CNET Names Wii U As One Of The Worst Tech Gifts This Christmas


Technology publication CNET has put together a list of the tech products consumers should definitely ignore this Christmas. Interestingly, they have listed the Wii U as one such device. Nintendo’s latest home console is up there with the likes of the DVD player, a Blackberry, and a fitness tracker. The host says that there are only two games consoles people want this year, and the Wii U isn’t one of them. You can watch the video, here.

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    1. I bet he hasn’t even touched a Wii U or even seen one in person. Because the only people who hate the Wii U have never played it (spongebob reference lol)

    1. Yeah no one wants Xbone. Looks terrible. PS4 or Wii U all the way. Though I’ve had a U since launch so it’s an easy decision for me.

    2. Why PS4? Killzone looks good, but it is a somewhat generic shooter. Knack does NOT look like Pixar, contrary to popular opinion. Resogun looks cool. Xbox One has Killer Instinct 3, Forza 5, Ryse:Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3 and the spiritual successor to Panzer Dragoon, Crimson Dragon.

      1. For me, all the Xbox One has is Halo and Halo has been dead to me since Halo: Reach. So yeah, just got a 3DS this summer, plan on getting a Wii U this Christmas, a PS4 maybe by Christmas of next year.

      2. I usually don’t get the XBOX consoles and won’t get the One (not because of dislike, they just don’t get enough RPGs for me), but the XB1 launch lineup is definitely more solid this generation. Crimson Dragon looks awesome, as do Killer Instinct 3 and Forza 5. Still, I’ll end up getting a PS4 when some games that suit me come out.

      3. I have no interest in KI. Never cared about Forza. Ryse looks boring. Never been a DR fan. The only games that remotely interest me is Sunset Overdrive and Crimson Dragon. The PS4 will have them amazing PS exclusives like Infamous.

        1. Really? I think the new Wii Sorts Club with online playing for a team is awesome on the Wii U. The tennis online can be laggy though but i hope it’ll get fixed. The bowling is top notch.

    1. i think Nintendo and Microsoft don’t have a rivalry and in fact i think they can pair up. i think it was sony of just idiots who think nintendo is stupid

      1. nintendo does suck and ive had only xbox products lol, its no offence to you lmao sales alone wii u is the worse system maybe not of all time, i have no problem with people who own it but it is what it is

        1. So if wii u sells better than wii in total does it still take the placeas the worst. This is what i dont like in people. I dont like xbox BUT i recpect it i recpect the controller and i respect the games. I will never own a xbox. Im losing respect for play station, every I see a sony product I think of the stupid fans from the internet. They might say xbox one looks like a vcr but so does the ps4. “I dont like that its spying on me” then go to and hide in the bed because privacy does not exist anymore.
          But to the point why do you buy a consol because of the machine?

          1. yeah whiners are the worst all they have in their head is “i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it, i dont like it” they get it on their hand and say “nope didnt like it”. OF COURSE YOU WONT LIKE IT WHEN YOU HAVE SAID IT IN YOU FUCKING HEAD A THOUSAND TIMES!!! – This is Gamer, Peace Out

        2. >nintendo sucks
          >i only have xbox products
          >wiiu had the worst sales of any system

          First: nintendo sucking is in your opinion.
          second: you saying that you only have xbox products (really microsoft products) makes your opinion even less valid
          third: the wiiu, in the time its been out, has sold more than the PS3 or Xbox 360 did, during a similar period after their respective launches.

        3. There is nothing wrong with Wii U. People don’t like it because either they know nothing about it or they’ve never played it.

          I personally think it’s an amazing piece of kit. This is unusual because I visit CNET regularly. Might start to rethink about if they like their tech as much as I do.

          I bet they’ll say X1 and PS4 are better, which in my honest opinion aren’t. I prefer a new game experience, instead of the same controller year after year.

  1. Sickr must be the doom and gloom person of this. 9/10 articles published by him/her are all negative. I wouldn’t be surprised if this website gets listed by people as one of the worst Nintendo news websites to visit. Site should be renamed My Nintendo Doom news cause that’s all that seems to be reported…

      1. Well come the time for Super Mario 3D world and the news should get better.

        What console ever gets good press? I think the other 8th gen consoles are over hyped. Not one good thing about the new consoles I actually like. The fact it’s using notebook technology for its CPU makes me wonder what Microsoft and Sony were thinking. Wrong processor in my opinion.

    1. If there was positive news he would have posted it. And there has been some positive articles as of late.

      Do you want Sickr to just not post Nintendo news? This site is for ALL Nintendo news, good or bad, and sometimes (like now) there’s nothing but bad news.

      Don’t be silly.

      1. Sherlock, I’d say that there are a plenty of Nintendo websites/blogs over the internet, and they definitely don’t spread as much negativism as MNN. Check that by yourself.

    2. that’s because this is not really a Nintendo fan website . it is here and it is designed to attract views and get hits.

        1. Many people who have one, like it. You’re not changing anyones mind. I love mine, It’s proudly right next to my PS3 and 360 and will be next to my PS4. I love the Wii U and will be playing the awesome Nintendo games coming to it.

