how Western developers are full of shit when it comes to this kind of thing…

  21. He makes valid points, it’s hard to argue with him on this, except for when he said Wii U was a response to Smartglass, Wii U technically came first. However, one thing he fails to realize, as well as anyone else saying the same things, is this. How would you create an experience like Skyward Sword on iPad? How would you create a game like Nintendo Land on iPad? This is what Miyamoto means when he says going software only would restrict their developers. Having their own hardware means they can create whatever they want. So long as iPad doesn’t have motion controllers, Skyward Sword can never be done on that device. What these guys need to understand is Nintendo is not making games, their creating an experience, and creating an experience without their own hardware puts a heavy dent in the developers imagination. If Nintendo went third party, they would lose the biggest advantage they have that gives them their own freedom to create unique experiences. Nintendos modo is “Create something unique”, it’s not “Create good games”. This is what drives them to making great software. Though it seems smart from a business standpoint to go third party, doing so would drag them down as a quality game developer, especially considering the fact that their hardware teams actually work very closely with the game developers at Nintendo to make sure the hardware appeals to the ideas the developers have. Do you seriously want to take that away?

  22. No denying Nintendo hardware has been selling the best for a while now, but honestly I can’t say I hate this idea. It’s not going to happen, but imagine Zelda’s amazing gameplay, but on the hardware of a PS4 or an Xbox One. I don’t care what anyone says, it would be better on those platforms than a Wii U. Nintendo will never do it though because they are on top, I understand that, but it would be better.

    1. This is your problem though..stated here: “I don’t care what anyone says…” Already you’re shutting yourself out to reason, simply implying that Zelda would be better on the PS4 just cause of higher specs (if we follow that line of flawed logic, we might as well argue for Zelda to be a PC exclusive).
      If higher specs were the way to really improve their franchises, Nintendo would have went with a higher spec machine. But even from the Zelda graphics demo back in 2011, we already saw the gameplay possibilities of Zelda on the Wii U. Would these be possible on the PS4? We both know the answer to that

  23. So many buthurt fanboys around here.
    He has a point, it doesn’t mean Nintendo will stop making money if they don’t stop making hardware, and it doesn’t matter if he’s wrong with the smartglass copy thing. He has a point, a lot of us grew up on Nintendo, and that’s not happening anymore with the new generations, they’re growing on apple because it’s covenient for a parente to let a kid play on his Ipad/Iphone instead of buying him a console, this is a fact not something you can change because you like or deslike Nintendo.

    My personal take on this is, I think Nintendo should let go of the home console market and create a hibrid console, they have a really sucefull handheld bussiness and if they could join it together with they’re home console audience they would have a massive audience, it would substantially increase the number of nintendo games on that platform and that would drive a lot more people to buy it. Anyway this is my opinion in the end I love Nintendo games so I will probably buy whatever they make after the Wii U and the 3DA

  24. The racism ‘Molyneux’ is strong in this one. If you do not perceive what i mean, let me explain. Nintendo has smashed every western console or computer gaming machine ever made. It hurts some fulls in the west that an eastern company is always on top. End of explanation.

  25. If Nintendo were to become a software only company, they should go exclusive for playstation. Microsoft is going down the toilet anyways with its retarded xbox one. And I own an xbox 360.

  26. Nintendo F***ing better not stop making hardware. that dummy head! Nintendo is the best company in the world! :)

  27. I just said a big NO, AND FUCK YOU to this guy today by basically buying a Wii U Deluxe, 4 Wii-remotes, 4 Nunchucks, 10 games.

    And I have to say… Mannnn, the Wii U is so fun! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so loud with my friends like how I did today, Nintendo Land is a truly amazing game, people should give it more credit! The gamepad felt so unique and refreshing, a really good experience that no computer or other consoles could offer, not to the fullest like the Wii U does. Yet it has an amazing web browser, I didn’t believe in it until I actually tested it for myself, it was so smooth, lagless and intuitive.

    The webcam in the gamepad made me remember what playing games should be all about: FUN! And heck it is fun and sometimes even hilarious with the Chase Mii webcam reactions, guaranteed laughs. Sure, a game that is purely story driven isn’t bad, but people play them so much they forgot sometimes that there’s games which doesn’t give a crap about story and just lets you enjoy and feel the gameplay flawing in a way that you just wanna keep playing and playing.

    Needless to say, the Wii U is truly a nex-gen console and transmits an experience I wish everybody could have.

