Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival Announced For Nintendo 3DS

yu-gi-ohKonami is set to develop a new Yu-Gi-Oh game, according to various leaks from Japanese publications. A scan from Jump magazine – which you can see here – suggests that Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival is set to release this winter in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. The card battling game will feature over 5,500 cards – including the new monsters from the anime. Plus, Nintendo 3DS users will be able to choose from over 40 playable characters, giving a wide breadth of character choice. There’s no news on whether this will make it outside of Japan, however, but would Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal peak your interest?

61 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Clash Duel Carnival Announced For Nintendo 3DS”

      1. that would be so cool ben. but im afraid konami wont work for all about 3000 monter models in 3D. but they could make some of the most popular like the blue-eyes

  1. To be honest, I like the series a bit, but I decided at one point to just stick to the videogames, because it gets a bit expensive to buy so many trading cards. Glad to see there’s a new game coming out, especially long after WC2011 was the last World Championship game they made.

      1. im sorry never was a WC2012 in existance, was looking forward to it but was never in the works (because of the transition between ds-3ds)(opinion)

  2. I’m not a huge fan of Yu-gi-oh but I have played some games in the past few years.
    But god damn those freaking character designs.

  3. Fucking FINALLY. I was thinking that we might not ever see one seeing as Konami would have to put in some actual effort instead of just using the DS engine again. I sure hope it turns out decent and gets a localisation.

  4. if the game has my red eyes darkness metal dragon plus red eyes wyvern combo then I hope it comes to the west.

      1. Yu-gi-oh got somewhat lame. There are a lot of decks can OHKO now a day due to new cards. Everyone use the same type of deck at the tournament since those decks are overpower.

        If I want to play Yu-gi-oh, I rather play them with my friends, video game version, or go to draft battle so at least it is somewhat different.

    1. 5Ds was actually really good. If you watch more then the 1st episode then you would get used to it. They don’t only duel on bikes. They do regular duels sometimes. Plus 5Ds is the darkest Yugioh series. A girl named Carly falls out a 50 story window hits the ground dies then comes back as an evil person. Peoples souls being sacrificed again lol.

        1. Yu-gi-oh AXEL is a TV show and there is a new card. Since you try playing 5D which have synchro monsters (white card). The new card type is a XYZ monsters (black card) and the way to summon it is very similar to synchro except it is a lot more easier to summon.

          You USUALLY need two same level on the field and stack those cards together and special summon a XYZ monster from your extra deck. Like you have one XYZ monster and the require two level 3 monsters. You need to have two level 3 monsters on the field to summon it. The cards go under the XYZ monster as a XYZ materials instead of going to the graveyard. Most XYZ monsters have effect that use XYZ materials. That mean you only use the effect twice with that XYZ monster.

          Yes there are some XYZ monsters need specific type or card name as well need more than 2 monsters to summon. There are some effects (monsters, traps, and spells) can make XYZ monsters gain or lose monster materials.

          Does this ruin Yu-Gi-Oh? I would say somewhat but it does change the game completely by introducing XYZ cards.

    2. I couldn’t care less about anime, I stopped watching many many years ago.
      But I played the 5D in my DS and I liked it. The card game itself is much better now than it was back in the day.

  5. I seriously hope we can still create our own characters. 50% of my hate for Tag force was that ugly sprite character, the rest was the lack of any attempt at story.

    So this had better be good.

    1. older was better, though sometimes it just takes time to get accustomed to new charachters and art styles, especially if you loved the previous

  6. Honestly, if it even loosely follows the plot of the show, I can’t wait! I’m interested to see if they’ll add manga-only characters as well. I really hope this makes it out of Japan. Since the WDC arc is almost over in the English anime, there’s a good chance it might!!

  7. are they going to bring this out to the usa cause i live in Pittsburgh and i really want it so baldy plz are they going to bring it here if not I cant understand Jappenesse and i dont want to wait forever :(

    1. they usually release to japan first and wait a while all the stuff we get is stuff japan is bored of. reason being japan was the country who made anime and first yugioh. konami isnt a american company so they send to japan first. kinda like ford or chevy releases to america before another country. i know stupid! but its how they do things some stuff never goes to united states

  8. I really hope this gets to the UK, I’ve loved all of the other yugioh games and would love to play this, as I like the synchros of 5ds and Seen the xyz I’d love to play with them

    1. hopefully this game comes to the USA, because we are long overdue for a yugioh game and this would be the first one for the 3ds!!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!

    1. BRING THIS F***ING GAME TO AMERICA!!! IT’s BEEN YEARS since a YUGIOH game has come out & we want it 2 B a 1st for the 3DS!!! Hurry up and release it for the spring of 2014 for AMERICA!!! DAMMIT!!!

  9. i think the creation of zexal and 5ds with the whole new easy ko finish was so the game could be more tricky i mean ive played since i was five and one of my buddies always used exodia sure its easy to beat but when he makes a deck with it and all its counter parts its rlly hard. but when i dueled last he had a number deck with the head of it being number 88 and it was tough i barely won. so i believe konamis thinking was okay we lost fans but if we create these super cards we can get new and old fans back. dont get me wrong theres stuff i hate about zexal they ripped off jack atlas hair style for the roy guy. so some stuff is stupid. but i think zexal was created for the newer duelist give them a easy transition into yugioh i know my first deck was the starter deck yugioh the first one with gaia the dragon champion and the one time i got it out my buddy blocked me. so with xyz monsters its like “yea i got number 39 out”. so im sure konami once zexals over will try some way to get the original yugioh back to the huge hit it use to be

  10. It would be awesome to release the game in north america this would be another great game to duel and experience new cards and the way they use xyz monsters hope they release it

  11. Look I’ve been struggling to keep playing the same yugioh game from 3 years ago. Please bring it over west so everyone can enjoy it. I have a 3ds, watch the show every week and I would love to play this new way of dueling. Thank you

  12. When the heck will this come out in English?! I really want to play it and understand what they are saying!

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