          1. Nice to hear man !!! It doesn’t change that Wii U has nothing going for it right now. In other words waste of $300 right now.

            1. No. It’s not a waste, it’s an amazing console, understand that people like different things than you do. i love my Wii U more than my PS3

              1. Please tell me what Wii U can do that my 3ds AND PS3 CANT do ? It has nothing going for it right now. Wii U is a waste of money atm

                1. It’s not what it can’t do that counts.

                  It’s how others take use of the console that does.

                  Which is why there’s great games on it (like Mario, Zelda, etc.).

              1. Tell me what it has going for it ? What can I play on Wii U that I CANT play on my Wii or 3ds already ? Name some 1st party exclusives that I can’t play anywhere else right now.

                1. Super mario 3D World, Donkey kong Tropical freeze, 3rd party games on a cheaper yet just as capable system, fantastic web browser(no joke) and last but not least a batch of awesome Nintendo games next year.

                  1. Wow LMAO that’s all ?? Yea not buying it. Tf doesn’t even come out till next year. You also said NEXT YEAR for a batch or games. You couldn’t give me good reasons to get it now because there are no good reasons to buy one now. I’m not spending $300 to play like 1 game. Like I said its a waste of money right now because it has shit to play on it. Which is also why you keep referring to NEXT YEAR and not now

                    1. I agree with you. I would like to buy Wii U next year when we have X or bayonetta 2, but I would not buy Wii U this year

                    2. Pikmin 3, Zombi U, Wonderful 101, Wii party U, Wii fit U, New super Mario Bros. U, Lego city Undercover, Nintendo Land, these are just the exclusives that are out right now that come to mind and can’t we respect each others opinions?

                    3. Ignoring son is the PS4. Name a game on those 2 consoles you can’t play on Ps3/360. But you ain’t complain there or the fact you got to pay for online and buy an extra screen just to copy Wii u

                  2. I own a Wii U, and truth be told, that’s one sorry-ass line-up. I know it will get better. In fact; I know it will get amazing games, like Bayonetta 2, Monolith X, new Zelda, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. and so on. But right now I really don’t think it was worth my purchase, and think it would have been much better to wait a year. Donkey Kong will probably a lot of fun, but not a system seller AT ALL if you’ve played DK:CR, and Super Mario 3D World looks like it will be cool, but it’s not really what I was hoping for from the next 3D Mario game (hoped for something more like 64 or Sunshine).

                    It has great potential, and I have no doubt that it will deliver, but for now it has been a great disappointment for me.

                2. u cant play wonderful 101… also u sure cant play zombie u……and u cant get that type of gameplay anywhere else..

                  To upgrade a ps3 or 360 to either ps4/xone don’t make alot of sense since all that is being upgraded is the console box and the graphics. The pad has been the same for the past 12/13 yrs

                  1. wher as the wii u is a big big big leap from the wii yah it uses tha same stuff but they changed a lot and they were abbl to fit the entire old system in it at the same time.

                3. Pikmin, Windwaker HD, Wonderful 101, Lego City Undercover. NFS Most Wanted, Deus Ex Complete Edition. In less than 2 weeks a HIGH DEFINITION Mario, that’s the end game right there. It’s HD Mario, which makes it next gen, doesn’t matter how the tech spec compare, it has fun games with plenty more for 2014.

                  1. Every game you named there is shit. Except WWHD which I have for game cube and the 3rd parties I can play on my ps3 so based on that list there is NO REASON to consider a Wii U until NEXT YEAR

                    1. do you really believe that the wonderful 101 is a piece of crap? Oh boy, you are being completely misled by the gaming media

                4. Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze, “X”, Zombi U, Super Mario 3D World… I can keep this up.

            2. You can call me a fangirl all you want, and to be honest I am happy to be one. I play both sony and Nintendo’s games. You really need to clean your own ears out because as of right now imo… the ps4 and the Xbox one is a waste of $400-500 right now. They barely have any launch games… Well I am sure the X-box still has their launch titles coming out for them.

              I do not know though, because I do not play Microsoft’s games, never did appeal to me… So I rarely glance about how my rival’s console game is doing. I only come for the news of the consoles that only interest me. I am considering buying a ps4… Not on launch date though. Maybe next year when it gets a price cut or when the games I want for it to comes out & actually launches.

              Also let’s be real here, kids these days…. A lot of them go for the Sony’s and microsoft home console. Not the Wii u. However, they most of them are forced to get a nintendo home console. Because it is more family orientated and a lot cheaper. You are saying that the wii u is a waste of $300 that is in your perspective. However to a parent’s eye. That Playstation 4 and that X-box one is waste of $400-$500. This also goes for most casuals. That $400-$500 is actually rent money to some of us.

              And what you can’t play on the wii and 3Ds, let see… Bayonetta 2, Shin megami tensai X Fire Emblem, Moonlith’s X, Pikimin 3, Super mario 3D world, Legend of zelda wind waker HD. (yes, I know it is a gamecube port, but is the gamecube version is in HD? NO, this one also has a bit more changes the gamecube, not to mention it isn’t on the 3Ds or Wii.) Disney Infinity, Yarn Yoshi, Donkey Kong tropical freeze, Wonderful 101 and the New Legend of zelda game that will be talked about next year at e3 2014.