    What made me buy the Wii U was this year’s E3. So much promising and fun games on their way, some coming fairly soon (hello Pikmin 3 <3).

    On-Topic: Why should Nintendo ditch the hardware business? They actually offer the most durable pieces of hardware out of the Big 3 and last generations to no end. They are worth the price you pay for them. My Zelda OOT cartridge was tossed against the wall by my brother when he was raging one day and then he threw it in our pool back in 2000, yet today in 2013 it still works fine.

    Not to mention I have very good memories regarding my game boys, my Nintendo DS and now 3DS. Nintendo makes the best hardware and they actually try something new, instead of the same old joystick every generation. They innovate and they are not afraid of trying new things when it comes to hardware specially.

    And they don't caternew gamers? Say that to Wii Sports, that game has spawned more new gamers than any other game, where people who has only one arm, have some sort of brain damage or are too old or not very much familiarized with video games got to play.

    But those "analysts" or "devs" only say those things to either get some momentary popularity or to drive away people from their competitors.

  28. You know, with every new generation of consoles its never “if” you’re buying the new Nintendo console its “when”. Despite the fact Nintendo lost money with the Wii U over time they will get it back.

  29. Microsoft is gonna have an epic fail and thats just the beggining. because one day Nintendo will appeal to all gamers and Sony will do what Microsoft is doing cause there scared and want money and they’ll have an epic fail to. and Nintendo will rule :)

  30. Molyneux knows all about exciting new hardware and pushing the boundaries of gaming with innovative new features like scanning objects in real time, seamless speech interaction with AI characters and more, witness the ground breaking game featuring ‘Milo’ on Kinect.

  31. No, nintendo should not stop making hardware because they have said in the past if we stop making hardware we stop making games too! and that would not be good would you rather have nintendo or no nintendo!

  32. More of the same regurgitated garbage…
    Angry Bird sales in 2012 were 200million (most of which was tshirts and toys)
    NINTENDO WII U CONSOLE SALES up to early 2013 were 160million… You know… A DEAD CONSOLE matched Angry birds in sales figures….

    SHUT UP Enough with your “i heard it here first so i’ll just repeat it” mentality.

  33. Uh NO! Smart glass was a reaction to Wii U considering it came out first. Also, as for reaching all those mobile gamers, the same thing could be said about Microsoft and especially Sony, considering how much money they have loss. The Wii U sales are sluggish due to the software that’s currently available. Once more quality software arrives (starting in August), hardware sells will pick up drastically. But he already knows this. What a tool!

  34. Somebody tell Molyneux what he says dosen’t upset me because what he says is irrelevant. Miyamato has created some of the best & most consistent franchises in gaming, as well as some super revolutionary hardware (Motion-control, four face button controllers, shoulder buttons, rumble in a controller) as well as single handedly saving the industry in the 80’s. What has Molyneux done? Fable? One ok RPG that spawned a boring series that’s fallen off over the last few years? Please, Peter want’s Nintendo to stop so maybe his games will get popular. Stop it Peter, your irrelevant.

  35. Other than a few inaccuracies in his statement, and the fact that I do not agree that Nintendo should go software only, I can agree with his other points.

    If people actually read the article, you will see that he praises Nintendo for their hardware, games, and innovations. He even closed out by saying they’ll continue to be successful and all of those who are doubting them now will see the fruits of their (Nintendo’s) labor in the future.

    Further, I can agree that Nintendo could create mobile games on the side while still catering to their hardware. They would make a huge impact on that market. Still, it’s probably the best that they do not, since a lot of indies would be overshadowed by them. This gives other devs and companies the opportunity to grow in their little niches.

    1. Yeah Nintendo or any other big AAA company should leave the mobile market to the indie devs. Those guys need as much attention as possible. I recently started playing the game Retro City Ramapage…..and wow just wow………….that game is amazing!!!

  36. I handed the gamepad to my 2 year old son. He now plays Mario and the like available on Wii U. Nintendo still makes gamers. He is an idiot.

  37. Nintendo put unique ideas into their hardware instead of pure processing power, but they know how to do that too. See the Gamecube… The only reason they even used a mini disc was to keep from piracy. But that console had cutting edge graphics at the time, better then PS2’s. Nintendo has just decided to go outside the pure power box to add innovation these days. Now all of sudden people think they cant build hardware when they are building something different. Thats fucking ridiculous! The Wiimote n Gamepad added something truly different to Gaming consoles that wasnt their before. Good things! I truly hope Big N goes power 9th gen again just so u crackheads will shut the fuck up! But they’ll probably find a way to add something new n cool again, which will probably keep them from cutting edge graphics n add on more whining from haters smh .