              1.The wii or wii mini does not have mii verse.

              2. The wii u plays both wii and wii u games while the wii & wii mini can’t play wii u games.

              3. The wii u can use the wii’s accessories, while the wii & wii mini can’t use the wii u’s accessories.

              4. The wii u has has Nintendo tvii where the gamepad can become a remote. The wii & wii mini can’t do that.

              5. The wii u let’s you video chat. The wii & wii mini does not feature video chats.

              6. The wii u & wii can connect to the internet, while the wii mini cannot do that.

              You cannot compare a home console to a handheld system. If you go traveling a lot and prefer to take the games to go then get a 3Ds, if you prefer playing games on the big screen There’s your wii u.

              Like I said I am hell not spending no $400 for ONE game +taxes depending on where you live at not to mention you have to slap another $60 for the game. Like I said the Ps4 launch games half of them are DELAYED till next year so either way you are screwed. I figured much that this would happen it always happens. You guys keep making the same predicaments over and over and over again that is always false. Then when someone tells you so you run and hide in the shadows.

            1. exactly! you don’t hate it! As much as you want to hate it, you can’t. I agree that Nintendo needs to pick it up in a few areas, but if people have a Wii U they can’t help but love it!

            1. Are you for real? That’s kinda sad you can’t figure that out for yourself. UNLESS you are talking about the Wii U. That’s easy…Pikmin 3

              You happy?

              1. Lmao none you fanboys know why you even bought a Wii U other than the fact that it’s a Nintendo console. You can’t name good reasons to get one other than “buy one and wait till NEXT YEAR” fucking idiots man

                1. Oh and we can’t name why you should’t get a console?! There’s only one fucking reason to buy it. GAMES! Is it really that hard?

                  1. You shouldn’t get the Wii U right now because it has no type of games on it. you’re paying $300 for what?? You’re just better off buying a 3ds because that’s where all the good 1st party Nintendo games are at not the Wii U.

                2. @ you thought
                  Did you not read any comments? You honestly think you are superior to anybody, because you ignore them, then state stupid arguments like “buy one and wait till next year”, then continue your Alinsky tactics? Not going to work.
                  Nintendoland, NSMBU/NSLU, ZombiU, NG3:RE, Mario 3D World, Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed, Sonic Lost World, Darksiders 2, Deus Ex, Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101, Arkham City, Lego City, WInd Waker HD, Injustice: Gods Among Us, TONS of “Indi” games like Trine 2, Toki Tori, Little Inferno, Nano Assault Neo, and the promise of upcoming games like Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, “X”, DKCR:TF, MK:8, Project C.A.R.S., Zelda/Kirby/Metroid titles are why we bought the Wii U.

                  I don’t care if some are multiplatform, or if some have similar versions on the 3DS. That goes with the territory. PS4 has 2 games worth anything, for launch. Knack and Killzone. A scripted, “corridor” shooter, that lets you see a mile, but only go 100 feet left and right, and a game that if it was on the Wii U, you’d likely claim is more kiddy garbage? I’m sure you’re liking it because of games like FFXV, GT6 or future Naughty Dog games, am I right? Those aren’t out yet.

                  What’s Xbox One got? Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct? That’s worth $500? Maybe future games again? Forza 5/Halo 5?

                  Don’t sit there like some high and mighty, superior video game intellectual. You are nothing but a troll, using Alinsky tactics and strawman arguments, to “win” debates and inflate your ego, because you clearly have self worth issues. It’s ok, someone out there loves you. You don’t have to take it out on us with horrible debate strategies and methods. Maybe some day you’ll figure it out.

                  1. Lmao so basically what you did there was assume that i believe i am “superior” to anyone when i didn’t state that once nor do i think that. I reply to most people so that’s another fail by you then you assume again by saying i have self worth issues which again is false. And yet again you failed to mention any notable 1st party exclusives that Wii U has right now which proves my point that there IS NO POINT to own one right now. Next year maybe but RIGHT NOW ?? NO no reason.

                3. I bought it because of the GamePad technology. Seeing Nintendo games in HD, Pikmin 3 that was supposed to be a launch tittle and to experience NFC Technology after looking at the Ray man Legends Trailer that UBisoft lied about. That’s why I bought it

                4. I bought one for the 3rd party games but since that’s not working out for me, I will keep my system for “X” fire emblem and bayonetta. Hopefully Giest 2 gets announced soon.

            2. I love my Wii U. I use the off TV mode to watch nexflix when cooking in my kitchen. Then I switch it back to TV mode when on my way back to living room. Nintendo should advertise that function on TV

        1. me two not saying i hate microsoft or sony (but i like microsoft more than sony) i think they are great i just think nintendo is my favorat and in fact without microsoft the wii u may not be hd

    1. No one’s saying the Wii U utilizes cutting edge technology, you thought. No one is saying that.

      Nintendo itself has put forth as its business model to make gaming machines that utilize established technologies to provide a unique experience.

      So, yeah, if your kid’s asking for the $400 device and you get him a Wii U, he’s going to be disappointed on Christmas morning, but if you’re looking to buy a quality system that has a library of unique and often-times family-friendly games, that’s the Nintendo difference.

      1. The thing is that Wii U has nothing unique on it right now. Its library of small ass games you can find on 3ds, ps3 so there is no point in owning a Wii U right now

      2. I agree with u on this, I love how Nintendo makes fun and unique games and I don’t have to worry about my kids playing them with all the cussing and graphic sexuality. And I as an adult still enjoy playing their games, I love w101 I think its a gem of a game.

  2. What a retarded shitfaces after the premium wii u hits 250$€ and gets zelda mario kart 3d world smash etc sales will explode everyone needs their ninty fix i agree some 3rd parties sell worse on wii u but my aystation is for mainstream games my wii u or wgatwver ninty system for fun games with eternal replay value aka zelda mario smash some 2nd/3rd party games etc

  3. The Wiiu is officialy one of the best in my book! Great, unerated console with a library that is starting to gain some real goodness.

    1. I’m with you Nintenward! The console has some killer games right now and the library is growing every month. This Thursday I’m picking up Sonic Lost World and Paying off Super Mario 3D World.

      This bandwagon of hate needs to come to a fucking end some time here. When does it become about the games again? Sick of all this dick comparison shit going on with all three systems.

      1. Indeed. They brand it one of the worst tech gifts whilst I am playing Batman Arkhum origins Windwaker HD, Deus Ex etc etc all on the comfort of the gamepads built in screen!

        The wiiu litteraly IS a fantastic console, if you say otherwise your just an immature Nintendo hater with nothing better to do but join a bunch of wankers on the Internet who bash Nintendo together.

        Wiiu is awesome, games like Mario kart, 3d world, Smash bros, X , Bayonetta 2 , Tropical freeze and more will cement that fact.

        1. Hell yea! Do you know if Nintendo is planning a game release for January? Or is there next big tittle in Feb? Being Donkey Kong TF?

  4. What a cock gobbling dumbass.. way to include any supporting facts to this bs list. The entire list, save a dvd player makes absolutely no sense.

    1. Guess Nintendo didnt PAY OFF cnet like the “other two consoles” did. What a joke. Barely any launch titles and nearly all games can be bought on last gen already… vs a wiiU with a TON more games… these “analysts” make me sick.

    1. Yeah. They’re really bias and only go by what they “think” others go by. They don’t do the research. I can’t believe this guy said an xboxone is a better gift this year than a Wii U.

  5. Also that X games looks fuckin fun and bayonetta 2 hell yeah only ps games that ever came close are metal gear solid and kingdom hearts and some final fantasies cod only for multiplayer with friend solo its a piece of fuck

  6. Is Christmas really only about the gifts and buying nowadays ? I’m not the oldest but I’ve been grateful for everything I got, no matter if it was a Gamecube, clothes or simply a trip to somewhere else.

  7. Don’t you just love how some people think a PS4/XBONE with CoD, Battlefield etc. is a more appropriate present for a kid than a Wii U with Mario, Donkey Kong etc? And then they blame the industry for letting kids play such violent games when a shooting happens. I just love some hypocrisy in the afternoon :)

        1. yes, the Americanism ”asshole” is derived from the original Anglo saxon word ”Arsehole”

          You learn something new every day…. an Ass= an Arse.

            1. Nothing! I love America with a passion. I have family over there and enjoy many elements of the culture.

              I was just merely pointing out that an arse is the original ass.

                1. Considering the UK and USA (and other countries) both speak English, it’s kind of hard not to like each other!

                  For example I like Hendrix, You like Led Zep, I say Tomarto you say Tomayto and so forth!

                  One thing I do dislike about the USA though, is the cars fucking suck. Britain alone makes way better cars than the US, let alone other European countries…. Other than that America is right up there.

                    1. True. But stereotypically , American cars are heavy, the engines are too big, they steer like crap, the suspension is like a horse and carriage and they guzzle tons of fuel.

                      British cars however, elegant , fast , light , corner well etc ;)

  8. Personally I think WiiU and PS4 are the best two to own. The guy clearly didn’t have a clue about anything. I know that blackberries aren’t the number one desirable phone but just because the company is going out of business doesn’t mean the product sucks. Idiot.

  9. So I guess all of us Wii U owners are going to have a collector’s item by the end of the year. For real though, what nonsense.

  10. okay everyone knows wii u is quite bad and there is basically only 1 game coming this year that is supposed to be system seller – mario. cos donkey kong got delayed.

    1. how do you know…. oh thats right, your only life is nintendo and obsessing about me. have fun.

      wipe up those tears, its ok. when wii u fails its not the end of the world is it.

  11. Stop getting worked up for things like this.
    He’s not saying you suck for wanting or having a Wii U. He’s saying you shouldn’t gift it to someone for the time being.

  12. morons… the console has so much going for it… it is the entertainment hub of my living room. my family has the Apple TV which is a great device, I have my Wii U with off-TV features.

  13. the tech may be a bit subpar, but it’s about the experience you have with the games on that tech. from the kiddy mario 3d world to the mindless shooting of cod ghost to the action driven w101 and many more to come.