  38. Dont let the name fool ya! I’m a grown adult lol. I been here since the NES! I passed on the Wii, but I did like what Nintendo were doing as far as changing the game. I do own a Wii U and PS3 also.

  39. I think what he meant was that Wii U’s Gamepad is the same as people’s reaction to smart glass- chunky and doesn’t feel like cutting edge. At least that is how I understood after reading it the second time.

  40. So apparently Xbox is trying to do everything they can to make people withdraw from Nintendo’s Wii U. But according to the haters, if power is everything and graphics sell no matter what, why are Microsoft sales man going to Best Buys trying to persuade people to buying a VCR? Because Microsoft is scared.

  41. Molyneux is now just another dumbass parroting the same line as the other dumbasses: “Oh, Nintendo should get out of the hardware business so us morons can play horrible touchscreen versions of Mario games in between texting like a robot all day and obsessively checking twitter and facebook”.

    I really hate these people. They never shut up. They call themselves gamers when they’re really text messaging addicts and Twit/FB junkies, the gaming is just something to do while awaiting replies to texts or waiting a few minutes before checking status updates and whatnot.

    For the record I have no issue with Twitter or Facebook, nor text messaging, but the smartphone segment of society is frighteningly obsessed with these things.

  42. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Is this guy smoking something? I don’t EVER wanna be forced to buy a PS4 etc. because of Nintendo dropping the hardware business and only making software. That sounds CRAZY! But on the other hand, that would be the only way I’d EVER buy a PS4. Only if Nintendo’s games was made for it.

  43. Nintendo make their own hardware so they can make new experiences. If they were to stop making hardware they would be limited and not be able to make new experiences. You can’t play Nintendo Land of the PS3 or PS4. So why would they limit themselves?

  44. Yeah go 3rd party because, ya know, it worked out well for Sega…

    These people are neither Nintendo fans or that clued up. You’re right Peter, you will be sat there in a few years going, ‘oh that’s what they were up to.’

    What a bunch of tossers too. Nintendo is the little guy Microsoft and Sony are giants for which their consoles are just one arm of a much bigger business….What eve happened to standing up for the little guy. Nintendo is Willy Wonka’s chocolate Factory and the other 2 are Kraft.






  45. No.. just no. Nintendo games will NEVER be on 3rd party hardware. Thats just bull. The day Nintendo goes is the day I stop playing videogames… 💋






    1. ifvthey did they wear those retard helmets and are strapped down in those retard wheelchairs dribbling n shit

  47. People really need to shut up about Nintendo going software only. They build their consoles specifically to fit the needs of the games they are going to make.

  48. If it wasn’t for Nintendo in the hardware business. Motion controls may not have existed yet (Move/Kinect). Metroid prime would still be on dual analogues. We wouldn’t have had analogue controls as quickly if it weren’t for Nintendo. Everyone is literally following Nintendo in the hardware department. Nintendo helps shape the industry.
    If they produced for PS4, and XBOX One, we’d still be gaming on dual analogues, as that is their primary interfaces.
    Gamepad isn’t matched by tablets because they don’t have the control interfaces, and I think nearly everyone admits that 90%+ gaming on touch screen devices is trite, or very short experiences.
    Nintendo is better doing what they’re doing, otherwise we’ll end up with generic titles commonly found on other platforms

  49. I could never imagine Nintendo being software only. Try to imagine loading up your PS4 and playing New Super Mario PS4! Yeah, that’s just too weird. While a 3D Mario title may look beyond amazing on the PS4 it just… it wouldn’t be the same. Nintendo has that certain appeal that the other two don’t. Maybe it’s just because they’ve been around the longest, but I always have a place in my heart for Nintendo. I became a Sony fan with my PS3, but still love Nintendo. You just don’t get the same experiences between the two, which is what I like about them.

    1. Good comment. As I rant elsewhere in an article like this. If Nintendo went 3rd party, their titles would start becoming generic. Because unlike Nintendo platforms with their control innovations, even on a PS4, Nintendo would be virtually relegated back to generations old dual analogue controls.
      Could you imagine a new Metroid Prime on PS4 vs even the Wii (with pointer-aim)?
      Also Nintendo has more control as a hardware manufacturer because they have other income streams. If they were strictly a 3rd party like Sega for example. Titles would be more forced out to make a buck. And so development would be rushed more.

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