  14. the truth keeps coming out about the failedu and the nintensheep keep on fighting strong breaking the damage control, trying to keep their chins up. keep being delusional about the all mighty great ninendo!!!! out of every console i have owned the wii u is by far the worst, no compeitition.

    so wii u is one of the worst you could buy, the ps4 is the choice. you can get a weak cheaply made machine, with 10 billion un original mario games, with no support, besides nintendo making the same old boring games they have been giving us for the last decade.



    1. Yea people that say Wii U is amazing, best console are just living in fantasy land. It has NOTHING good on it right now. There is no reason to pick up a Wii U right now. What am I going to play on it ? Gimped 3rd parties ? Like 2 1st party rehashes ? No thanks ill spend my $300 else where. People that bought it are living in regret lol only fanboys that say everything Nintendo does is good enjoy the Wii U right now so you can’t take they’re review for the system or take them seriously

      1. windwaker hd, w101,new super mario bros u, pikmin 3, mario 3d world, sonic lost world, lego city undercover, new super luigi u, zombiu i wonder if u can beat all those 9 games at 100% before 2014 bro, gl hf !!!!!!!!!!111!!1!1!111!!1!1!

        1. As I mentioned above those games SUCK (except WWHD) no ones going to buy a Wii U for those games hence why the Wii U sales are horrid. If Wii U was worth it right now it would be selling like hot cakes but it’s not, why ? Because ITS GAMES SUCK. No point in buying a Wii U now.

      2. So, can anyone tell me what benefits I’ll get from buying either the Xbox One or PS 4 then? From my stand I don’t see any point in buying any of the eight gen consoles at this point. If anything the Wii U obviously pulls out in front due to its 1 year headstart.
        Also, you obviously haven’t even tried the Wii U yet, so what’s the point of bashing it? Does poking people’s heads just to annoy them really feel that good, or are you just a failure in life who’s got nothing better to do?
        Same thing goes for Iceazeama and all the other social rejects on this site.
        Have a nice day – I’ll be looking forward to transcribing your next wall of hieroglyphics.

      3. nobody in their right mind is saying that the Wii U is the best console of all time or current on the market . Nintendo fans are simply stating that the Wii U is a good system because it currently have fantastic games and it will be getting even better games in the future

    2. Awww Icky your back!!!! You done being butt hurt? See your right back to your day job… Need to make your mother proud some how…

  15. Cool, then buy a Wii U and a fit meter! CNET has about as much integrity as a politician. They’re nothing buy a sell out site that I am sure is owned by or paid to do their reviews by major corporations, just like most review publications. I can’t remember the last time CNET influenced a decision I made, if ever.

      1. the only thing you fuck is your wii u. look at your response, typical nintendo reject getting mad and typical internet dweeb.

          1. hhhmmmm….. are you eating mario’s mushrooms because your tripping harder than a fat lady in a lard factory.

            i even played the 360 more than the wii and wii u. nintendo has been in the dumps for ages in about everything they do. handhelds are are doing well and thats because they have no competition.

              1. you can try to explain your delusional speech but im not a fanboy of anything and ill say something is shit when it is and that is what nintendo as a whole has become scraping handhelds. so this is what you should do, after the effects of mario’s shrooms wear off and you stop hallucinating, you can properly tell your story.

                1. I’ve seen your argument with Nintendo Is My Blood. You are mad. But my question is, “why do you come here everyday and complain about Nintendo?” Because you like Nintendo. It’s okay, I understand you :)

                    1. my gosh, why am i hear if i have no history liking nintendo. ive said this a million times. these fanboys are clowns. that doesnt mean i like any of the shit they have been doing or have to like it. ill say what l like about nintendo if something great pops up but they have been making that really hard. ill also give shit to sony fanboys and i gave plenty of shit to the microsoft fanboys. most of you guys just dont know because your fanboyism is so far up your asses.

                    2. Okay?! I’ve been trolling on this site, and yet I support Nintendo. But you, you been complaining nonstop, nothing positive. And don’t say that there were no positive news from Nintendo because there were. 3D World is coming out, and I’m amazed how amazing this game has turned out. It’s not perfect (as I sated), but it will kick ass.

                      When have you said anything positive about Nintendo? You just complain for no good reason, and yet you come here everyday, because you secretly like Nintendo ;)

                    3. that went for all the fanboys, if you think he owned me whatever. i was more sick of people wishing me to die and everything but i guess that is expected.

                    4. yeah, they were wishing me to get cancer, some were saying that they hope for me to die the most slow painful death along with everybody i care about, just so they can pee and dance on my grave and enjoy every second of it, that i deserve to suffer.i cant remember everything. so that is exactly why i wrote that.

                      its more than just saying go die, which is just as pathetic. it was how messed up and just how bad it is. they are fucking losers, if your that attached to a fucking company than you have some serious issues.

                    5. fanboys are disgusting creatures who get bothered that much from plastic box bashing. it doesnt matter though because i dont even know any of you, so keep on bashing on me.

                    6. go to the mario galaxy game of the generation article, i said some normal things their. as if people hate me, i dont care. im not a stupid nintensheep and ill praise or talk good if deserved and i have, its just you have to find it. i dont look at myself as a troll, but i know what i say in my comments because thats how i think of nintendo now.

                  1. *cries* thank you someone understands me!!!! all my life….. HAHAHAH JK!!

                    im not mad and wasnt, he was, he was yelling swearing, (when does he ever swear) and then he started trying to make us these pathetic stories how i just fucking troll every website since 1999.

                    then i explained to him to proof it and he couldnt show me any evidence and i explained to him what i do and that i havent been to any other nintendo website or havnt been to any gaming forum for even a year.

                    im sick of explaining that, go back to it and look at that argument.

                    1. You were mad! This was your response aster that whole argumant.

                      “fuck you shitty disgusting fanboys, this explains all of you.

                      seriously how pathetic are some of you, who are so attached to a fucking company. will say some of the worst things, like i hope you die, get cancer, go die the most painful death and when you and your family die from it im going to piss and dance on your grave. some of the many insults form a few of you miserable social rejects over me criticizing a plastic box, (which i even own, but apparenly i hate nintendo) THATS NOT NORMAL!! do you think nintendo or any other corporation will be there for you or gives one fucking damn about you?? they dont so stop being a fucking baby when somebody has something bad to say about nintendo.

                      this is one of my very first GAMING website i ever went to and actually commented and i havnt even seen any more disgusting fuckers in my life, and i had to go finish school in like the biggest drug houses ever, atleast for the area, with people having the biggest attitudes ever, but none of them, the so called worst kids in the district were nearly as bad as the fanboys that come here. you sick disgusting fuckers, i cant imagine what you are like in real life, because i would rather hang out with white trash than some of you.

                      its unbelievable, you guys think im everybody here, shit some of you even think im sickr!! wtf!! how could i be sickr!! you guys google iceazeama, search me. do mindless researching over a made up name on the internet that i freaking made up not to long ago………… all this, you get bothered that much by some internet comments on a fucking website?? what do you think about me at night too?? iceazeama is just a username, it shouldnt be bothering you that much!!

                      oh but oohhhh you are a troll, yeah more like say negative stuff about nintendo that is true but apparently that is sooo bad, you cant do that.(wonder why the people who agree with me usually are the ones who started playing on nes and snes) notice that 95% of people you know or run into dont play nintendo but they used too or they just quit because they dont like what nintendo is now?? yeah most people, that are passed elementary and jr high.

                      all fanboys are bad, i hate them all, but who has the most problems and are bullshitting everything as of now, its nintendo. also im a fan of nintendo, hence why im fucking here and apparently hating everything, when they are just becoming shit and fucking everything up. nintendo was the best before, they arnt anything like they used to be.

                      stupid drones make me sick, if some of you wernt such pathetic dumbasses i never would be making fun of nintendo and its fanboys as much.

                      im willing to bet and im pretty sure i know all these so called trolls actually like nintendo, but are like me and hate what they have been doing for almost a decade, its gotten so bad too.

                      you wanted answers. because i know plenty of you keep fucking asking me why im here or blah blah blah blah blah. now you will act like you never wanted answers because your pathetic fanboys. keep on bowing down to your master, you corporate slaves.”

                      Yeah he owned you.

  16. I just wonder, why Sickr is the only one that post this kind of stuff… Very interesting… anyways, TO THE BUNKER!!!, THE FANBOYS AND HATERS ARE COMING!

    1. Oh wait CoD:ghost run sub HD on the ScamU and got No games?They charge no money for online on wiiu because No one use it ;) #NicetryDude

  17. Hes right The wiiu is shit and everyone that say its the best console this gen need to jump from the Edge of the world.#WiiFailedU

    1. that cause your a dumb little shit. i dont know anyone in there right mind that wants a xboxone especially that microsoft is about to sell and stop supporting xbox leaving xbox as a stand alone company in other words xbox one with no microsoft backing them lmfao they will never survive. write about that sickr

  18. to be honest who cares what that twat thinks, also i have not seen a DVD player been sold in almost 2 years outside of a secondhand store or supermarket. do they still make DVD players? also i own a PS3 and still have bluray players as i don’t find it fun moving a device around the house and having to plug it back in just to watch a film

    1. Atleast Sony, Hitachi and Matsui still makes DVD players. I just don’t know why would anybody buy one when they can get Blu-Ray players for almost same price.

  19. It’s becoming something much worse than “the worst tech gift this Christmas,” it’s becoming the “most niche console in gaming history.” Not quite there yet, but it’s getting there.

    I’m thinking of getting one anyway, assuming the PS4 either doesn’t restock or is really more underwhelming than was assumed to be.

    1. I’m waiting till KH comes out or one of my favorite sony ips come. I wouldn’t recommend getting it for a couple of months wait and see if any bugs pop up or just wait they will have plenty in stock, from what i’ve read. Just make sure u think hard about ur purchase. I regret buying xbox 360 at launch and my 3ds(though those ambassador games were nice)

  20. Watch the video and the reasoning was awful. They didn’t give any details like the other products. They just said “There is only two other gaming consoles people are looking forward too…” So they think the xbox one is good gift? A Console priced 100$ more then the ps4 and 200$ more the the wii u, has been reported to have techical issues, reported they are selling ur info to other companies for profit ect…How is that not the worst? I think ps4, wii u and 3DS are going to sell better then something thats going exceed over 600$ once u get everything together. Most of Ps4 and one’s games are on ps3 and 360. Why should anyone buy a console at launch when there is not much coming till next year for them. All three console are and had a awful launch. I’m getting a ps4 next year because I’m not waiting for those games to come, I’ll keep playing my wii u, ps3, and 3Ds till then. I do like whats coming to ps4 and wii u but its going to be while before the ps4 gets its library together. Plus more ps3 games are coming soon that aren’t coming to ps4. I recommend a wii u to my friend and he and his family hasn’t put that thing down. He is getting another for his brothers for christmas for their room.

  21. …..And yet people say there is no collusion against Nintendo from Western markets. Gimme a break. This is so sad it is embarrassing.

  22. Let me guess Ipads and such are one that’s people want. I see no point in having a company who’s purpose is to tell people what to buy and what not to buy…Xbox One is something to avoid this holiday. Could be a new RROD situation or something lol. Plus lack of worth while Xbox One games, except for Dead Rising 3 till Titan Fall and Halo 5 next year.

  23. Couldn’t agree with CNET more lololol. Yeah if you into baby games get a Wii U, the only ones interested in that running on 7 year old hardware baby excuse of a toy console are the babies. Hooray for the “new” Nintendo that only makes baby games nowadays! If Nintendo only makes baby games other studios won’t bother to bring their games to the Wii U, only 3rd party support it will get are the studios that make baby games. Mario, Mario, Mario, more baby Mario games please! Gone are the days of the old Nintendo who used to make a wide variety of games for the ones who aren’t interested in all the Mario and whatnot baby games. Thank you Mr. Iwata for ruining Nintendo and making it into the baby games company it is now.

    1. @Katamari, go and enjoy that spying device that micrococks even admit that it is a spying device and one that will be littered with spam, ads and shit no one cares about like kinect. hope that $600 piece of spy equipment get you no games…..oh wait, it barely has any, less than the ps4. did you forget about bayonetta2? or are you just jealous that it wont be coming out for your beloved nsa device built by micrococks who only screws over the consumer and brings out piss poor quality games and makes you pay for an incomplete games and puts the rest up for sale and claim its dlc extra

  24. Lol at the comments above: there’s nothing cutting edge about the PS4 either. The Kinect 2 is arguably the only piece of cutting edge technology coming out this generation, and it happens to be something I personally don’t enjoy, so I won’t get one an XB1.

    What a dumb article. Christmas gifts are often for young kids.

    If you have young ones in the house, there’s no comparison: Nintendo is the *only* console that will have many top-notch games suitable for everyone in the family. Sure the PS4 and XB1 might have a decent one here and there, but the Wii U will have many, many AAA, top-quality titles suitable for kids.

    I’d go so far as to say you’re an idiot if you buy an XB1 or PS4 for young kids.

    Which is why this is a stupid article.

  25. What are the two game consoles that people want? 3DS and what else then?

    Of course, they actually mean PS4 and Xbone. Why would you want one of those when they will literally have no good exclusive games this year?

  26. ”CNET Names Wii U As One Of The Worst Tech Gifts This Christmas” … lol what ? —> turn around and continue playing AC4.

  27. With the Wii U getting titles such as Bioshock: Infinte, GTA V, Titanfall, Madden 25, and Super Mario 3d World, the Wii U is going to sell by the shitloads this holiday season.

  28. That’s crazy
    I just bought a wii u and I must say I’m very happy with it… I was unsure of the wii u but now I have it I love it …wii and wii u all in one can’t get better that that….

  29. CENT is gay, shitty, with stupid people. Nintendo will still live. There is more console fans than pc fans. cod fans are trolls. don’t trust them. True story.

  30. CNet! This fuckin noob site full of virus, never been there in my entire life! Looooool And all the creepy trolls are coming back to eat this SHIT!!! Hahaha !! pathetic little kids! Go back to bed!!

  31. Does anyone else remember when this site used to have more positive things to say and this site wasn’t just for trolls to get their fun out of Nintendo fans? Ugh. I miss those days. I also miss when you could have two different people play on different consoles, and they didn’t mind playing on another console. We didn’t give a crap about “Oh, thats a kiddy console.” We played our Sonic and Donkey Kong and we loved every moment of it. it wasn’t about a game being kiddy, it was about it being good. “Mature” games are the worst kind of brainwashing gimmick that fans use these days to make them sound like they’re -better- than other gamers. Pathetic.

    Its like saying you’re more of a man for being a whore than actually caring about whoever you’re fucking.

    Wait a second…now this is beginning to make sense…

  32. Yes, consumers shouldn’t buy the console that already has a year’s worth of software updates, a handful of great games (with several more soon impending), backwards compatibility with a system they might already have, and a price point that’s $100-200 lower ($60-80 even lower if you consider the bundles). Instead, consumers should invest in a console that is fresh out of R&D (always a safe and reliable hardware bet *cough 360 *cough), will barely have any games worth buying until Watchdogs in the Spring (and even after that won’t have a lineup that compares to the wii u til next november), won’t be able to play a single game they already own (no, not even gta5), and is $100-280 more expensive. Great advice, thanks.

    1. The counterpoint here is mindblowing, meaning all the CNET people’s heads are now exploding, thanks, you’ve done us a service!

  33. I hope more games dealing with the NFC technology comes up in 2014. Too bad Ubisoft lied on the trailer. If Ubisoft advertised that Ray man Legends game with NFC technology it would have sold better. One advantage Wii U has over competition. Nintendo can at least advertise that on Pokemon Rumble. A child with a Pokemon toy placing it on the Game Pad and it appears on TV in HD. Same for Ray man Legends. Also 3D Mario World should display a person blowing on the mic and the elevator Mario Stands on reacts to it. Advertise Nintendo LAND WITH THE FUNCTIONS THE GAMEPad. That GamePad does so much shit the Vita can’t do. But those features and functions ain’t advertised.

    1. Vita got a lot less of impressive, when they admitted that you need to be on same router for it to work properly. I wonder if you even can switch on it on the fly.

  34. If I got a ps4 or xbone for Christmas I would return it for the wii u I’ve been waiting for. Game library is small, but Nintendo is quality over quantity, plus it is backward compatible to the wii which has some of the best games I’ve ever played in its library, the wii’s selection of rpg’s is far better than all you supposed “real gamers” skyrim and fallout and that joke of a new final fantasy series. Home console gaming is the house that Nintendo built. Nintendo is the only reason home console gaming is still around. They pulled the game industry back from crashing. They continue to inovate and present new ways to play that are appealing. Sony and M$ just abuse the same few cash cow franchises and stuff unwanted features and add ins down your throat and make you pay out the ass. Nintendo delivers games, for a game console. I already have media players and computers. I want games. Nintendo delivers. The good stuff coming is worth the wait. I could go all day. Go home Microsoft troll. Have fun with your $500.00 NSA certified paper weight.

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention, I’ll have fun with my full library if Wii and Wii U games, you have fun being broke keeping up with worthless overpriced DLC. At least Nintendo ships the whole games and not just half so they can deliver you the other half in 10 different $15.00 installments.

  35. Seriously? Maybe if people would say NICE things about the console then they would sell more and then the problem of having not a big enough install base would go away, because that is really the only REAL issue regarding the Wii U…

  36. CNet, also the most virus spyware ridden website on the net. There’s a reason recommends avoiding the CNet version of their software. Cnet repackages software with added spyware…

  37. Hmmm, I think that guy has been reading too much “motley fool”, Interesting that he called the Wii U “a dud” when it’s been out for about a year now?

  38. that’s just silly.. one publication says it’s a definitive buy this christmas (i believe eurogamer said that.. and one other publication if i’m not mistaken)
    and the other says to avoid it..
    people should buy what they want to buy and not have to listen to some random publication

  39. This Sonysoft asskisser says everyone wants an XBONE?
    So apparently the controversy died down in the few seconds that Ned Flanders reject took to record his Little video and everyone is suddenly willing to open up their assholes for Microsoft’s greedy cock?

    XBONE has two exclusives going for it at a price of $500, all together with an always on spy camera, and shit policies about game use; Wii U already has more than 10 exclusives (NSMBU, NSLU, Pikmin 3, TW101, SLW, SM3DW, TLOZWWHD, etc) and the promise of huge heavy hitters by next year (SSB4, MK8, Bayonetta, X, Zelda Wii U, Pokemon Wii U, SMTxFE, etc.), all for $300.

    PS4 isn’t doing great either, the only reason it looks good is by sheer comparison with the mess that is XBONE, and it is still stuck with two exclusives, none of which is very highly regarded by anyone.

    These people also fail to see that one of the big reasons Wii U is not selling right now is that it is competing with OLD, ALREADY DEPRECIATED hardware with HUGE LIBRARIES in a VERY SHITTY ECONOMY, people are simply going with the cheapest and the foolproof thing, just like it happened with 3DS and PSP, and right now is happening with PSVita and 3DS. The distinction will come after the Wii U proves itself with good games, just like 3DS, Wii and DS did, and then it’s be fine, but don’t delude yourself, Wii U is not a failure, it is a preview of what is to come, that is the new standard of a mildly successful home console, and apart from a panic-influenced burst of sales on their first weeks, PS4 and specially XBONE will fall to the same pit.

  40. Mark my words people, PS4 and XBONE will enjoy a slight burst in sales due to the holidays and panic-influenced sales, they are not in the wishlist of anyone I know; granted, I live in a country in which consoles launch for outrageous prices, so wishlists go hand on hand with affordability, but I also live in one of the countries that consumes the most Sony gadgets and yet all my friends, all Sony-holics, are not up to buy a PS4 at lauch price, economy is not good and of course PS3 sells more tan Wii U, it’s cheaper and has a larger library, that is not gonna be the case with PS4, much less with XBONE after the initial burst.

  41. CNET’s logic “Wii U is a bad gift” My logic “A microwave is a shit gift” The Wii U isn’t like a PS4 or a Xbox One but it’s Nintendo c’mon Nintendo you can’t go wrong with that they have awesome games

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